Behind the Scenes of 2019 XXL Freshman Class Cover Shoot

Опубликовано: 21 июн 2019
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Go behind the scenes of the 2019 XXL Freshman Class cover shoot featuring Comethazine, Tierra Whack, DaBaby, Lil Mosey, Roddy Ricch, YBN Cordae, YK Osiris, Rico Nasty, Gunna, Megan Thee Stallion and the 10th Spot winner, Blueface.
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Video credits:
Beat produced by: Lettuce by the Pound
Shot by: Ryan Arey and Brad Hanford
Additional Footage:
Team XXL
Team Satten
Ron Downes Jr.
DIT: Jamie Rothenberg
Edited by: Ron Downes Jr.
#XXLFreshman #XXLFreshman #HipHop #XXLFreshmanClass #XXLFreshmanCover
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  • Which artist's 2019 XXL Freshman freestyle are you looking forward to?

  • Beat name

  • cordae 😭❤

  • Lil Tecca????

  • All the hottest rappers are women

  • Where is gunna

  • Idk why they have lil mousey up there he is garbage. One time lil mousey looked depressed bc Dababy and Megan thee stallion was killing him 💀🤣.

  • So many "rappers" don't deserve to be on here...

  • Gunna didn’t even do his shit

  • 1:00 didn't now pnb rock was a xxl for the second time , wow he the goat

  • My husband comethazine on hereee 🥵🙈 !

  • idc idc megan is beautiful and so is roddy rich.

  • The bad thing gunna didnt appear in any cypher

  • Means bodyYYYYY

  • Blue face in the back with a stack or a rack like a cat but not a cat and yesterday in my house I killed a rat 🔥🔥🔥🔥😭 BARS


  • That ugly hoe Rico Nasty think if she dr as crazy she gonna get all the attention. Bitch is wack. All these are wack...hip hop is dead

  • Stoopid

  • Y is blue face in this but not Iaan dior

  • Doja should of been on too.

  • We just gonna ignore gunna didn’t do shit

  • Who here after hearing gunna’s freestyle

  • Ddg or polo g shouldve took gunna spot tbh

  • Where is gunna

  • Where juice wrld 😭

  • Were is gunna

  • Y’all wonder why gunna didn’t do his freestyle or the cypher, it’s pretty simple. He’s only good on features everything else he does is ass

  • 🤩

  • Mozzzzzzeyyy is ASSSSSSSS

  • My beats are better than this one

  • Is it just me or does lil mosey look like a kpop artist who tryna sound like playboicarti on drugs

  • Would Lil nas x even really count


  • Cypher me please I’m ready for it!

  • wow

  • Roddy Rich is a whole a$$ millionaire and has head phone with the wire Damn I can’t afford the wire 😪😪 #thosearehellaexpensive

  • Roddy rich look like a lizard in the thumbnail

  • so we know that one of the cypher groups is dababy, megan, and yk


  • Yo wtf why aint ddg or kid trunks on there. Ddg got the most like and kid trunks beat a good amount of these people.