Being Nice to FaZe Rug & Brawadis for 24 HOURS...

Опубликовано: 15 сен 2020
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  • “My WHOLE channel is making fun of fazerug and brawdis” 😅😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Brandon gets complimented and shows off 😂😂😂😂😂 that was funny

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  • FaZe looked like Elle (ACE Family) kissing the camera. Lol.

  • Also good idea with this video.

  • Love your videos, keep em coming. You're so cool & funny Anthony.

  • A lap dance 😂

  • Faze rug the whole situations (re upload) go follow i garentee u will unfollow brandon

  • Faze rug the whole situations (re upload) go follow i garentee u will unfollow brandon

  • Faze rug the whole situations (re upload) go follow i garentee u will unfollow brandon

  • He said a lapdance🤣🤣

  • 6:44 the hell is Noah doing😂

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  • “Only 10?” 😂😂😂😂😭😭

  • I might givs them a lap dance... finished me

  • Too be honest I kinda like Sherman’s videos more then faze rugs and brawadis

  • 2:17 Brandon: “ mom wanna go to me “ Momma rug: “ ion give 1s I give 20s “😳

  • Nobody: Faze rug: Yooooo where's juju man 😂🤣

  • Is it just me or did anyone here m to the bee when Sherman was makeing food

  • I like when Anthony is nice

  • Who?

  • ginormous cook 🤠

  • The relationship between all of them is soo genuine 🥺💙

  • Remember he said being nice so he didn't mean it

  • I'm just over here trying to watch every video anthony made that I haven't watched

  • Brandon: mom wanna go with me? Mama rug: I don’t give 1s I give 20s Me:dying “of laughter” Everyone else: dying “of laughter as well” 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Where's Noah

  • Faze rug

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  • 8:12 I like how Noah is moving the camera it looks like it’s floating and no one recoding

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  • 3:27 was Noah juuling?!?!

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  • I love sherman barwadise and faze

  • soooooo... were just gunna ignore when he said "I also have a big dicc" at 2:48 ?

  • brian look zooted asf 😂💨🍃

  • Did he just say in the intro I might give them a lap dance????

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  • Its better when he is mean its funny

  • Its better when he is mean

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  • Lol I know i wasn't the only person who seen wut Faze rug was doing at 12:30

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  • Brian really ask Brandon if he still had the 1k with him 😂

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  • She said I don’t give dollars I give 20’s mana rug come see me girl 😭😂

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    • i legit wish i had supporters like you for my youtube channel ! stay safe!❤️

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  • I think rug has the iPhone 12 because look at the cameras of the phone in the burger scene trust me

  • Hey u guys can't do handshakes at the pandemic time🤣🤣 Just kidding

  • Sherman’s content in a nutshell: (Insert here) to Faze Rug and Brawadis

  • *brian kisses the camera* Me:*blushes for 50 minutes straight*😂💕

  • brothers have good jobs and have a good amount of money i ask for a god damn slushie amd oh i dont got no money 3 mins later they come home with god damn vans and freacking new clothes like bruhhhhhhh

  • it was the “i also have a big d*ck” for me😂

  • brawadis : mom u wanna go with me? mama rug: i dont give dollars i give 20’s me : SHOOK ASF

  • Am i the only one who heard m to the b 🐝

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  • Love their reaction


    • i might do that for my next video LOL

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  • This video should be called Anthony spitting facts about faze rug and brawadis

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  • “Give them a lap dance”

  • Next video, "I NEED YOUR HELP..."

  • does anyone know how to put @‘s in the description like anthony’s description :3

  • Code Sherman ain’t working for aporro

  • This content is okay

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    • i legit wish i had supporters like you for my youtube channel ! stay safe!❤️

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