Best 2021 TVs for PS5, Xbox Series X - Next-Gen Console Watch

Опубликовано: 15 янв 2021
Welcome back to Next-Gen Console Watch, our show following everything PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. This week, we take a look at some of the best new TV’s featured at CES 2021 and which of them look to work best for the PS5 and Xbox Series X! We’re checking out a handful of some of the best TVs for gaming, including the Samsung QN90A, the LG C1 and G1, the Sony X90J, as well as discussing what Micro LED could mean for you.
Plus we’ve got poll results and a new poll for this week.
00:00 - Intro
00:45 - CES 2021 TV Changes
02:25 - TVs to Watch for Next-Gen Consoles
05:55 - Sony’s Best TVs
06:52 - Samsung’s New Tech and Biggest TV Ever
09:40 - Do Xbox Players Want DualSense Features?
15:45 - Poll Results & New Poll
16:35 - Outro
What we talk about this week:
Do Xbox Players Want DualSense Features?


  • Hey Console Watchers! Will you be upgrading your TV for the new year, or are you holding off for more innovative features? Sound off in the comments below with what your plans are!

    • @Ryan M if you would have waited a couple months you could have got one with stadia and GForce built in.

    • I did! Bought a 4k philips smart TV.

    • Nope I can't afford a 8k tv for my Nvida shield pro but at least I can play games in better quality than any console with my $199 device, I'm loving 2077 on GeForce!

    • TVs are way to expensive these days, brings me back nightmares of buying a 720p flat screen 32” for almost $600. It was only a couple years later similar and better models were selling for half that price.

    • I purchased my CX ahead of the new gen console launches last year so luckily I’m perfectly happy. P.S. I know most are on PC, but for us using iPhones or androids the time code links in the comments to jump to the appropriate section are super close together for a touch interface. I’d appreciate it being spaced out. Thx.

  • 2.1 hdmi failing hard.

  • Make a controller with swappable joysticks when they wear out so you don't have to buy another $70 controller jeez lol

  • PS5 doesn’t support VRR, Sony don’t make the best PS5 TV... burn-in is not worth worrying about unless you watch 10 hours of news a day with static logos.

  • 8k is a ways off for me. I just want the best of everything 4k oled, best hdr, best 120hz, best smart detect features for settings on series x or ps5, best 4k will ever get for under 2k. If 8k version of it was their I would get a loan

  • Yoo... I got my Playstation 5 from *Dumpsdark* on telegram yesterday.. I really enjoy GTA it was amazing

  • Johnathan still looks the same

  • It would be helpful of you focused on TVs that most console gamers would realistically afford. OLED is way too expensive.

  • Found a ps5 last night for 680 Just had to drive to another state for it 😅

  • Like many people even have the new consoles.

    • I do 😀

  • Dornbush runs out and drops $150k+ on the 110" MicroLED 😆

  • Samsung 65 inch 4K Curved TV is the best bet for next-gen console!!! 😉😉😉

  • Xbox series x here... still on my 55" 1080p 60hz lg from 2013

  • My LG Plasma tv from 8ish years ago is still my favorite tv to game on

  • upgrading soon to a 4k TV. Waiting for Halo.

  • Got the 65” CX and I love it makes me wish I would have gone for the 77”

  • If you want the absolute worst review of CES 2021 you have come to the right place.

  • I want a PS5 I missed out do you know when they’re bringing some more PS5Australia this year

    • They constantly restock, you just gotta keep checking whatever store you prefer

  • What month will be available lg oled ?

  • On Christmas Eve, I got lucky and found a display model 55 inch LG C9 OLED for $450. Couldn’t pass that up

    • You would be a fool if you did!😯👍

    • Wow that's awesome

  • Lg c9

  • Mainstream consoles are boring.

  • Sony doesn’t support 1440p so Sony can sell 4k tvs

  • You should probably throw some budget TVS in as well.

  • Dual sense is unreal. Can't wait to see how they keep advancing it.

  • -loved it-

  • Running that sega,nintendo and ps 2 to 4 on my 50 inch 4k screen 👍

  • i think sony should have allowed dual shock 4, so I could use it as a possible 3rd and 4th controller, I got a lot of special edition ps4 controllers and they have become basically uselesss

  • Please do a video about the best monitors for the new consoles

  • Guys if you have a 4K tv 60fps you are more than fine with it for next gen console! Save yo money since most games coming out will only do 60fps

  • Got the CX couldn't be happier awesome tv

  • Xbox Séries X 🤩🤩🤩

  • My LG OLED C8 does 120hz on my PS5

  • You always have to be online If the Kinect isn’t connected the console won’t work You can’t share games with your friends What console am I? Ps this is how they won 😂

  • Imma go with the Sony H90J. Cause it’s the only one I can afford

  • The problem is... I have the TV. But didn't have the goddamn console...

  • Why am watching this, I'm poor.

  • So frustrating. Can't even get the consoles at the moment.

  • My sweet fiancé gifted me PS5 on my bday after I was struggling to snag one by staying up all night to get a drop from Target and others. So now comes the tv, how’s the Samsung Q70t ? It has all the specs to run PS5

  • Bought my PS5 day one then my 2 year old TCL Tv screen went out 3 weeks after was told the 5 was to powerful don't know if that's true but my screen was doing some kinda staticy thing so now got to get a new tv eventually just gotta find something strong enough with a cheap price hopefully😒😒😂😂

  • q90T

  • The Xbox fan (Ryan) had a long winded answer if he prefers the DS features, Damon's response : "Sure" 😂

  • I'm embarrassed for bo. They announced about 10 days ago that the 900h wont be getting VRR and ALLM. Sony cancelled it. He should've let people know in this episode. Putting that out there for people to know

  • Xbox needs to work on giving us a damn built in battery in the controller first and both any and xbox need longer battery life.

  • You don't need HDMI 2.1 to play games at 120hz. You need HDMI 2.1 to play games at 4k 120hz. There are TVs that offer 120hz at 1080p and 1440p.

  • Imma stick with my plasma till it dies 😅

  • wish playstation would give an update to fix that right stick drift

  • Anyone that buys a series x and plug it into a 720p element tv is like putting a hellcat motor in your 94 ford tempo

  • Can we get a tv that utilizes all series x features without costing $1600 please

  • The best TVs makes buying consoles completely pointless being that stadia and GeForce is built-in new TVs.

  • There ain’t much point making videos about the new consoles when 99% of people who want them aren’t able to get one :(

  • Are you going to talk about the new monitors with HDMI 2.1 that were announced during CES? That’s what I want to know!

  • OMG Yess your back.!! Mssed this.!! 💙💙 incredible presentation definitely an improvement from last year even though of last year was so awesome

  • I just got a LG Nanocell 85 for Christmas. It’s not the greatest. The black levels aren’t the best and the local dimming is pretty bad. But at least it has HDMI 2.1, 120hz, and was pretty cheap at around $600. Waiting to get my PS5 to see exactly what it’s capable of.

  • Forgot to mention that the new LG OLED is a 2nd gen and lg is partnering with XBOX to deliver a new gaming menu on their system with full customization that u can see on their marketing channel. I've been using a C9 for a while and it's a game changer!

  • Don't you need better than 20/20 vision to even be ABLE to enjoy 8k content? i kinda hop e 8k tvs fall to the wayside. Unless you're watching a 100 inch screen from 5 feet away, you won't notice the difference So...who cares?

  • The main question here is are the new TVs worth it? I’m just gunna wait for the LG cx to drop in price and cop that. Hardly any major improvements on these new TVs

  • I got that vizio 2021 4k 50 in tv only 240 bucks u don't have to spend that much for a decent tv

  • get some help get a 27 inch 144hz monitor which has a hdmi 2.0 output cheaper better thaks

  • First my ps5 slim, then I'll focus on a new tv, maybe 5k or whatever.

  • I Just got a CRT

  • WTF !!! 110" TV is equal to 4 55" TVs ??? 😲

  • I really don't play on a TV anymore... Just a gaming monitor.

  • Ign:what tv you gonna use for your console Me:yeah I think bout it after I buy my ps5 three years from now 😭😢

  • PS5 and HBO Max for me.

  • im done after 43 seconds. You're a tech site guys ... figure out the lip sync issues.

  • Q80T is amazing not sure if they mention it in this video. Also no burn in. I recommend it.

  • As much as I wanted 120hz and hdmi 2.1, they’re still a little too pricy for me. Recently got a 43” Samsung 7 series and it’s nice and has been working out for me so just gonna stick with that for now.

  • 1080p LED will do just fine for 9th generation consoles. It is not optimum solution but it will work.

  • I have a Sony TV to go with my Sony console.

  • TLC - No Scrubs

  • Ryan is just a straight fake

  • I have a roku.

  • Hdmi 2.1 is broken, it has more problems than an xbox one version of Cyberpunk.

  • extremely happy that the show is back

  • I rather have brightness than darkness like my heart.

  • Friend: ewww u have the series x why do you play on a.... Me: TV is TV

  • Xbox Series X is a better Console in my opinion but they need to bring out a new controller to beat the PS5.

    • @Darren Its not lol

    • Elite controller 2 is miles better then ps5 already what ya on about

    • They are mostly performing the same

  • TVs arent even close to next gen compatible. Brands constantly trying to scramble firmware updates to properly get 2.1 working. Buy your products after the beta tests are over in a year

  • Lol $156k and it’s consumer?

  • They talk about this TV's like they are $500 Hey guys most of us can barely afford the controller of the console if it breaks

    • @Rebelheir have a job time I could get was reduced from covid ✌🏻 not trying to waste my money on a tv

    • Get a job

    • Some TV's got payment plans on Amazon. No credit check required. That's how I got mines.

    • Yup big facts! I’m sticking with my old plasma till it dies than I’ll cry having to find the money for a new tv

  • 1. Why didn't you cover the false marketing that Sony put on their current TVs which aren't actually getting the nextgen features they on packaging? 2. Why didn't you cover how Microsoft had a 2018 patent for much of these controller features? They didn't decide to apply them at launch, but it doesn't mean they are ripping off Sony.

  • An 8k tv will only make your native 4k games look worse, because they won't be native anymore. Waste of money. Hope the industry doesn't force this change over us.

  • I don't buy a new tv till the one i have brakes, still rocking my 2017 55in. Sony hdr 4k👌🏼

    • Then as long as you don't play racing games, your TV should last forever. Breaks* not Brakes.

  • What about people deactivating dual sense features on call of duty competitive multiplayer? It doesn't speak great about its longevity. Is it very nice, but potentially annoying?

  • A need a next gen console first........arhhhh yeah a forgot

  • What are some monitors you would recommend for next gen consoles?

    • None for ps5 because Sony doesn’t allow 1440p your best bet is 4k

    • acer and asus are coming up with 28' & 30' 4k ips panels with 144 hz refresh, variable refresh, HDR, 1ms response time and HDMI 2.1, both are priced roughly 800 usd onwards. saving for that for my ps5 ( which still runs beautiful on my 65" samsung TU8000)

  • Love the new intro

  • like for xbox 🤌🏽

  • Oh come on!!! I just finally managed to preorder a PS5 and you’re already talking about another next gen console?

  • You only need hbmi 2.1 if you want to play a game at 4k 120hz but you don't need it to actually hit 120hz on anything under 4k. A monitor that has 120hz and up can play your games at 120hz just not in 4k.

  • Picked up the 65”LG C9 in 2019 and I recently picked up the SONY X900H 55” for my son so we’re next gen ready. For e HDMI 2.1 features was a top priority. Also picked up a Yamaha RX-V6 to connect to the LG.

  • Loving the rebrand. Though I miss plasma black

  • Jonathan and Daemon are my faves on this show ✌️

  • Love the swanky new intro, and glad you are keeping this segment going :D

  • Which one? 27” 1080 @ 120 55” 4K with ray tracing

  • Why don’t Playstation and Xbox just produce the damn consoles instead of releasing a new “batch” which inevitably keeps their value potential high for scalpers to resell. Just keep making them ffs

    • They need to make 100 million then re stock em that would overwhelm the scalpers

  • i use crt for gaming

  • I have a C9 and burn in is an issue. I've been extremely careful with it even going as far as turning the TV off instead of pausing a movie, but you can clearly see vertical bars on it. Had it for about a year. Would not recommend.

    • Mine is working just fine and I have a B7 as well, both working like new

    • I have a C7 and play games up to 12 hours a day on the weekends and no burn in what so ever

    • That is not burn in, OLEDs suffer from vertical banding that are more visible at 5 or 10% grey scale, the amount of banding varies from set to set and can sometimes clear up over time

  • What about the KFCONSOLE ?!!