BEST Among Us TikToks On The INTERNET..

Опубликовано: 19 дек 2020
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  • ****1:29** listen listen listen listen! [ __ ] go , [ __ ] go [ __ ] go [ __ ] go get out!**

  • Sirch Henry then you find out

  • Hey infinte when you got confused from the new map is becuase a game acaly did this map

  • In airplane crash Sip

  • It’s an app

  • The Airship part was Henry Stickmin Charles and Henry

  • Because you can't even

  • I like your voice 💗💗

  • ████████▀▀▀████ ████████────▀██ ████████──█▄──█ ███▀▀▀██──█████ █▀──▄▄██──█████ █──█████──█████ █▄──▀▀▀──▄█████ ███▄▄▄▄▄███████

  • Rod

  • Ummmmmmmm

  • Wires comms lights nav decontamination asteroids card swipe ejected medbay medscan trash shute 02 EHIELDS REACTOR SECURITY

  • In This Whole Video He Just Watch A Tiktoker Called @AmongusDetail

  • 9:56 that is real there's a app called among lock that's where you can have that lock screen

  • hey i have a new playr her name is rina

  • i Love Among

  • i smash the like button my laptop is broken i have to buy a new IM MAD

  • The Airship One Was: Henry: *Vents Out* Also Henry: *Press Button* Charles: Ok Here I Come Dadadadadadada!

  • Among lock . . . messes with your phone and is very annoying


  • Play among us with me

  • calays. please. play. whither. me. in. among us

  • The new map is called henry Stickman The game

    • Its called airship just like that prison stickman escape

    • Infinite Know The New Map Vut He Dont Know What Game He Thinks Charlie(The Helicopter Guy In Henry stick man collection game) is A Bomb

    • No Its Called The Airship

  • Crazy awesome

  • are u adicted to among us\/ yes im also addicted to u

  • Dream color is lime hahaha

  • I like delirious

  • I love you💖

  • This is how many times infinite says what popin

  • Dat is a app

  • Song US so sick and is so Good

  • The funny ones you should do a try not to laugh on those.

  • Haha hahaha

  • Bruh

  • Im a bit of adictid to among us

  • Every one meting hapin to me

  • Can you tell me what's the song called

  • 2 cayles

  • 11:58 I saw that vid since it came out

  • There humans

  • Addicted to Among Us

  • 5:20 incredible music congratulations

  • That song was super cool

  • 2 use reacter unlock u need a app

  • a b c d e f gun so funny 😂😂😂

  • Caylas go to among us new

  • I’m from the future20201

  • Ya me to o and hi caylus What’s pop in

  • Yellow and pink and purple is the lmp

  • That was corona vires

  • It's popkorn

  • Yhuyhuyuuuyh

  • By the way that is Charles helicopter

  • flLeo flsh

  • A helicopter

  • around 7:13 charles crashed into the airsgip killing the crewmates!

  • u have to dowload the reactor task lock screen on app store

  • Kayla’s answering to say he’s a great RU-tv or ever

  • AMONG US!!!!!!!!!

  • I think

  • That was a app and it's called Among Us keyboard

  • HI

  • Love the song

  • 3D among us is a mod or a game

  • If ur in 2021 then ur a legend (btw im in 2021 lol)

  • Why did they not belive red brown was the imposter but they voted red instead brown


  • I am subscribed

  • Wiring and shields and swipe card and garbage and navigation and O2 and reactor and electrical and upload data and connect thing


  • I liked the first one already

  • 1:55 that song is among us drip songcheck it out its cool

  • The thing u want to play is called GMOD there u go I know the movement like any other.

  • Have you played Henry stick man because that’s what’s wrong

  • What is poping you say

  • IfinitIfinit

  • I love this video

  • You do not know Henry stickmen do you

  • The new map airship

  • Baby crewmate umm... Hi .. Yeah hi what are you doing? Heh..

  • When I watch people react it makes me feel like I’m not alone because my brother never plays with me like for R.I.P me

  • Who was listening to that beat for ever it was sick better than everything else

  • Caylus: doesn't care what comments say that it's HENRy STIcK MAN


  • That not a bomb jush helicopter

  • This is just an idea but maby you could ask people to give you what if questions and you could answer what you would do in that situation

  • 😂 lol

  • :fun fact the first video you were sad but your still laughing

  • O

  • Love

  • I should have watched you in the past YOUR AMAZEING!!!😙😙😙 and CAYLUS pls sub to my channel its my nameeee

  • Cables I hope the new map comes out in 2021 1

  • it's funny then yellow is thick

  • it's funny then is thick

  • o_o so cool

  • You can set among us lock screen by seeing video or I think you can set by app like search among us lock screen

  • Caulus that app is called among lock go play store and get it yeeeeeet

  • Shut up the baby+itioit+man=baby itioit 14:04 LOL

  • Yo the app to unlock your phome the reactor app well I have that same app

  • the among us backround thing is on this app called among us backrounds