BEST LUXURY BUFFET in Singapore!? Colony Buffet Review at Ritz Carlton

Опубликовано: 4 дек 2019
The very last time I was in #Singapore, I couldn't get into the Ritz Carlton #buffet because the wait was insane, so this time I'm feasting there. So here's my review at one of the best #luxury buffets in Singapore.
✧ The Ritz-Carlton
Marina Bay, 7 Raffles Ave, Singapore 039799
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  • The thing at the end of the video with the salted egg....sacrilege or evil food genius? 😂

    • burger king indonesia is serving salted egg sundae. i think only available january 2020.

    • You just invented a new style of 'French' vanilla ice cream.

    • Many desserts are made with eggs and cream, so I guess it's all good. I am still trying to figure out how they get the egg yolk inside the bun and then not getting the yolk to solidifies when cooking.

    • Strictly Dumpling Crazy mad genius! 🤘🏿

    • i was so satisfied holy crap

  • the food looks great I will have to make it at home the soups must be tops KEEP ON eating

  • How much does a ticket cost?

  • Love your Asian food tours except Korea, keep up the good work.


  • Feed me mike

  • such a pleasure to watch you dude

  • You lost me with the salted egg ice cream.

  • Lol...I bought me one of those scissors just for my Vegas buffets!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Salted Egg Ice Cream - can’t wait for it to have a thing 🤤

  • Currently on a strict weight loss regime and eating yummy food through Mikey 👩🏼‍💻

  • *Only 60 USD, all you gotta do is get a reservation. It's time to travel, my lovelies~*

  • I love Singapore! Yes I skip the veggies and rice. Just meat and seafood and desserts!

  • what was the damage for this awesomely buffet?

  • My man destroys toilets all day.

  • you sold try the Sunday brunch

  • I love watching his vids but hate how they make me so hungry and jealous of it😂

  • You love rain? Come to Norway and the city of Bergen :)

  • I want to eat with you

  • Mikey use a steak knife and cut just below the joint, snap it open, and gently pull the whole thing out....🙂 try it to see if it works....

  • America please..

  • How can he eat so much 😆😆😆

  • Anyone remember egg creams?

  • When I saw that Dumpling, it reminded me of KUNG FU PANDA!!!

  • I loved food as much as you once upon a moment ago and watching you just flooded me with the memories of a more humbler time when life was all about the present and a plate of comfort food that excited me plus made me happy. Thank you so much and please don't ever change.

  • In one sitting! man your a monster!

  • Stick it

  • Is he really tasting food or is he just a food vacuum cleaner!

  • He eats so much I wonder what he lifts

  • This. Is. Torture.

  • Why you don't use table knife to cut the meat?

  • man that boy can eat , the amount of food he packs away in a single sitting is amazing , of course that food looks fantastic and it would be hard to stop but wow , where does he put it all.

  • Hey Mike! Know why the last round you couldn’t get into the buffet at that hotel?! It is because you forgot to buy tissue packets / bring umbrellas even if it is not raining to show how to be shameless Singapore is at reserving seats! Also, poke your chopsticks in your food while eating to offer them to the dead! Blame your friends bentpc & bill will! They just proved to me how much they can disrespect someone like me who is Chinese and Singapore!

  • Thanks for showing us a little bit of the city! It looks awesome! Most of us will never travel to this place. this is why I watch your channel.

  • One thing you can't be while sucking the marrow off the mutton leg is graceful. The way I do it at home is bang the leg against my plate to knock the marrow out. But would have to pay the price of a broken China plate at a restaurant 🤣

  • Where do you put all that food? Your leg must be hallow!

  • 14:07 Mikey re-invents Halo Halo :D

  • Love watching you Mike. Happy new year ❤️

  • Did anyone notice it was near morning when he arrived and close to late night at the half point of the vid ?

  • After watching this video, I want to eat at this buffet. However, I find that my appetite reduces in the heat. Still, the heart is willing so the body will follow.

  • Jeeez I hate you . You could chew on a house brick and have me salivating . Nothing pretentious like you see with that Oliver bloke …. Love you show Mikey .



  • His shits must be massive.

  • Mike, check out wanderlust creamery. Apparently they done salted duck egg ice cream.

  • At which time did you go? Was it breakfast, lunch or dinner and during the week or weekend?

  • Mikey!!! Tell Ben and Jerry's for a limited edition batch. We are willing to try.

  • Good luck for you man just hope no dietary for you man.

  • bro you fuckin food jenuiz bro

  • How your stomach works is a world wonder

  • Unbelievable appetite.

  • Do you know God?

  • Hey Mike maybe next time would be delicious if u put the naan bread on the bottom of the plate and put all the food on top of it easy cleanup lol

  • Eating homemade chili. It's good, but eh... this video ruined it for me lol.

  • Food looks amazing! Here drooling!🙉

  • they have salted egg iced coffee where i live

  • Mike sounds drunk 🥴 he overdosed on buffet and salted egg 🥚 bun yolks 😂😂❤️

  • I’m here!!! Watching you in Texas USA. December 22nd!! 2019! I love ❤️ bread 🥖 especially freshly baked!

    • freshly baked bread is the best

  • I can't believe I just found this channel, where have I been? Love you Mikey, binge watching all your videos seems like a nice Lazy SUnday plan for

  • guess I must book and enquire about that buffet :-)