BIGGEST Launch of all time!

Опубликовано: 17 ноя 2019
Thank you for coming on another little trip with us. Biggest Blob Launch Ever
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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on RU-tv since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!


  • Thank you for watching and coming on another little trip with us. We truly thank you.

  • 14:51 You’re Welcome

  • Who here in 2024 watching this

  • Is it just me or are the travel blogs my absolute favorite. Idk why but them flying or driving is just entertaining.

  • U look like hawk off of Cobra kai

  • XXL , 2: Guys And Jump / launch going up way up 👆👆👆 🇺🇲🤪💖✝️🙏🌎 Roman Atwood Mysterious ?

  • My name is roman

  • Cool vlog on channel RU-tv

  • Cool. Vlog on channel RU-tv

  • I have been watching u for about 8 to 10 years

  • Pretty weird the 2 dudes jumping with helmets, yet the guy flying only has a hat wtf!!

  • if you want street performers Virginia Beach is a good place went there on vacation there was a good bit of em

  • I wonder if the stalking has been going on during this video

  • I thought it was a rag doll at first

  • I wonder if that gaming place in Walmart is still open in 2021

  • People watching in 2021 are confused why they dont have masks

  • 3:04

  • My boy was Michel jackson

  • Miss these videos:( these stalkers gotta get a life smh

  • Holy, I've never seen a baby with that much clothes lmao that's more than I've ever had in my whole life

  • Cool vlog on channel RU-tv

  • At what Walmart did he go

  • He looked like a rag doll!

  • Roman is such a good dad

  • I thought it said biggest lunch of all time

  • U should do a video were u pull your truck with Rex cars


  • Ngl Cora looks just like Noah

  • Cool vlog on channel RU-tv

  • Do you do you make chargers small more chargers

  • Yo I swear his vids are sooooo entertaining. Even the travel where they’re driving most of the day. I love this the most.

  • He did 2 flips

  • Cool vlog on channel RU-tv

  • Great video

  • 5 flips I'm so surprised

  • i live in kentucky!

  • He did to in a hafe backflips

  • Who else wants these day to come back

    • You can’t have those days now cause of COVID

  • Cool vlog channel on RU-tv


  • That was not purple

  • Make a new video

  • We all miss you

  • Hi

  • Who is watching this just because

  • I did 50 push-ups

    • Mike Conley idc

  • Roman: say hi Baby: throughs cam

  • This year has been so fast maybe because of Covid 19

  • Cool vlog channel on RU-tv

  • i forgot about zeus

  • I once put a dress on a baby she was like what the heck is yo it on....

  • Wish we could wake up and go back then

  • I got the Murch

  • Damn

  • Hes gone again

  • I love you Roman you're the best Aroma do you want to get married my name is Sheila Johnso

  • What up flee flicker

  • Note to self: never give your future kids fluits

  • That ending was fantastic

  • I want to meat them so much

  • No one gonna talk about how the sun was down at 5:30

  • Every RU-tvr has a midget 😂

  • Can u imagine Roman sat cora on the end so she can sit and he accidentally falls on it and she gos flying each like is one week till it doesn’t happen

  • This is how many times Roman said that strip l l V

  • I live in Nashville lol

    • I live about a hour from nashville

    • DkSantana I live in Dickson now

    • I live close to there

  • Me watching this in the same hotel

  • Holyy the slap she took on the back of her head at 1:07

  • i was in nashville the other day and saw the same house

  • Who elese seen the new baby vid and us now going and watching all of there videos AGAINNNNNN .... IN 2020

  • When he said what up flea flicker😂😂

  • Who is here rewatching videos after the last one 😭😭😭

    • @yxtry minainal

    • @Jesse Rychlik hi

    • Me thanks for saying that

  • Who is seeing this in 2020

  • That was pink in the beginning of the video not purple

  • Come back🥴

  • Roman were are you man did you just leave us come back miss you Roman

  • I have merch necklines

  • All before corona ...

  • You dressing Cora and having you guys pick out and outfit was soo cute just the daddy daughter cute vibe love it

  • Who’s in 2020 waiting for a room at one to come back and watch this 100 times

  • I started my channel because of you and you stopped :(


  • Still no post

  • Tony wiegand loves you girl he want marry her

  • That laugh is so obnoxious and gross dude.

  • bruv stopped uploading because he already got enough money to support his family and


  • I can’t never find it in Arizona. Is ever gonna be available here?

  • I miss you roman

  • so cute

  • i came back 2 years later and cora is so big and is still kinda sad bout zeus

  • I aspire to be loved by my children the same as your children love you Roman! Thank you for the family friendly content!

  • Roman's property is bigger than my whole village.

  • Cool vlog channel RU-tv

  • What tint you got in that suv? Looks like 50?

  • Roman

  • Sucks he doesn't post anymore 😕

  • I have been watching you for 3 years bro your the best keep it up

  • Did he mean strip club

  • Roman!!! Where are you

  • I miss watching these daily vlogs I’m just going back watching old right now