Binging With Babish Tries to Survive in a Professional Kitchen | The Burger Show

Опубликовано: 25 июн 2019
Binging With Babish, RU-tv's favorite cooking instructor, tries to survive a shift working in a professional kitchen.
Burger Show host Alvin Cailan will put Babish through two different challenges. First, the Prep Station, where he'll prepare the mise en place. Second, the Burger Station, where the stakes get even higher.
Can the Internet cooking star handle the heat?

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Season 4
Episode 3
First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.


  • Shout out to all the line cooks worldwide! We appreciate you.


    • @mathew bishop My favorite part was how we would just stand there while he talked. When I used to work prep, I would just stare off into space when slicing tomatoes, cukes, dicing onions, etc. For o-rings, I always used a slicer. Fuck cutting that shit by hand. You're just wasting time.

    • Def not an easy job

    • They're doing it now. It's out on the 18th of July 2019

    • That wasn't all that he did while there I hope. There was no pressure there, it seemed very scripted and not even like he was breaking a sweat. Put him in during a lunch rush let him get in the weeds! If he did do more and was actually pressured why not put that part of the video up? You might not think it makes good content but that's what the people want to see. Especially us line cooks, and chef de parties. Having 26 years and counting kitchen experience under my belt I can say I feel that this was more of an insult than a shout out of appreciation.

  • Bullying with Banish

  • Alvin your food porn always gives me a foodgasm! I could live inside one of your burgers or egg sandwiches

  • Shes fucking cute

  • Speaking of mise en place, why would you flatten the burger on the griddle as opposed to pressing all the meat beforehand?

  • "mise en place" just means "putting in place"... I don't know where they got that werid-ass translation. Just like mise en scene means "putting in scene/on stage"

  • "Cabrón means you're a loser and your wife is cheating on you"

  • Alvin is underated

  • Olay but why wasn't he wearing gloves while handling all that food

  • This stressed me out just watching the intro 😱

  • I know Babish doesn't call himself a chef so my point isn't about him but I do think the term "chef" should be reserved for people that can handle all aspects. I think it would be better for personal chefs like Babish to be called something like "Food Artist."

  • babish: cooks 3 smashburgers while fucking up two along the way the line cooks at the end of the video: wow omg he did so well i'm so proud of him me: sets up MEP for 7 individual dishes, and cooks said dishes within a 4 hour timeframe only given a tiny workspace and 2 stoves red seal chefs: lmao you fucking failed loser fuck you and your tuition fees wtf

  • Jesus Alvin go on a fucking diet!!!

  • man he went from nothing to grill, didn't even struggle through the dish pit wow

  • I just got an ad about this as soon as i started watching

  • The look on the overweight guys face when the jewish guy puts salt on the smashed minced meat

  • FNG finna nut gang where u at?

  • cut that tape chef! lol

  • Chingón cabrón

  • I'm glad that Babish didn't try act cocky, but I think this also highlights just how absolutely shit so many of the personalities behind YT cooking channels are at actually cooking. I stopped watching his show a long time ago because a lot of his stuff is flat-out wrong and often pointless. I will give him credit that he takes criticism well and admits that he's basically a total amateur, but when I hear that this dude is going to sell kitchen equipment and sauces, write a recipe book and shit... it irks me. He barely knows what the fuck he's doing, but he wants to try and instruct other people? I still remember his basics equipment video where he was like "get a Wusthof ikon!" which is fucking stupid. You can get a Victorinox knife for less than a quarter the cost of a Wusthof Ikon and it's gonna be just as good for any kind of home use or even professional use in most situations. Buying a Wusthof for a beginner home cook is like buying a Ferrari to commute to work. And if you read the comments on it, it's filled with people talking about buying Wusthof knives. Granted, he did recommend the Pro line from Wusthof, which is affordable, but there's no reason to steer a beginner towards Wusthof brand at all, because most people are going to think "I don't want the low-tier junk, I want a good knife!" And then they fuck it up because they don't know how to properly hone nor sharpen it. And that reminds me, he never even mentioned a fucking wand to hone the knives as an essential for beginners. I'm sure he's a cool dude and all, but his show should be taken as entertainment only and not treated as informative nor instructive because, again, half the time he doesn't have a clue what the fuck he's doing.

  • umm.... gloves please? even for guys who work in food service... i dont like to see them barehanding so much food... perhaps i just have trust issues. huge reason why i prefer to cook for myself

    • That's why you wash your hands after touching meats and anything else that can cross-contaminate. However, most stuff is never gets touched at all. You toss fries into a bowl for seasoning and then dump them into the plate, you use tongs, spatulas , etc. And I hate to tell you this, but most people that wear gloves rarely take them off and wind up actually posing a much higher health risk. IMO, not wearing gloves is much better because you're going to want to wash your hands after handling any kinds of meats. If you have gloves, then you don't even feel that shit and it's easy to forget that you have raw meat goo on your gloves.

  • 5:20 WHAT THE FUCK???? yuck.

  • Huge respect to the chef being kind and encouraging. Fuck emotionally violent reality TV.

  • That's gotta be the easiest burger I've seen and he still messed up😅

  • 7:55 I predicted that would happen 15 seconds before.

  • Hamburgers are antisemitic their core! Israel is the worlds first and greatest democracy! Israel has liberated millions! Israel is the only source of peace, justice, equality and self determination in the Middle East! Without Israel's watch, the arabs would have blown up the entire world by now! God Bless the Great State of Israel!

    • @Madness Incarnate The USS Liberty incident was an attack on a United States Navy technical research ship, USS Liberty, by Israeli Air Force jet fighter aircraft and Israeli Navy motor torpedo boats, on 8 June 1967, during the Six-Day War.

    • What?

  • 6:23 I know there was some camera editing but dude man just went from raw patty handling to veggies. Dat cross contamination doe

  • Excellent Job. 😇

  • Babish is a mark in the commercial kitchen. Would take a lot of practice to work with me.

  • Man I miss cooking on line

  • its always so awkward making food under a timer.. for someone else. infront of a bunch of people its not for. lol.

  • i always thought it was "BING"ING because he used or something. lol. but its binging like the food.

  • how do you spell misaun plus?

  • ive worked in restaurants but never cook or prep cook. ive made sandwiches done dishes ect. but i just dont think i could cook a couple hundred dinner entrees a night and not lose my mind.

  • he cooks 3 burgers and they act like he just went through a whole service or something lmao

  • I want to have a one night stand with Babish and have him whisper in my ear with his deep voice as he penetrates my asshole

  • *WOOW* did babish just swear.. That's new.

  • I've only run food lines at my nonprofit where there's basically nothing on the line serving beer-o-clock on public night. It's stress. In a real kitchen it must be haywire.

  • I wanna see Binging with Babish working in a professional kitchen WITH Gordon Ramsey

  • Fired.

  • How do you know that someone is a noob cook, hipster/working with mouth cook? Talking about how hard is multitasking


  • Props for all the kitchen staff, not everyone can do it. Been there done that, working grill can be stressful yet rewarding.

  • Got an ad for this channel

  • Line cook was the hardest job I've ever had and I worked it for years at various places... You get 20 tickets and have to mentally calculate, "Okay, this ticket has 2 steaks... 1 is well-done, 1 is medium-well. This next ticket has a well-done, so I should go ahead and throw it on now. I need to get 4 batches of shrimp grilling for this other part of the first ticket, and throw a couple bags of mashed potatoes in the microwave. Hmmm... To complete this order the FNG needs to drop some french fries. Oh shit... he just quit... Okay I'll drop the french fries. Okay I need to drop 4 orders of french fries for the next 2 tickets." Like.... that was only a couple tickets. Multiple that by 20 when you're slammed, and throw in random grease burns, random cuts, closing-which can have you getting home around 3am-and you begin to get the idea. The first couple weeks are absolutely brutal and then you finally start getting into a groove, but by then you're completely burnt out. You are barely making above minimum wage while the beautiful people get to be servers (they put all the ugly people in the back). I frequently worked a grueling weekend 8 hour shift for $60 while servers were taking home $200+... These little RU-tv videos make it seem like there is honor in being a line cook. There isn't. You're treating like shit by everyone, and the general public correctly thinks you're a broke-ass loser if you're a line cook. The only nice thing about it is you can pursue whatever drug choice you want to cope with your crippling depression because there is literally no jail as bad as being a line cook for eternity. It would be worth it if they paid line cooks SIGNIFICANTLY MORE... Like.... double minimum wage. Otherwise, I highly encourage everyone currently stuck being a line cook to just opt out of the system. Move in with your parents or grandparents. Adopt the NEET lifestyle, and try to collect whatever welfare you can. Just opt out of the system.

  • As a chef, it was awesome to watch this! I tilt my hat at you babish!

  • 3 burgers! Bro try 8 burgers and 4 steaks to different cooks on one ticket plus the printer spitting out more bills at you. Let's see him in the fire!

  • Worked as a line cook at 16 with a head chef that had damn near 30 years in the business, it was brutal but when I left for school, he gave me a hug and wished me the best of luck in my future. I went back to that restaurant after I got my first degree and secured my job, asked for Carl and when he came out I thought that the man was about to burst into tears when he saw me. A hard earned experience that I am very much grateful for that taught me many values that I now have in my current management position, thanks Carl.

  • Chef Alvin Cailan is very demanding in a good way to encourage teamwork ;)

  • I wonder where the rest of the chefs went 1:16

    • There is only 1 chef. A chef is the person who runs the kitchen. The sous chef is their assistant. Everyone else are just cooks.