Binging With Babish Tries to Survive in a Professional Kitchen | The Burger Show

Опубликовано: 25 июн 2019
Binging With Babish, RU-tv's favorite cooking instructor, tries to survive a shift working in a professional kitchen.
Burger Show host Alvin Cailan will put Babish through two different challenges. First, the Prep Station, where he'll prepare the mise en place. Second, the Burger Station, where the stakes get even higher.
Can the Internet cooking star handle the heat?

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Season 4
Episode 3
First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.


  • Shout out to all the line cooks worldwide! We appreciate you.

    • This gave me ptsd flash backs from canada working at a beach restaurant....

    • Any advice for a line cook with social anxiety?

    • thank you

  • I love the epic music

  • pepperpepperpepper

  • Your fat body obviously doesn’t know the first inclination of what war is. Thanks for the burger videos though.

  • That is not whay cabron means 😂

  • A lot of boom in the corner of the shots :/ . But the show is great!

  • "Line cooks use simple yet significant coded shorthanded 'Such as in the weeds' to strengthen communication & solidarity in the work place". Fuck off! You got no time to fuck around with words when you got 18 carne asada quesadillas all day.

  • was babish washing his hands in between handling the meat and everything else? asking as a line cook ;)

  • When I worked in a restaurant I was never trained so I was going in full blown as my FIRST job having to work register making drinks shakes etc and I was so stressed I’d go home and cry I quit a week in

  • A little piece of me died when that burger fell through the crack at 10:44

  • How csn you wear a toque in the kitchen withiut it being sweaty as baaals

  • He didt wear the MANDANTORY cutting

  • He kinda looks like ryan reynolds.

  • 8:13 You Suck at Cooking reference?

  • this was very eye opening

  • Fat Baboy! Haha

  • My guy wasted 2 burger's, It's definitely coming out of his pockets. 😂😂

  • Does anyone else get the exact same advertisement when you watch this video

  • People that do this as a job have my full respect your better then me.

  • I work at Benihana and being a chef there is traaaash

  • In my kitchen the chef would definitely scream at me for not cleaning the plate at 10:03

  • Great episode, i've been working at a local fast food restaurant for 9 years now, and people never understand how hectic things can be and how you have to keep focused or you'll just lose it, especially when you have 10 minutes to finish 10 french fries, 12 burgers and 6 salads. This episode really shows how difficult it can be when it's just a couple of burgers, let alone when you have to do so much more all at the same time.

  • Was I the only one who got immediately more interested when I saw the female chef? she’s so pretty!

  • did they get the tats tho?

  • I worked in a kitchen up until yesterday because I couldn't handle the environment. It's very intense and definitely not for everyone. This work is not easy and it's good that someone is going out of their way to show it.

  • BABITCH!!!

  • Lol “first and foremost you are my friend” translates to I’m gunna bitch your ass out but we cool tho right

  • Burgers have always been my favorite food and just like the food itself I can't get enough of your burger vids.

  • If I was learning that first burger over here in san diego my boss would of been like "I thought I told you buns first you fucking idiot" *kills me mortal kombat style*

  • 5:30 got rhyme

  • 5:16 *YEETs in Babish*

  • Pepper, pepper, pepper.

  • FNG!!!!!! Hearty second to the shout out for line cooks. These mofos make EVERYTHING we love, and get zero money on the backend. Fuck your server, tip your line cook!

  • It like REALLLLYYYYY bothers me no one is wearing gloves while handling food

  • Babish using YSAC's pepper pepper pepper

  • I wanted to cry for baby Babs lol He was so stressed and out of his element. At the same time it gave me hope and inspiration, because he started to own it!

  • Line cook in a gold Rolex Daytona. Not the average sight to see hahaha

  • Yes chef... there’s no chef there.

  • 0:56 KOSHER SALT

  • He did the pepper pepper pepper from YSAC lol so meta

  • No, yeah, no ohhh you did it wrong xaxaxaxax

  • I always wanted to be a cook. Im pretty okay in the home kitchen. A few years ago when I was traveling I had the opportunity to give it a try. I started as a prep cook early in the morning chopping veggies, making patties, making pizza dough and weighing out dough balls. Then progressed to pizza cook on top of that in about a week. I did okay as a pizza man. Mind you these were real pizzas and some had ridiculous toppings; no conveyor belt here. Then one day we had a burger and fry cook call in. This was my opportunity. Starts out easy, one green chili burger and fries. Within the next hour, the weekend lunch rush, I had a true come to Jesus moment. Orders stacking up, dropping sides in the fryer at the right time as the burger and keeping everything out the door and in the right order. Safe to say I failed many times that day and decided I would just be a good home cook and save the business to the professionals. Honestly the most stressful day any job I’ve ever had.

  • I'd like to specifically call out the line cooks at those always-busy truck stops who manage to churn out non-stop perfectly grilled to order steaks, juicy as fuck burgers and eggs and bacon the way grandma used to make.

  • 4:37 modern problems require modern solutions

    • 8:13 is this a You Suck At Cooking reference?

    • this entire video is the most dynamic range of Andrew's voice I've ever heard

  • Im currently the FNG at my work. Its honestly nice to hear all the talk about how the screw ups happend to them all just as hard and now i dont feel like i have to beat myself up as much. Great show guys👏👏👏

  • Does anyone else get the same ad every time the watch this video

  • Me and my teacher trying to pass the regents lol

  • shouldnt you get a new board if there was meat on it???

  • Bruh you’re like 600 lbs make a salad show

  • "I like to work like a factory machine" ......hmmmmmm..... :)

  • You have to try DnB Burger in Downtown New Bedford, MA Greatest local burger of MA. No cap.

  • I feel like I'm really stupid asking this, but I been to Google already, can anyone tell me wjat is "meson plos"?

    • oh, it's "Mise en place". A French culinary phrase which means "putting in place" or "everything in its place" (Wikipedia).

  • i worked as a line cook in a burger shop and the 10:40 sequence of fail really triggered me....but no matter how bad you fail like that you have to keep the service going and move on.

  • I just got a AD about the chef not binging

  • Took his line-cook Virginity

  • Soooooo many health code violations. Lol where the f is his beard guard. Unless its off camera he was touching raw meat and then utensils. Hmmmmmmmmmm

  • Awesome! 6 years as a line cook in my early days of work... this is dead-non 👏👏👏

  • Cross contamination and chill?

  • Babish:im cooking by myself so the nobody sees my mistakes Viewers:are we a joke to you

  • Only a hipster chef would wear a beanie in a kitchen. Lol