Blockbuster Video Now Open In Los Angeles 2019!!!

Опубликовано: 14 июл 2019
In this video I find a Blockbuster video In Down town LA in 2019 and it blow my mind. I hope you all like the video


Death To DVD's - Blockbuster Video Exposed
Blockbuster Video Exposed - Crazy Customer Stories

The pop up blockbuster was put on by Dumbgood

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  • I miss those Blockbuster nights:(. Great video!!!!!!!

  • What do you think about owning movies over a digital service?

  • Little bit of blue carpet is a big let down☹️

  • It was nice to relive the old days of blockbuster video. I miss them 📼

  • Who remembers the blockbuster smell. All the stores that that same smell.

  • They need to bring blockbuster back ... I miss going on weekends to get movies the traditional way

  • We need blockbuster back in owr lives

  • I wish i had a blockbuster

  • my favourite is jean Claude van damme mark dacascos

  • You dropped a lot of weight thats hard work great job

  • What a coincidence! I thought Blockbuster Video stores are uncommon these days.

  • I miss going to Blockbuster Video. Best part of my childhood

  • I wish video stores would come back, not just blockbuster. I miss my old Video City. 😪

  • This is Cool

  • regresa blockbuster

  • people act like Blockbuster closed 100 years ago.

  • Bend Oregon has the last Blockbuster store on Earth.

  • Damn bro this was cool.. nice throw back ..damn that shit at the end killed me omg... congrats on loosing the weight bro! u gotta check out the last operating blockbuster in Oregon!

  • I remember when Mario 64 was on the self back in 2003

  • Yup, I miss the days I could ask my girlfriend if she wanted to go rent a movie, then head out to blockbuster.

  • Why is this in my recommendations? Fuck it, gun watch.

  • The only thing I didn’t like about blockbuster back in the day is that you didn’t get to take home the vhs box and enjoy the box art, summary, and critic blurbs (“****. Seeing this film once is not enough.”-Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times). I get why they did it though. They wanted the shelves to look full at all times.

  • What I wouldn't give to go to this event!

  • Yup! He’s definitely a nerd 🤓

  • So no dvds and blu rays?

  • So were you renting those vhs movies or buying them cause if it was only July 12-14 you’d I guess have to return the movie before the pop up closes on the 14th

  • I actually thought about opening up one or close to same. Since legally not sure if you could. But like have like a viewing area to watch movies but more like small for people to hang out. But can also rent movies/games. Maybe arcade stuff. But you'd need food or bar to make money.

  • I missed it, please tell me is it gonna come to Los Angeles again please tell me? 😢😭

  • i was went to the blockbuster video store when i was a teenager

  • i was really miss the blockbuster video store so much i want it back

    • Me too, can u spread the word?

  • wow, i want that machine for clean up for DVD at 11:52 and anyone know what is that name ??? i wan to buy that one

  • only 3 days

  • Come to my house it’s like blockbusters! 😎

  • Nice video. I love it when you upload new stuff. Because of you, I got back into teaching filmmaking and now my channel is growing fast. Stop by and check me out.... STAY BLESSED!!

  • I’m emotionally tearing up discovering this

  • 90bucks holy shit! Waaay too much

  • I miss those good old days at blockbuster

  • Yeah, FUCKIN' correct.

  • I don't miss any video stores. I'm glad they disappeared. Expensive and half the movies were in terrible quality.

  • why did you have to destroy the dvds?

  • Where’s the porn section morons

  • Block buster kind of sucked video games where the only things good there some movies you rented where complete shit come On vampiyaz lol it seems at the end of blockbusters life they started making there own films to gain revenue

  • Why are we going reverse instead of forward Oh god kids

  • I used to love getting to pick a movie every weekend when I was a kid. Blockbuster and Hollywood Video were great 😃

  • I think it's time you re-think your life's choices.

  • I used to rent Sega mega drive games from BB when I was young and when I got older I got a job there and worked for 7years. I was a trained M.O.D, I could do everything a manager could do.

  • Nightwave hahaha

  • that's cool I wanna go there Blockbuster big part of my child hood

  • Evil dead on vhs where's ash?

  • Going old SCHOOL

  • No way!!!!!

  • Face off was my last movie i got at blockbuster back at 98.

  • There’s 1 left where I live in Bend Oregon

  • I miss blockbuster so much I think is necessary for blockbuster to comeback.

  • So you can't rent videos? this needs to become a thing Blockbuster video needs to come back do you know how many 80s and 90s kids are yearning for a simpler time and things from their past. This could be a perfect time to re-open this franchise because what's old is becoming new again. So whoever owns the rights to this should capitalized.

  • Keep dropping the fire content

  • What area are you ?

  • Copyright infringement their asses

  • there’s an actual block buster in Bend Oregon lol

    • It's not enough

  • Block buster committed DVD genocide