Boyfriend Makeup Battle

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  • MORGAN~~ please do a video to show us how you did your eye look!

  • Morgan had the best look!!!

  • Honestly shane and morgan killed it they looked so stunning though they always do and ryland did good for his first actual attempt

  • Love you all so much

  • I love watching amateur people doing their makeup, it reminds me of how I started 🌈

  • Am I the only one who liked Shane's the most

  • Jaclyn X Morphe Hill Palette...

  • Ryland: *Grabs setting spray sprays hair*

  • I would be that person who says "You all look great!", don't get me wrong, but Morgan was GORGEOUS! But Shane and Ryland looked great too.

  • Tbh Morgan looked the best..

  • Unknown highlighter😹😹

  • *Fiance Makeup Battle*

  • Ryland reminds me of a dad that is trying to hard to “hip” or “cool” ...because every time he says I’m going to snatch (so and so) it’s just....scary...also Morgan ur my fav :)

  • Ryland Dawson or Shawn Adams

  • Omg look at all of you go!!! You all look stunning but if I had to rate out of 10... Morgan gets 10!!!! Shane gets 8, and Ryland gets a 7. Actually since it’s his first time doing makeup ever, Ryland gets an 8 too. (: You all look smashing lovies!

  • New drinking game; take a shot everytime Ryland says "sickening" in this video.... okay, maybe don't, you might die! 😂

  • I love it but the gloss on their lips is to much to me

  • i like yours rylan!!!!

  • I like Shane’s makeup and morgen and in 3rd place ryland

  • Look at Shane "foundation darker then your consealer" go you. Haha. Love this. Your ring is GORGEOUS! miss ya'll.

  • sickening!!!😍 i love them all xxxxx

  • Why is this called BOYFRIEND makeup battle, like call it by its true name: FIANCE Makeup Battle

  • ILY 🧡♥️❤️💚💙💜🖤💛

  • I like Rylands the least Morgan’s is bombbbbbbbbbb

  • When shane talks with his makeup he sounds emo

  • Queen

  • Morgan is snaaaatcheddddd!!! Such a kween. Love the leewwwkss💯👌

  • You mean “Fiancé Makeup Battle “ ♥️

  • This was everything!

  • I think mom and grandma need a Jeffree make over

  • Shane won

  • Morgan looks beautiful! I'm shook

  • 9:16 james has been found dead

  • Oh my god I just love Shane an you !!! Like I’m so so happy for you guys especially shame because I’ve been watching him since the start and from what i know he deserves someone like you and I’m so so happy that he’s so happy and you guys are happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rylands! You did really good. Shane did you forget mascara? It didn't look bad though. Morgan's makeup is always beautiful. Ryland has my vote ! 🙂❤️

  • When did this become a beauty channel?

  • Mogan was soooo beautifully STUNNING wow

  • I would love to date Morgan

  • Morgan is goooorgeous ♥️

  • This is so cute

  • Morgan is for real gorgeous. Like . IDK how more people aren't talking about how hot she is.

  • Morgan's hottttttt

  • one moment shanes over here doing comspericys then the next hes coming for James spot lol come back shane

  • "to SNATCH my face to the gods" lmao i love ryland

  • Ryland and Shanes engagement date is my birthday:) Probably the only people I would be this happy to share this date with:))))))))))


  • I just wanted to say thank you to you guys for making my days with your funny, pure, and kind souls and giving me great content to watch especially since I’m stuck in bed rn from getting my appendix removed without ur squads videos I wouldn’t even be watching RU-tv tbh I don’t even know what this comment is anymore I just know my cat just spilt my diet root beer so I have to go, thanks have a good day

  • Shane is hella good at makeup

  • You guys did fantastic I can’t pick a winner bc they were all good!

  • Your makeup looked beautiful on all of y'all

  • I loved all the lewkssss but if I could choose one to wear it’d be Rylands!

  • shane

  • Shouldnt it be "fiance does my makeup"😂

  • Morgan won! And boys say it with me HIGHLIGHTER!

  • Oh my gawd I died when ryland became Casper lmao

  • why is morgan so pretty with and without make up IM CONFUZLED

  • I love Rylands momma!!

  • Omg Shane looks so amazing. He’s got my vote!

  • You two are so cute!!! Also I love that you decided to play with makeup for the first time on camera, I started doing a lot of makeup this past fall because I needed to do something fun for myself and I love not taking it too seriously and I love that you're sharing that with your audience!

  • Shane Dawson where have you been?!

  • They have the cutest brushes wow!

  • Guys you both look amazing!! Don’t forget the brows, add at least a little pigment (gimme brow, brow gel) so that it doesn’t look like there’s foundation or powder on them. Great job though! All 3 of you win in my book!

  • *MORGAN* try a benefit brow pencil, it won’t snap!

  • FIANCÉ makeup battle plus sister*

  • U all need fake lashes and mascara (didn’t see any) and more cheekbone highlighter on shane and ryland. Morgan awesome makeup. Rylan concealer a tad light for u in spring/summer when u have more sunkissed glow naturally. Btw I love the engagement ring!! I think it would be perfect with a princess cut solitaire 😉 llysm!!!!!!

  • "Jaclyn X Morphe Hill" omg ahahaha

  • I love how when they were looking in the camera they are like drooling with here mouth open

  • You did a great job Ryland!!

  • Ryland and Shane look so fricking gorgeous ❤ I love Morgans look as well.. aah I love them all!!


  • james Charles is shook to the core

  • All 3! Shanes blending was SNATCHED THO💕 Love yall!

  • Omg you look sickening! 😍

  • Omg they all look so cute mostly Morgan omg 😍😍🤤🤤

  • I want Shane's videos back

  • Why is Shane so cute?

  • When Shane says he wants to be a beauty guru...I think he means he wants to put on makeup on himself and get paid for it. But hes in a great position to pay to get lessons from lipstick nick who is an amazing artist....or do a course. Depends of he only ever wants to put makeup on himself or others also. It's a different thing doing your own makeup and doing others and making them look good.

    • Cassey Anzio I honestly don’t think he is in it for the money. He genuinely has a passion to learn more about it and enjoys doing it on himself. I don’t think he literally wants to be a beauty guru and get paid for it on RU-tv, I think he wants to get really good at it for himself and eventually collab with Jeffree Star to create his own products. The Jeffree series he filmed is what got him intrigued about the world of makeup and he has been playing with it ever since. You’re suggestion on taking lessons is a good one, I think he should have Jeffree teach him more since they are really good friends.

  • So much fun guys. Keep practicing and you will learn more every time.practice makes perfect. To become and expert in anything they say you need to spend 6000 hours. So to become a chess master, or concert pianist or solo music artist and a true makeul beauty guru - 6000 hours. That's why pat McGrath is an iconic beauty guru, cause she has put in the hours to perfect her craft. 1st-Morgan 2nd - ryland 3rd- shane

  • Fyi...contour is to create a shadow so is usually a flat matte colour. Bronzer is to mimic having a natural tan and is always warmer than contour and the colour is applied to areas that the sun naturally hits.

  • The new flashback Mary 😂😂


  • brows? Don't know her

  • Omg Shane. WAIT! What’s he wearing on the lips?!?

  • shawn please don't force yourself to put makeup so that one day people will buy it... I think your talented at what you already do.... makeup isn't it for you. no hate just love.

    • Thivviy Yogen Shane thoroughly enjoys doing makeup. He was so interested during the Jeffrey Star series. It inspired him to start learning and he obviously has a passion to learn. It’s his life and choice, it doesn’t make any difference in your life if he practices doing makeup. If you knew ANYTHING about makeup you would see that he actually has a natural talent for it. That eyeshadow look he did is wayy advanced and totally beautiful. He does have some more to learn, but practice makes perfect. You have no place to tell ANYONE what is and isn’t for them. He is free to do whatever makes him happy.

  • I think you guys are absolutely amazing!!! ☺️🌸❣️

  • I miss shane also ~ 𝓶𝓪𝓴𝓮𝓾𝓹 𝓰𝓸𝓪𝓵𝓼 ~

  • James is already canceled, step aside hoes. Shane is the new mua!

  • For a first time makeup look, you did REALLY good. I think you could surpass a lot of makeup artists by practicing some more. Also, don’t forget to blend. It could save a life.

  • morgan's

  • They all got stunning eyes 😍

  • Yass we love how much Shane knows about makeup 😂

  • ❤💛💚💙💜

  • Morgan’s looked absolutely stunning rylands would have looked better on a girl....

  • I think you did pretty good on your makeup, especially since it was the first time you actually tried! Good job, Ryland. 💛 & Morgan did awesome. 😍 Shane! You’re killing it, BEAUTY GURU!

  • You should prank shane death prank with blood all over u😈

  • morgan

  • Morgans look was my favoriteeee

  • You used too much concealer bruh

  • Ryland ya look great sis but those lips are bothering me lol and wow Morgannnnnnnnnn

  • Morgan 100%