Breaking in a Model 3

Опубликовано: 28 июн 2018
Quick review of my First time seeing a model 3 in person, shoutout to Derek from sound in motion for letting me try out his 2 week old baby. So is the model 3 any good? Should I get one? Is it faster than my p85?
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  • Your not racing an model 3 performance. Not even a fair race

  • is this like a cheaper version of a Tesla?

  • Sorry here comes a trigger warning but whatever here we go, that was the gayest drag race I’ve ever seen lolol. Even the flag guy put some sass in his ass when he dropped 😂 That being said I want one.😕

  • Thing is the 3 can stay at 220 (bjorn) for a long time, while the S will have power limits very fast

  • Truckla :D

  • Looks like a Porsche

    • From the front

  • Rich's Attorney: If you drag race in a parking lot and no one can hear it did it occur?

  • that LCD screen looks really slapdash. Like those CarMP3 projects back in the 90s.

  • Hey Rich Looks like your Buddy Peed himself after he got out of the car (wet spot next to driver door)

  • How much per year do you have to pay for the cars internet access and charging costs?

  • To me the model 3 says Im a poser and poor. If I could afford an ev I would only get an s

  • Rear wheel drive base model model 3?

  • Goofy frog look? I don't think so. You want to see a goofy frog look, that would be the 1st Gen Nissan Leaf.

  • I'll still have my Tessie shaken, not stirred. Don't try this with a M3-2 motor with lighter 18' wheels and sticky tires...whole new ballgame.

  • That was one quiet drag race!

  • The model 3 Owner sounds and looks like Steve Jobs. :p

  • Pretty sure if everyone on the comments talking negatively about the lack of physical buttons and how everything is on a single screen got to drive one you would change your mind. The first few days you are constantly adjusting things. After a week or so there’s very little you need to access on the screen while driving. I rarely change the auto wiper speed. Rarely change the position of my vents. For the most part it’s seat heaters and on/off ac and temp. I touch nothing else while driving. All those 10+ screens are stuff once you set up you forget about.

  • I hope there's some way to turn that screen off for night driving. Seems like it would kill your night vision.

  • What about windshield defrost/defog? Door windows defrost/defog? Critical in colder climates.

  • To each their own, but this car is more than cool...beyond cool...and beyond beautiful. I LOVE the Model S, but the 3 is just stunning.

  • Bland interior? It's incredibly beautiful.

  • I think that this is a reasonably unfair comparison. The model 3 is rear wheel drive and starts at 49k for the long range when they sold it. And if you were to buy a new p85d model a is would be like 80k. Me and my dad have the awd model 3 and love it, overall good video I hope you start to want the car.

  • Just as a comment about the air vents, those are one of those things that set once and never move them.

  • The wood panel is so tacky looking

  • If you can hack a Tesla, collect the data, and control the car, and the customers information is linked to the car’s computer, You’d essentially have their entire route and frequent locations in addition to their conversations, credit card and payment information, health data, and much much more.

  • Alexa, point vent at drivers face?


  • Tesla builds cars far more complex than the average human needs!

  • i still dont like the minimalist interior....much prefer the model S

  • THE most anti-climactic drag race I've ever seen! The lack of engine noise was weird. It felt like a scene from a silent movie!! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my M3, but that was the first time I've seen a video of 2 tesla's racing and I was surprised at just what a lack of noise there was. It reminded me of the old orange-crate derby when I was a kid.... drag your splinter-machines to the top of a hill and ride them to the bottom... first one there wins!

  • Again thanks for your post. Now we are talking !! This is the 6th or 7th year of Tesla, the price has come down and become affordable. they also did work very hard to get the kinks out. I remember getting my first mid engine G35 coupe. I luved this car the first day I laid my Eyes on it. But I waited till they got the kinks out and that took about 3 years. But I did purchase A used 2005 G35 6 speed with the rev engine which produced 298 HP coupled with the 6 speed And sport package. It had 15,000 mile on it. With all the cars I've owned in the past ( Corvette, and BMWs) this has been the most enjoyable one and the look is timeless. And I still own it. As I move forward in my life And understand eco. This new Tesla 3 really interests me. Even if does not have The rumble of my G35 coupe.

  • The most awkwardly silent drag race 😂😂😂

  • I want a rebuilt one

  • Your love affair with them shitty door handles is over? Nothing lasts forever.

  • That interior is garbage.

  • Braking, not breaking.

  • The quietest race ever lol

  • That Model 3 looks like a straight downgrade from the P85. And considering what the P85 is, it could potentially be sold (as a refreshed variant) at Model 3 price range by now.

  • There is no way my wife would put up with a model 3. I'm an early adopter kind of guy who loves tinkering and get GUI type logic immediately and do not mind it. My wife however HATES anything that does not make a super simple function obvious. Light switch yes, Swipe a tablet and enter a menu... no way She would freak out. Tesla need to study Ergonomics. The reason cockpits are still full of manual switches and circuit breakers is thats the best/safest way to ensure a status change has been commanded and actuated.

  • NO HUD = Major fail