Calling in Sick to My Doctor Appointment

Опубликовано: 25 мар 2019
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  • Damn ima just start stealing these ideas in the comments y’all got some gold

  • Put "scratch and sniff" stickers on random products

  • That girl 1:43 in the middle is so 🍑👏🏾🙏🙏love women

  • 1:58 your welcome

  • 4:38

  • 9:04 it looks like there is a duck/ goose head behind ross’ head;)

  • Just out of curiosity. You think ross could do this if he was a black man in Florida?

  • so being dumb is easy... nice.

  • The sad thing all of them are looking at his right Bicep.

  • "i dont have time" ROSS UR KILLING ME

  • go to Victoria's secret and put mustaches and googly eyes on the maniquins and models' pictures

  • 2:36 that bird is called a great egret and at 3:04 that one is called a white ibis 😎

  • Bonnie Swanson works at the clinic.

  • Pretend to be paralysed in the middle of doorways

  • Youd think she would be more concerned that youre so sick you cant make your doctors appointment

  • 9:00 Barkour had me 😂

  • This guy looks like a combination of Stephen Amell and Paul Walker

  • 4:38 is calling in sick

  • 7:45 it looks like snow

  • Somehow this dude makes me laugh so hard even when I’m alone, even though it’s really hard to make me laugh when I’m alone he still does it

  • You should say I'm too hungry and leave The drive thru

  • Stretchy pants

  • 6:25 "Stripes on my ass" From a song called Act Up

  • Point at people when talking to them


  • lol 6:25 the person in the car was listening to act up

  • I was feeling soo down I just clicked on one of Ross’s videos n made me feel soo much better made me laugh 😆thankyou☺️

  • Click bait !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 😂 thats a really big watch

  • 3:05 tHaTs A cHiCkEn

  • Dude your laugh gives me life

  • your vids are trash and your just a female dog!

  • PHOTO CAPTION: *Adolf Hitler in the cut reppin’ AYRIAN Street with his SS hittaz, 1941*

  • Does ross have the samsung Galaxy s9 or s9+

  • 💀💀💀💀 7:17 im stealing that

  • 1:16 Dr. Disrespect wants to know your location

  • Just collect sand and ask people to help you and then throw it in the bin.

  • 4:37

  • When u make a joke dont make another joke by fixing your joke

  • Then Ross calls back a year later and says, I’m ready to schedule that appointment now

  • I LITERALLY GOT AN AD ON THIS VIDEO THAT SAID “president trumps (103627th?) birthday just passed, and you can wish him a happy birthday!” You don’t know how fast I skipped it-

  • I have a cat

  • Haha she almost laughed haha

  • 8:40 hahaha

  • 0:02 Paying for my food but leaving it cause I am too busy 0:25 Assuming what people are reading 1:13 Big watch 1:36 Eggroll 4:38 Calling in sick to my doctor appointment 6:10 Flexing in people's windows

    • Bruh

    • who am I thanks

  • You have a really big watch

  • This Chanel fulfills the silly childhood side of me

  • Ross: "Oh that's a great book: 'How to *some random shit* by _______'" Person: *Looks at book cover and questions life*

  • Who else thought thr seats were purple I

  • Ross: you have a big watch 😂

  • Ooga Booga

  • Chris Cole And Charles 😎

  • Victoria’s egret

  • In Sarasota lench street is named after my great grandfather

  • I had to think on this title 🤔

  • 4:37

  • The car seats in his mini van looks like they skinned Thanos then used his skin as seat protectors.

  • 4:38

  • Ross the type of guy to get a girl with a shirt on saying I love my wife

  • ask what temperature you have to cook peanut butter before its safe to eat *edit peanut butter baby in*

  • omg we have the same cough!

  • U guys should do a video with mr. beast

    • Is it just me or does he kind of sound like him too?

  • I died laughing just at the title

  • Call random numbers and assume we’re it is

  • ...

  • I’m to sick to come in to my doctors appointment 😂😂

  • Whenever I see Ross laugh it really make my day

  • is the ooga booga part meant to be racist

  • Natty rage! 🤬🤬🤬😂😂

  • 4:38

  • Your laugh sounds like Danny Duncan

  • your fuckin gay

  • At 1:03look in the top left corner there is this kid doing something weird

  • I love when the guy farts at 4:37

  • Cringe

  • Africa has warlords take the food for themselves without sharing it.

  • he’s like mrbeast2 but without giving away money

  • You know sometimes I think you're high

  • I thought everyone ran with their heels up....

  • Thank me later 0:02 Paying for food and leaving it. 0:25 assuming what people are readin. 1:13 big watch 1:36 egg roll 4:38 calling in sick 6:10 FLEXING

    • - Ashez I didn’t see it on this so I put it in lmao

    • Lol no That’s in every vid he has

  • Love it.

  • Took me a few seconds to figure out what was wrong with the title

  • Is it me or is the car purple I side?

  • Ask random people if you can use the bathroom

  • You should go to a Chick-fil-A drive through and talk in a gay accent

    • The teenager working the cash register at chick fil a won’t care if ur gay

    • Chick-fil-A is a super religious food change and they don’t like gays there

    • I don’t think they’d care

  • Get nutella and put watery dog shit in there and put a nutella scent in it

  • 4:38

  • 9:45 do they even know that Indian guy? 😂

  • 4:34 person 1. “I wanna fart really bad” Person 2. “Record it!” 😂😑

  • But a trailer bed, but a couch on it, and do something with that.

  • You are bob ross

  • “ I got to fart” “Record it”

  • At first I was like, what?? That’s kinda normal. Then I thought about it.

  • You already bought it 😂😂😂😂

  • “How to live with a giant penis” 😭

  • 4:38 that happens in real life 🙄

  • Wow he rescheduled savage wtf so funny

  • You should order pizza to random peoples houses and watch in your car lol

  • Siesta beach been there my brother hit me on the head with a rubber mallet

  • *Goes up to girl with eggrolls* “ehhy giroll”