Calling in Sick to My Doctor Appointment

Опубликовано: 25 мар 2019
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  • Carry a bag of cashews then ask girls if they can hold my nuts their too heavy

  • ☠☠☠😆😂😂😂😂😂

  • Wow the secretary at the hospital didn't force you to go in for an appointment. What a shocker.

  • I love you so much bro😗😗

  • LOL YOU ALREADY BROUGHT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wth did he really look at the dudes junk at 1:15 ??? didnt no he goes overboard like tht

  • Sitting on the beach for dummies XD

  • You should have called to cancel the appt, then show up for it.

  • Why did this dude cut his hair

  • Ross should go to a grill store and start hitting on grills

  • If I had to only choose one channel on youtube to watch and not be able to watch others I would choose yours :)

  • 4:38

  • L

  • 1:15 nope. Nope. Nopety nope nopety nope.noooooooooooooooooooooop.

  • Drowning for dummies XDDD

  • 3:30 I died 😂😂😂

  • Go to a restaurant and ask for 1,000 napkins Idk ahah

  • I might try this myself with my cousin actually

  • I’m So sad you cut your hair! But it still looks good

  • Call the vet and then say ur dog died. And then ask them if they can fix him.

  • #FreeRoss

  • ask to use the restroom at a place with no public restrooms because you work there

  • So glad to see that you’re making a huge comeback. Love you Ross

  • 4:25 did i hear the song Thunder in the backgroynd?

  • I've actually cancelled my Dr.'s appt because I was too sick to go. Lol I didn't want to get out of bed.

  • Cancel an appointment then show up

  • Americans: Don’t have free healthcare Australians: 😂

  • How to attract men by "Jerry Smith" think about that...Jerry Smith...From Rick and Morty 😂

  • Well he definitely ain't comin in now he's in jail.

  • I’ve never met someone who laughs at them selfs as much as Charles. My favorite person of all time.

  • Legit died when he said “want me to roll it up” lmfaooo brooo

  • I am glad to see they make enough money to keep it going and growing. Nice to see Big Daws connection in a few videos. Cool!

  • Ross I love u!! You're hilarious and brilliant!!! I hope u get your own tv show!!! Id totally watch it!!!

  • I’m going to report your friend for not wearing a seatbelt

  • Make a tp fort at a grocery store

  • *4:33** Tasty*

  • What the heck....

  • 8:40 I thought the dog was a pig for a sec lol

  • You should order a cheeseburger and ask for it unwrapped and with no take out bag.

  • Go to the grocery store and be like, "yeah, I just needed to ask, how much does this $5.76 bread cost?"

  • Didn’t this dude get locked up

  • Buy a TV and try to drive it home in a smart car

  • Why does he look like paul walker

  • Ross is gonna be a great old person one day

  • this guy looks like the vampire david from lost boys

  • Oh you little chicken shit

  • Ross is soo beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  • someone plz explain lmao

  • is that a random guy at the couch store and they just like took him with them lmao

    • +Obi-Wan Kenobi yea now he is lmao

    • Nuclear Built No hes part of their team now I think

  • Putting words in people's mouths

  • Ask people how to get to a place or where the place is when u are already there

  • The dog clip had me dying

  • You guys always make me laugh! Made my day, thanks a lot!

  • Eggroll girl had a body on her

  • Diagnosis: Not enough Kole. Prescription: Buzzarding three times a day for the next 8 weeks.

  • This video is mainly Ross laughing at his own jokes by himself ! 😂😂😂❤️

  • I get that the drive thru bit in the beginning was a joke, but I work fast food and that happens DAILY. People randomly drive past the window and come back a half hour later saying,”I was too busy to get my food.”

  • Order a double cheese burger, with no cheese.

  • Take a fishing pole and put a hamburger on the hook and cast it at fat chicks at Walmart

  • Oof how’s jail Ross

  • 3:33 I literally sat on that exact same couch model just today at a different big lots 😂😂

    • And I could prove I was there cuz he never said he was at big lots

    • Bobby Little wait why would I lie? 😂

    • LIES, go back there, take some pictures of you lying on it and send them to me Privately.. :3

  • Damn man good luck in jail ❤️

  • You got busted...

  • These guys are living proof that when your dad says, "Go get a job" and you do nothing, you can still be successful.

    • +Vitale Tufuga That's exactly what he's doing dude... He's doing stupid things that humiliate himself

    • More like "when you have a genuine sense of humor and dont have to do stupid things that humiliate yourself to get famous."

  • *TIMESTAMPS* 0:02 Paying for My Food but Leaving it Cause I’m too busy 0:25 Assuming What People are Reading 1:13 Big Watch 1:36 Eggroll 4:38 Calling in Sick to My Doctor Appointment 6:10 Flexing in People’s Windows

  • 4:38

  • You are such a worthless human being. I hope you had fun getting arrested for one of your dumbass "pranks". Your 25 and still acting like a child.

    • Darin H he is fucking hillarious..if I ever see you I’m gunna stick a pickle in your pocket bitch

  • He is now spending time in Sarasota jail with bubba for impersonating a police office. Smart move, dumb ass!

  • Why did you cut your hair and grow a beard :(((

  • Hey dumbass! HAHAHAHA! ......................................

  • 4:24 do putting couches in people's pockets

  • let a cat out in the dog park

  • That dog in the car bit was HILARIOUS

  • Hey Ross, I saw you on the news 😂 and I’m happy you got out. I love your videos😂 keep up the work!

  • Can someone pleaseeeeeeeee explain to my why everything looks purple in his car 😂😂

  • You should take peoples footballs and run with them

  • 6:35 @city girls😂

  • so many mf stupid jokes but those are the funniest lmao

  • Stop 🛑 people driving to tell them there wheels are rolling

  • 3:29 🤣🤣🤣

  • Go through the drive-thru in reverse

  • Yummy to Chris

  • Rollin in my rolla

  • Buy me a hub cap for my 98 Toyota Corolla

  • I think I smoked too much weed today. I was like "what happened to Joogsquads hair?" After a minute, "Oh yeah, I'm watching RossCreations.".

  • 5:34 with that Ferris Bueller reference

  • My 72 year old cousin called in sick for a doctor's appointment in all seriousness once and she died of tongue cancer pure laziness

  • I fucking died at the you have a big watch part.

  • You should ask for food and then when they ask for the money say “sorry I don’t have any change”

  • Ask people if they want to see a “d*ck pic” (but here’s the plot twist) then pull out a picture of a tick (the big kind) . ;)

  • Hold 100 dollars or less in your hand and say to random people “Did you drop this?” then say just kidding it’s mine after.

  • Is it just me or when there in the car it’s purple

  • Whys everything in your car purple that’s meant to be black

  • WOW thats Justin Roiland

  • "How to get rid of women".... Wtf?

  • congrats on 1 million you deserve it!

  • We're finally at a million boi's. 🙌

  • 1mill subs congrats

  • Scramble a Rubik cube and return it pls

  • Go with a White Girl and a black Baby and says other You are the father