Calm Your Soul- Indie/Folk Playlist, 2020

Опубликовано: 24 янв 2020
**All song titles, times, and musician names are listed under the 'Show More' tab **
0:00-CHPTRS-"Let the New Begin" (Edit)
4:42-Jenny Kern-"Now We Know"
8:00-Tall Heights- "Keeps Me Light "
11:45-SOBI- "Pearl"
15:36-Will Cookson- "I'm All At Sea"
18:04-Jordan Soulman-"Waiting For The Stars"
21:31-Joel Porter-"Amaranthine"
26:24-Out of my Hair-"In The Morning"
30:16-The Sweeplings-"In Between"
33:55-Roni Bar Hadas-"Everything"
36:57-William Lawrence-"Back From Where I’ve Been" (Live at Dewey Hall)
40:51-Jenny Yim-"Crozier"
45:03-St. Anthony Mann-"All My Days"
49:29-Timo Brandt-"In The Darkness"
54:06-Simen Lyngroth - "Morning Light "
56:12-Jesse Blake Rundle-"Radishes and Flowers"
1:00:07-Apostrophe and Rye-"Do You Know"
1:04:02-Peace, baby.-"In My Dream"
1:09:00- anatu- "Mother"
-Spotify Version:
(Let me know if it doesn't work for you)
- Photo by Elia PellegrinI

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  • Spotify: ***Just a little note for those saying that there are too many ads. I have no control over the ads on this video. Some of the songs have copyright claims, meaning the playlist is monetized, automatically, by RU-tv. The musicians with the copyright claims are getting revenue from those ads. If they bother you, I'd suggest downloading the mix , or listening on Spotify . If the download doesn't work for you, let me know. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this calming collection. Every song on it is mellow, there are no songs that are heavy or loud, or that suddenly get loud. The Spotify version will be slightly different, as (on here), I made a slight edit to the ending of CHPTR'S stunning song, "Let The New Begin"" (as it gets a little louder as it closes off. Which there is nothing wrong with, its amazing, it was just for the purpose of this RU-tv playlist ). Anyway, I hope this mix helps take some stress from your day, and lets your mind drift away. Thanks so much for listening. Have a very lovely weekend , Foxxy x

    • hi, great music, thanks! do you have a link for apple music?

    • wowza ❤ 🙃❤

    • @___Nostradamus ___ you are Love my friend, and Loved, always have been always will be. Peace.

    • Could you please tell us the name of the playlist because I think the link isn't working, thanks.

    • I was going through a bad patch of my life. Usually i dont listen to music these days,all coz that my mind doesn't accept music as it is always in tension and worries. BUT BROTHER,Thanks for uploading this. You are too good! Your efforts will be blessed by almighty. Thanks on behalf of all whose mind got refreshed coz of this upload of yours.❤️❤️❤️

  • at the 11.45 mins; SOBI-Pearl is so catchy and also could relate to me and my mother also deeply could dedicate to my fallen daughter T.T I won't give up thx for all so much meaningful and inspiring songs be safe guys

  • Thank You RU-tv Cuz you Have Redirected Me To This Playlist!

  • 🧭🌌☀️❤️🌑🌌🧭

  • Faz um pouco mais de um ano que comecei a escutar Indie ,folk e esse estilo me traz uma paz imensa, me faz entrar em contato com a natureza. Imagino coisas boas em paisagens e muito mais. Olha que curto sons pesados de rock , mas esse estilo me acalma.

  • This makes me miss the good old days

  • Doesn't St. Anthony Mann's All My Days remind you of Tougher Than The Rest by Bruce?

  • Guys, never alone, we are connected by energy, you are not alone, ok? Have a good and peaceful life.


  • So glad this playlist is on Spotify ✨ Thank you!

  • @21:32

  • I liked: Tall Heights - Keep me light ( 8:06 )


  • Unfamiliar Foggy mornings A thick sheet Covering shame Hidden pain Flights at night Soaring above hidden cities Specs of light like little beacons Calling out to an empty sky Rainy ocean Constant push and pull Dimly lit through the cloudy haze Driven insane by the repetitive waves Unfamiliar Yet not unwanted Sorry lol I just wrote this while listening and wanted to share.

  • Sorry to share that here, but I had a horrific mental breakdown today. It's one of those breakdown that makes me longs for the water that runs violently under the bridge next to my apartment. This one was harder than the others and I don't know why. And when it happens (and it happens more and more often as years pass), I come on your channel to soothe those thoughts, put them to sleep if I may say, and it works everytime. So, I hope this comment will get lost in the adversity, I just wanted to get it out of my head. Thank you for unwittingly saving days and lives in the past, the present and the future.

    • @Sarah GERGAUD❤️❤️❤️

    • @Toni-Marie that’s such a nice way to see it, I’ll try to remember it, and yeah you’re right. My mother, father, sister, brother... taking them for granted is the worse thing one could do. Thank you for reminding me ❤️

    • @Jenny Kern it will, thank you so much for the support, seeing people react with that much kindness is truly heartwarming ❤️

    • You're so loved. I hope you know that. To someone you mean the world. You're worth saving and worth living. Please don't give up yet, your track record for making it through bad days is 100% up to now ❤


  • 💕💕

  • omg this is amazing


  • I'm really sorry but I had to do this to help budding musicians find their calling. Thank you

  • MR, FF ,Lindo demais ,, Love ,Adore Your list of songs, like , always touches my soul,,love,sempre,,CHB


    • Aww, thanks so much, Cristina! Keep warm and well, my friend. Big hugs

  • great mix !

  • u made me fall in luv with u and u say just kiding and u far away me, u pull me away, why u did that?


  • u make me so sad bae, u think who u r?, look what u made do, u think i'm ok, no u wrong! my life without u still ok!

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  • Thank you Mr foxx.🇹🇷🙂😌🪐🌬️

    • @Mr. Foxx Frequency 💖😇

    • You're so very welcome! Thanks for giving this playlist a spin :)

  • oh my

    • You're so very welcome! I'm really glad it helped you lift your spirits. Thanks for listening to it. Warm wishes :)

  • i was dealing with an agiest person,, and listening to this. ty


  • I came hear to calm my mind and stop it from overthinking so Thank you, Mr. Foxx


    • You're very welcome! I'm happy this calmed your mind. Cheers! :)

  • dou vida às minhas composições escutando essas músicas. muito obrigada!


    • You're very welcome! Thanks for checking out this mix :)

  • All songs in this playlist automatically become my fav indie playlist. I swear it really helps me thinking clearly and energetic. Thx


    • You're very welcome! Thanks for listening :)

  • wow this actually helps me study


  • Hello Music Lovers, Hope you like playlist created by me

  • I shared mi song IF I HURT YOU

  • *What a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge project! Thank you guys for all the work that was put into this. 2020 - let's roll. All the best to your families and friends. :)*


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  • The dislikes are all from people who were accidentally falling asleep from how calm these songs are

  • Já tem dois anos que escuto folk music para relaxar ou realizar minhas tarefas em home office! Sou apaixonado esse estilo musical😁

  • this is really good

  • good song ,voice and the music ,going togetherin well consonnence, enjoyed.


  • Thank you.

  • the last song kinda reminds me of landslide by fleetwood mac

  • beautiful


  • Never heard any of these songs before. But man what a compilation of soothing music. Makes me wanna run away from chaotic life and live peacefully somewhere far in the woods or mountains without any lust for flesh or money! Sigh. Thankyou for sharing this with us. Greetings from india.❤️ ☺️

    • @Isaline Hypnosis exactly ☺️

    • i feel soooo the same :) never heard these songs either. i can imagine beautiful landscapes, laugh and smiles brighten up this creepy dark world we are in today...

    • Mr. Foxx Frequency awesome mate. Good luck with that.

    • You're so very welcome for the playlist, I'm glad you found it so peaceful. Warm greets from Canada (where I hope to build my own cabin in the woods one day. To dreams! :)

  • a couple days ago rapid test shows that i'm reactive. suddenly people around me looks like angry and awkward to me, especially my family. it makes me think that they dont accept me and just blame me for this, even i don't want this either. but they treat me like shit. i just happy found this playlist because it light up my day a little bit. just hoping everything will be better soon just like the old days

    • @aocchan yeah, i think so. We need time and a way to approach each other. I'm glad things getting better here. I hope we can get through this together 😊

    • @Sofia Calero i believe it will. Thank you! 😊

    • @Just a weeb thankyou! I'm glad everyday getting better here. People started to talk to me and doing things together

    • @Nayelis Gomez thankyou! 😊

    • I wish you a quick recovery. I don't know your circumstances... but maybe they are worried about you and don't know the proper way to show it.

  • Obrigado por esse longa tão perfeitamente misturado. Isso foi incrível. Há dias procuro por algo assim no yt!

    • My pleasure! Thanks so much for giving this mix a listen. I'm really happy you found it :)

  • cool

  • 🔥🌒🌕🌘🔥⚕️👁️💙💜💙💜🌞

  • Imagine, you’re listening to this on your road trip alone and now you just slowly close your eyes, while thinking about a beautiful life


    • And wake up on the other side😂😂

    • Shubham Sharma don’t 😂😂😂😂😂

    • and you'll woke up on the other side lmao

    • And you met with an accident 🤣

  • love this collection!


  • Thank you. this is so good.


    • You're very welcome! I'm happy you enjoyed it! :)

  • Great Music, but the ads after every song, is way to much. If you want your channel to survive find better business mode, ad after every song is not going to cut it, this is a short business lifespan you are setting yourself up to.

    • @Vitalij Kazackov I've gotten 8000 subscribers from this video since posting it, so I disagree with your long run theory. I actually agree with you about the ads, overall, though, which is why my new playlists from the past five months have no ads at all. Cheers!

    • Hey Mr.Fox I wasn’t attacking your channel, i just stated - with so many ads I doubt in the long run you will have a big crowd staying, i just shared my opinion that is all no need to be agitated about this, although I have to admit I didn’t check pinned comment in regards to the amount of ads... my bad on that end. Good luck with everything. Sorry if it sounded to you as an attack message.

    • Please read my pinned comment before attacking my channel and the way I run it. There are songs on this mix with copyright claims (with ad revenue going to the musicians). I didn't put them there, RU-tv did. Get a little educated before ranting about my "channels lifespan" .

  • this shit depressing

  • The playlist is so good. Thank you for the creation ❤️

    • Finally found someone from india who likes this kind of music . Cheers 😊

    • My pleasure! I'm happy you enjoy it! :)

  • I'm currently starting to write a book. Thank you for this!☕️

    • Good luck on your book! You're so very welcome! Love, love, your profile picture :)

  • This playlist save my life everyday.

  • Thank you very much for your music, I'm in peace.


    • My pleasure! Thanks for listening!

  • These songs are soooooo good, thank you for this playlist.


    • You're welcome 😊

    • Thanks for listening to the music

  • EXACTLY what I needed (and searched for) right now. Thanks so much🧡

  • Thank you for sharing this playlist. Where can I submit my song for your playlist? It's on Spotify, named Lovely Life. Would love to hear from you.

    • Check his stuff out! Lovely Life is Really good! (just went to his page)

  • I feel safe


  • This playlist gives me hope, that things can turn out for the better.

    • Things will get better! So glad our music is helping you feel that way

  • This comment section is so sweet! Lovely music brings together lovely people. Thank you for this wonderful playlist!

    • I agree! Its been so wonderful to see :) You're very welcome for the mix, Abby. Take care

  • i found this video in the beginning of lockdown and ive been discovering more and more folk music


  • Tu foto de tu canal esta bien hermosaaaaaaassaaaa


  • Music is the soul of the life, its an audible feeling, a part of us A world without music, happiness and sharing moments should no more exist.

    • to an extent i guess. but then again, you're practically implying deaf people cannot experience happiness or life to its fullest. which is just not true

  • Idk how much I can calm my soul with this many ads, but okay

    • Get the google chrome extension block dem ads.

    • I'm not in control of the ads, since some of the songs on here have copyright claims. I have a download in my pinned comment, if that works for you.

  • Thank you so much for this playlist, feels just the way I am feeling today, mellow :) Have a great weekend everyone x


    • You're so very welcome! Have a lovely and relaxing weekend! :)

  • pretty soothing mellow moon


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  • Have to admit, a really nice set..

  • terrible

  • my exact feeling when i listen to these music is the photo in the video

  • CALM? while they spread a virus around the world? shure shure.. keep sleeping..

  • CALM? while they spread a virus around the world? shure shure.. keep sleeping..

  • Relaxing! Check out these ambient soothing sounds to study to:

  • love you


  • Amazing

  • Thank you for the good music and the good performance of the artist.


  • lovely playlist ♥♥

  • for support 👍

  • Being Hipster is now mainstream...

  • No tengo idea de como llegué a estás melodías, pero me encantan!. Gracias por darle paz a mi ❤

  • This picture is so beautiful, it's like I can feel the same relief (i think she's feeling it)

  • MEU DEUS... acabei de descobrir meu estilo musical

  • Stabilize my peace of mind, thank you 💗

  • Thanks for sharing mr Foxx... the most calmed mix I have ever come across.. been on replay for 10days in a roll..🙏🙏

    • You're so very welcome! Thanks very much for giving the mix so much love :) Cheers!

  • One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain 🙂

  • nice song


  • I'm here to fall asleep but while waiting nad listening to this mix, I'm imagining about better life.☺️ May everyone be safe and thanks for this Mr. Foxx☺️

    • *Only 18+* 👇👇👇 🔞

    • @Mr. Foxx Frequency I'm here everynight and day🥺

    • My pleasure, Potato, Potato :) Thanks for listening to this mix

  • The girl in the background:

  • Now for me I build from detachment (Awake from this) 21:32

  • a me sinceramente mette più ansia :/

  • In the morning is something else. I can't believe he only has 195 subs! Criminally underrated

  • Such soulful music

  • this girl can make you feel many things as if she is dreaming ...disappointed and trying to numb her pain by coloring it with her imagination it hits harder at the beginning

  • the first song made myself drunk

  • this was posted on my 20th birthday 🥺😌

  • Thanks for gorgeous playlist, I've really enjoyed!🎵🥳

  • A very soothing and calm playlist, I will recommend to anyone who want's to relax their mind


    • Hey, hear my playlist on spotify: do not be afraid. piezke is my username. (C :

  • Спасибо

  • Don't be so hard on yourself. Life is a JOURNEY, Enjoy the RIDE. Life is BEAUTIFUL, live the way you LOVE.

  • I know this comment is pretty irrelevant, but how does one know that a song can be used in videos without getting copyright strike.

    • @Mr. Foxx Frequency Thank you so much. It's so sweet of you.

    • For myself, I usually get direct permission, whitelisting, or copyright approval forms for the songs I use. Unless you're subscribed to/ using a licensing site such as Musicbed (The Tall Heights song on this mix, as well as the CHPTRS one, are from Musicbed) , or using songs that are in youtube's copyright free catalogue, its always going to be a risk to your channel to use songs without official permission .Even if you find songs on your own that have no copyright, there is never any guarantee that a song that currently has no copyright will not get claimed in the future. I'd recommend checking out Musicbed, or reaching out to the musicians directly. A lot of the lesser known musicians are super friendly. Cheers!