Charlize Theron Got Upstaged by Snoop Dogg

Опубликовано: 8 окт 2019
Charlize talks about her hand injury, the very cool glove she has to wear because of it, shooting Fast and Furious 9, getting two new puppies for the kids, going to Disneyland, her mom’s costume choice, playing Megan Kelly in Bombshell, voicing Morticia in “The Addams Family,” and being upstaged by Snoop Dogg.
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Charlize Theron Got Upstaged by Snoop Dogg


  • She looks fantastic in her new film that she's talking about "The Old Guard" ( out July 10 2020 ) in which she hurt her hand. She's awesome, love her 👍💖

  • She looks like the final form of Ruby rose

  • Kimmel is a horrible interviewer. She is still hot.

  • So what if mom lives with her married daughter? We should live with mom no matter what.

  • Her eyes are another level... Amazing lipstick too

  • Im looking forward for her to be Mystique of X-Men, I'm pretty sure she will give justice for it, she is good in action, i saw her Atomic blonde movie and it was awesome. The fighting scenes are brutal. She'll fits for the role of Mystique perfectly, beautiful, classy, seductive and badass as well... and she can act no doubts about it. 💪💪💪

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  • I like Charlize. Down to earth, sexi and hawt!

  • Gawd, she looks so not like herself. She looks different.

  • My God shes boring. My God shes beautiful

  • she's sexy and smart

  • Such beautiful woman

  • So fine

  • She's pretty but she needs to put on a few pounds little too skinny for my taste

  • I would sit Charlize on my face and sing

  • This woman is Al Pacino. This woman is Robert De Niro. This woman is Edward Norton. This woman is Tom Hanks. This woman can go toe-to-toe with any actor mentioned from our time now in the 21st century, back to the eighteenth century. This woman is a legendess. And her intelligence? And her demeanor and her class??? I would get down on one knee and say... Ur one in a billion. Youre perfect.... Youre talent is ALWAYS something I Inspire my two daughters to look up to. You're amazing Charlise, keep doing what you're doing

  • A bug's life.... the villains were grasshoppers.

  • What happened to Yehya?

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  • It looks more and more manly! Also, transgendered her African boy and now her manly features are showing as it ages. A true decepticon.

  • You were just stunning, what oh what have you done to your face?


  • no that's a preying mantis LOL

  • the is SOOOOOO cute!!!!


  • Shes so cool, i wish she were my mom

  • Charlize is beautiful but I don't like this hair style

  • She looks so tired. Get some rest.

  • So If your parents lives with you, it consider being pathetic😏smh DAMN you WESTERN CULTURE👎🏾

  • She is amazing

  • justsome dude. that's my main name. that's all i am. its all i have allegiance to so far.

  • GUILLERMO is one of the luckiest man alive.

  • I can never have dogs in my bed.Ewwww

  • This woman is timeless she'll be gorgeous 4life 🥴

  • Wow I never even knew that Charlize had children 🖤 I love her 🖤 She’s so beautiful 🖤

  • I'm afraid of this man Snoop Dogg but they say he loves women lol. But he is married isn't he. All it takes to me happy.

  • Jou ondankare mens. Jy kom van Benoni en jou ma het geboorte aan jou geskenk. As dit nie vir haar was nie, was jy nie hier nie

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  • she has none south african accents anymore????????

  • Charlize did Jimmy Kimmel say 27? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="327">5:27</a> Elon! Nice outfit, I wish the top was a little higher in the front but that outfit is absolutely a step in the right direction, thank you. Much Love Folks -Kyle

  • No, no, not at all. Dogs are not having a problem if they get other dogs joining the pack. But the owner needs to be the leader of the pack. And by the way, feelings of guilt make a weak leader. This creates sooner or later problems...

  • What an absolute NOTHING interview!

  • Fallon should drop the word 'cool!'

  • She's become so fake...Ugh, their both so Fake ! 🖕

  • It’s not a finger it’s a thumb.

  • Ah the Adam's family. My first taste of initiation into sadomasochism.

  • Charlize is the most elegant and most beautiful Hollywood actress AND model. The guy below says she's scary ? That's what men say when a woman is not acting passive and stupid and is instead sincere and down-to-earth.

  • So beautiful 😍

  • She is still sexy as she gets older.

  • Yes or no, can I be in your next movie? 👀

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="570">9:30</a> Charlize throwing shade at Snoop

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="490">8:10</a> Wow, that might be *the* most indirect reference to apartheid *ever* not that I am in *any* way accusing her of trying to minimize it's horrors.

  • Well, this was delightful

  • Slowly but surely Kimmel is becoming my favorite late night host.

  • Wow ! look at that short hair and the color of her cloth.I love her.Pretty women.

  • Maybe Charlize’s mom was going for the Grasshopper from A Bugs Life???🤷🏻‍♀️

  • What happened for her face ? She changed ?

  • Everytime I see her she looks younger than before.

    • Oh she has definitely sold her soul to the devil.

  • Beatiful woman

  • Красотка)

  • Is it me or she comes across as really fake?

  • This happened from jerking me off!

  • she is the best 🤤❤️

  • I prefer the long hair on her.

  • Buy ma refregerator charlize for 1000000$.BC zarbo

  • Fun fact her mother killed her father

  • She wants a man but has a man haircut. Anyway I still would let her do monkey double backflips all over my baloney pony.

  • She used to be beautiful

  • .... saludos miss theron... monster family... principe delle tenebre one kiss only one

  • Charlize so beautiful

  • The grasshopper is portrayed as the bad guy in the Ants and the Grasshopper fable, duh.

  • Michael Jackson actually made a fashion statement out of his carpal tunnel brace after his wrist surgery (Black or White video)

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="148">2:28</a> what was that

  • she has been really irritated in all the press interviews she has done lately

  • She does not age esta hermosa❤

  • Why is it weird to live with your mom in America?

  • damn you sean penn ! damn you !

  • WTF happened to her ???? She was hot .

  • most beautiful, most boring woman

  • A Bug's Life 🦗 : Am I joke to you?