Childhood Crushes

Did we name any of your favorites?
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  • Emily: Neutral Goods Josefine:True Neutral Kristine: Chaotic Neutral

  • Kristine: “Well you know besides Legolas, Legolas’s DAD” Me: *chokes on spit*

  • Mine was Inuyasha from inuyasha , sans from undertale , Jeff the killer , kanamae in vampire night , zero from vampire night


  • OMG they put mah boi jimin in there!!


  • Does anyone like umaru chan? Cause I have a crush on Taihei


  • Why is her 6th grade self my whole 10th grade self?😂😂

  • my childhood self when someone asks if I have a crush: uhhh 1. L from death note 2. Korosensei from assassination classroom 3. Kyo from Fruits basket 4. Morgiana and Jafar from Magi 5. aaaand... Stephen...? from Danplan (RU-tv) Yes I am very weird but don’t judge me also, knives are too informal

  • This was HILARIOUS!!!

  • Lmao

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • 5:55 YES

  • Have you ever asked your male friends about their childhood crush? (if they are not saying either Reen Inverse or Mikami they had something bad in their head).

  • Wait is the ending soundtrack “boi with luv”,wow.....Emily you are deep in the K pop hole😅😂😅😂

  • 5:33 OMG same its so weird 😂😂

  • ash was my first anime crush

  • OMG, I had the exact same reaction when I googled Orlando Bloom. A lot of your childhood were the same as me , except for Nicholas Cage 😂

  • Please do another video with Kristine and Sòley.

  • I want friends like this lol no one watched as much anime as me

  • When I was like 10 or 11 I watched Sonic X and had a bit of a crush on Shadow the Hedgehog. Literally the only anthropomorphic, animal character I ever had a crush on. #NotaFurry Jokes aside I sort of am, I do like anthropomorphic animals as an esthetic. Nothing more.

  • this is my new favorite video

  • 3:43 The new fruit basket come out at April 6th, 2019

  • I still remember some of my childhood crushes too, like Volkner from Pokemon, Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh, Kisshu, Ryou and Keiichiro from Tokyo Mew Mew, Baron from The Cat Returns and uhhh..... Mr. Maker. *yeah.* I was a weird kid, huh...

  • My anime crush is and will always be haruka nanase

  • Mine was PJ from good luck Charlie... Sorry not sorry...

  • you warthog faced buffoon xD

  • Can you talk more with your friends about different stuff or the same stuff

  • Hypotheticals but lame

  • my list of cruses now (because I'm 12 now and have troubles finding my type 😓) are: - Zero from Megaman X/ Megaman Zero - L and Light Yagmi from Death Note -Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler - and Akira Kurrusu as Joker ftom Persona 5

    • *from of course theres typos

  • My childhood crush was Danny Phantom (is that just me?)... And then high school musical came out and I was like ZAC EFRON

  • XD Kristine is the only on who likesThranduil... Actually...maybe some people do too OwO'

  • I love this video so much! Pls do a part two Emily!😍

  • I think I may have found my new fav content on RU-tv Girls fangirling about their fictional crushes

  • Everyone: Cute anime boys! Me: ...K-Koro Sensei...

  • My crushes: Miles Morales Marik Ishtar Yami Yugi/Atem Yusei Fudo Keith Kogane Shouto Todoroki Katsuki Bakugou Kirishima Eijirou Tamaki Amajiki Hitoshi Shinsou Jack Frost Curt Richy (don't ask why) Archer (Hex Hall Book Series) Harry Potter Kovu Simba Iwatani Naofumi Ciel Phantomhive Levi Ackerman (My type was/is Funny bad boy with a sexy voice ) (And somehow I have a boyfriend?????)

  • Nice my nickname is chu😊


  • are there chickens in their

  • My main childhood/teenage anime crush was Sheele from akame ga kill And I still have a crush on her lol

  • Look, Legolas's dad is a no, but 2007 lee pace? as ned in pushing dasies? is big yes

  • *sTeVe FrOm BlUeS cLuEs*

  • OMG the music is boy with luv at the ending

  • when I was like 9 my biggest crush was Danny phantom.....

  • I LOVE L! ❤️🤓😆😊

  • Me: Emily:**This video ** Me:**Sees this video** Also me: One word...*Sigh* *FAN GIRLS*

  • ok but that park jimin picture at the top HIT HARD WHY MUST YOU ATTACK ME SO SUDDENLY?!?!

  • Did I SEE ChimChim?

  • I'm still laughing at this video it's so funny

  • Emirichu i'm sooo jealous you have friends like Anime all I have is NORMAL friends

  • Emirichu same kyo was also my childhood crush my type was the "bad boy"

  • I just noticed she played BTS at the end

  • 2:35 Look out I think Emily and Soley likes you We like em rich We like em pretty

  • Wait theres a old ver. Of fruits basket the old ver. Was great but in the ver. Of fruits basket new amezing

  • I almost watch this everyday

  • Kristine and I have the same type I think 😂😂😂 rugged, powerful,and often times much older than I 😂

  • 0:54 lol that’s not a man

  • My childhood crush was marceline from adventure time owo" I also loved the evil green girl from wander over yonder (she sang "im the bad guy) IM SORRY BUT THOSE DAMN HIPS

  • "It was the chair" omigodddd im wheezingg

  • One of the cutest and great crush midoriya

  • 5:09 JIMIN!

  • Is the thumbnail Light from Death Note and Ichigo from Bleach

  • The move of the girl thorn in to a cat and i love that move edit: wait i dont remember making this comment???

  • tall dark hair smart Iida Tenya?

  • Wasn't Touya bisexual?

  • Bruh my childhood crushes were mainly from the anime Hetalia, and that shame still follows me to this day.

  • Inuyasha is beautiful

  • My anime crush, since I still consider me a child(I'm 14), is Haruyuki Arita. I admit... I have an obsession with fat anime characters. More so guy, anime characters.

  • Seto Kiba is my whole husband...❤❤❤😍😍🤤👅

  • My childhood crushes: Sonic (I don't freaking know why, i was a weird child) Haruka Tenou ( I was a kid at the time, I watched one of the episodes from S, When i saw her for the first time i was like, ( Sexuality.exe stopped working), i wasn't into Sailor Moon at the time, but now its my favourite anime, of all time. Marco Diaz- I started to have a crush on him like in 7th grade, like wtf, (P.S Tomco is best ship in SVTFOE)

  • Mine is the guy from Splash Free!! the anime... The mad serious one😍😍 0:35

  • I was in love with both nastu dragneel from fairy tail and deku from my hero academia ❤️❤️❤️ I loved them all and still do! Even though they are not real.... don’t worry my crushes I wil, still and forever love you.... I still wanna join the fairy tail guild.... R.I.P me

  • part 2 aaaaaaaah

  • Legolas dad is hot. I'm with her on this one.

  • *I saw Kyo and clicked it.* *Fun fact : I also was in love with Kyo when I was in 5th grade too! XD*

  • Omg the last unicorn, classic

  • Is it true the the blue clues guy was a pedophile

  • The only fictional person I found attractive was somehow Andy from toy story 3 xD(when hes grown up) Idk why cos I was like 10 that time wtf lol

  • Bts~

  • I pee’d

  • Neeeddd moaoaaar

  • I liked Light because he was a Psycho, i Love psychopaths or yanderes...idk

  • I see you guys are a girl of a culture.

  • Why is nobody talking about when she had a crush on Nicholas Cage?


  • my childhood crush shoutout to the *air* it does not get enough love edit: WHY HAS NO ONE MENTIONED SORA FROM MIIRA NO KAIKATA HES A PERFECT HUSBANDO

  • Do you dub anime characters?

  • My crush right now: *Adrien Agreste/ Cat Noir* 🥺🐱🖤💚

  • comedygold

  • * dies when they said the guy from blues clues *

  • Right now I’m in love with todoroki form my hero academia 😂 god damn that boy was finely drawn He’s my boyfriend 😂

  • OMG YASS I love Fruits Basket! I had a crush on both Yuki and Kyo

  • I watched death note nine years ago. I rewatch it every year which means now I watched it 9 times. Every single time *i got re-obsessed with L*

  • Typical girls

  • Soooo my childhood crush was Jareth The Goblin King played by David Bowie from the Labyrinth

  • The fact that this gave me giddy 2am boy talks at a sleep over feels is everything. Thank you for this ☺️

  • See mom having crushes on anime characters isn’t weird girls have it too.

  • I feel bad Ive only watched blues clues outta *all of these* 😶

  • I got one right now at 15. Kabal's unburnt design in Mortal Kombat 11. *I'm waiting.*