Cleetus meets SHO’NUFF !! James helps put the body on!!

Опубликовано: 17 июн 2019
The Boiz are in town and hung out at the shop, James gets to work with Shawn and Cleetus finally sees what’s to come. We also get a little tune up on a rally crx that is just way too fun!! So sit back relax and watch another episode of pfispeed.
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  • I just realised that Leroy was always Sho Nuffs enemy. I see a future grudge race.

  • Tactical Rx is the shit!!

  • Im the 150.000 viewer 🤣

  • What paint did you use on the chassis. Btw killer build

  • Can't wait 🙌sweet

  • A combo with McFarland fabrications and pfi speed would be CRAZY

  • brent shawn jamie man the whole entire team are such pros!

  • YOU GUYS JUST HAVE TOO MUCH FUN! That S2000 is SICK! Who edited this video? You always have to cover the shaft!

  • I like how Brenn keeps saying "our, we" and Shawn only says "mine, my", jeje

  • Is shawn and Hayden related?

    • I know I'm not the only one that thinks they look alike!

  • What was that s2000 cage? Custom or can I pick one up?

  • 3 weeks

  • You guys need some bumper stickers brah!

  • Coop is such a great supervisor. He has middle management written all over.. get that man a clipboard!

  • I'll second that. What do you get when you take a little Cleater,PFI, and Boost it with the Boyz? The Unstoppable Triple Threat of Motorsports on the Tube

  • I want to see a built Nissan Z24 Engine. That would be freaking sick.

  • Great video, thanks! What is on the roll cage bars that makes them look rough?

  • The weird whisper voice thing is super creepy

  • Cams at 1:25 look to be correct with each other, but ONE tooth retarded on the bottom? Definitely not as bad as it looks :) Tuned in after a great week watching you guys with Cleetus and co, brilliant :)


  • lol...Easy Cooper. Not so much power in to the car.

  • If cleetus touch my car that shyt will need a whole engine swap

  • First BOOSTEDBOIZ video. Watched them on McFarlads channel. Another great group of guys. Couldn’t believe how much they helped out. So I subscribed. Peace ✌️ Also subscribed to PFIspeed.

  • How are you ok alot of been happening

  • 17:54 listen carefully

  • LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Take a shot every time you hear uhhh

  • Great content.

  • I want a Rex. I had one in Missouri and spun number 1 rod bearing and didn't have the money to put in a new B18A1 so I had to get rid of it. I loved that car because it didnt have power steering, the clutch pedal was strong and I cut the short shifter down to where my throw was about an inch into 3rd gear. Still wish I had it because I now have the money to put the B18A1 into it and I would of had a 3rd car over 600HP.

  • had a 38000 original mile nsx come through the wash the other day thought about brent lol

  • Leroy meets Sho Nuff! You are the last dragon, dragon, dragon!

  • Clitoris Mcfaglin... Unsubscribe! LOL But seriously am I the only person that doesn't like that guy... he just has a face that needs to be punched!!

  • You know what makes y'all cool to watch? The last 15 seconds of your video, look at your hands. They are as dirty as mine. That's what makes y'all fun to watch, you are as real as I am! Keep it up my brother!

  • Cletus making excited and approval noises, while James is in a workshop without his toolbox. Just a casual day at the garage. 😁

  • Hard top it looks good and you can always remove it for some sketchy fun 😉😉

  • Thanks for the Video. Cleetus approved....Got to love it.

  • Nice to see everyone having a good time. That's what the shit is all about.

  • TT j series please

  • I love Shane's(Goofy's) haircut!

  • Shawn and James in the same shop, a pleasure to watch the two great minds collaborating

  • Yea! C'mon Leroy😈 Bow down! To yo master!😂😂😂🤟

  • Leroy killer

  • 17:46 cletus is thinking "an ls would fit nice!"

  • Why didn't this show up in my notifications? 🤔

  • Cannot wait to see this S2k rip!

  • All sho nuff needs is a twin turbo coyote now lol

  • Here's a really crazy idea. Once the 2KZ is finished, put it in Sho'nuff

  • That'll be epic! Sho'nuPFI vs Bruce cLee-roy. Get it? ok I'll stop.

  • Insane Chassis can't wait to see more

  • James a good dude. Definitely Cleetus right hand man!he a hands on guy.he cannot simply watch work happen without being there for anyone.....!hopefully him and Ruby win their class in Rocky M. race week....Big big shop yall have,like an auto mall......

  • Kyle always looking g mad in the back ground of pfi Videos lol

  • Drinking game: Take a shot every time they play a Sho' Nuff sound clip XD

  • Not saying any of it was bad content so don't twist my words, but this video is all over the place it's so back and forth.

    • @PFI Speed it's all good I still support all of it either way, love what you guys do it's gotta a blessing everyday doing what you love.

    • Yah it was a crazy day trying to put what it was together was difficult I did my best

  • I want to see more of Jamie’s truck. That thing looks sweet!

  • 10:38 damn hah. People clownin on the name cuz they don’t realize its greatness. Next build should be sho-nup “showing up”

  • You guys have the best collaboration videos. You get along so well. Keep the footage coming!!!

  • doesn't matter if GM, Honda, Ford ect grate to see car guys from all, get together to help out!

  • OMG cover your sharft safety first. 😂😂😆😉 cleetus o my 😨

  • Your right Brett, Shaun is killing it!

  • This is the most exciting project between all three channels in my opinion, good job so far guys and the best of luck. I’m excited to see it up and running