Cody explains the Triple H reference in his DoN entrance, Jon Moxley, his match with Dustin

Опубликовано: 26 май 2019
Cody Rhodes talks to the media (including Mark Henry) after Double or Nothing in Las Vegas. He explains how he came up with his entrance with the sledgehammer and the throne and how it ties into Triple H, he discusses Jon Moxley's contract, competing with WWE, his match with his brother Dustin, whether AEW's TV show will be rated PG and much more!
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  • So legit and so amazing.

  • world strongest man holdin a mic

  • Remember when cody lost his job ? thisjob>>>>>oldjob

  • Son of a plumber❤

  • stardust needs to stop mentioning wwe lol hes giving them free advertisement

    • Because they have no history of their own so all they can do is talk about wwe

    • Who is stardust i only know cody Rhodes

  • Aew please sign to cm punk

  • The fact that Cody knows what mortal kombat is and him talking about shao Kahn is my favorite part

  • 10:09 Is it Mark Henry ?

  • 7:50 Cody : Wtf i better to answer all of his question or i'll got hall of pain in the future.

  • Austin aries

  • How did WWE let this guy slip away, he is smart, straight forward and knows wrestling, I truly hope that he sticks around not take chair shots to the head because his knowledge and focus is needed to all of us wrestling fans

  • such a class person .. wwe doesn't deserve him.. all hail AEW 👍👍

  • He looks so much like his dad!!!

  • Cody has got my vote. He's a legit person. Aew 4 life!

  • cody looks like a methhead with that acne, and sores on his face

  • I attended my first wrestling match while still inside my mother's womb. I've been a fan ever since. I can honestly say, without reservation, I couldn't be more excited than I am now. AEW is fresh and genuine. Cody is a class act.

  • Hey was that mark Henry asking a question

  • But is bullet club fine?

  • WWE likes to use a lot of Satanic symbolism. It's not even a debate.

  • I really didn't think wrestling could ever get me back

  • I dont understand how the message was supposed to mean that Cody is a wrestler first and business man second. How were we supposed to know that? The message that was shown of breaking the throne clearly states that WWE's reign is over, and theres a new king in town. But no, not in Cody's eyes

  • try to get Cage , Ryback & others

  • Don't care about a bunch of overpaid Actor wannabes

  • Cody is a great role model.

  • Lol when Mark came in all the interviewers shut up and stepped to the side

    • Chris Van Vliet Haha I don’t blame you guys 🤣💪🏾

    • We had to, he’s the world’s strongest interviewer! Haha

  • handsome and amazing dude

  • dusty would be proud of his sons for sure


  • AEW 👍

  • Cody about PPV’s 50 bucks he cares about our wallet

  • AEW is really good but they really shouldn't bag out WWE it looks weak and desperate

  • Is that shaggar Dave?

  • Just finished and gotta ask one more time, AS A FAN OF WRESTLING, WHATCAN U SAY NEGATIVE???? THIS IS DIFFERENT,I’m not sure ppl understand just how absolutely great this company can be , and very fast... they have absolutely everything working in their favor.. they broke outta creative prison, started a billion dollar Wrestling company that’s Owner is a die hard wrestling fan, and heads of the company are wrestlers that are doing it for all of the right reasons... and tony Kahn is a fan and he put a million bucks in without chance of closing down,, CODY CAN GO DOWN AS THE GOOD GUY SON OF THE AMERICAN DREAM THAT BROKE AWAY, DID IT HIS WAY,AND RISE UP TO SLAY THE MONEY PRINTING PROMOTIONAL COMPANY, THAT USES WRESTLERS HARD WORK TO PRINT THRIR MONEY!!!

  • And anybody hating on a company that loves the most important aspects of the business, fans and wrestlers, is a wwe investor, or loves glow sticks and lime gree cents merch!!! AEW is also communicating with the fans, and giving them what they want, wdf can u not love about that???

  • How can u not love this dude, it’s almost like watching like some finally freed prisoners speaking as real as they want for the first time without being 100% controlled by vince for years... I love how he’s keepin it authentic, this is unbelievably refreshing, I haven’t watched wrestling since 02 besides here n there with my nephew but I’m a fan of this!!!

  • Love THIS!

  • There fights are really like other TTV shows (wwe)

  • I’m just glad to have more than one wrestling league to watch

  • Cody is such a Class Act!!!

  • I meant to say treat their wrestlers with respect.

  • This is why Randy Orton has to go to AEW. Cody is a real gentlemen. He speaks the truth. This company threat their wrestlers with respect. He sees experience that is important while running a company.

  • This is why I believe WWE will lose to AEW. When WCW unfolded WWE took it over. AEW will do the same.

  • WWE be rubbing their Superstars the wrong way they be doing them wrong like Ryback CM punk in the others

  • After everything you had sacrifice, now you got satisfied.. Congrats man

  • When the last time wwe said happy and healthy

  • 1. Please take that battle royal out of the Buffett menu. 2. The diversity question was nauseating, who cares...let's see wrestling and stay away from SJW crap

  • And his hair is still perfect...

  • I hope CM Punk signs with AEW. And since WWE is on USA network, they should get AEW on TNT network asap

  • its weird to see Cody seem so ready to talk about the behind the scene stuff

  • Losers wwe became you famous

  • The negro wants diversity.

  • I like what the guys are going, about damn time.

  • How could wwe fuc thease brother's talent

  • Chubby Doug dillinger with a beard?

  • It is an exciting time to be a fan. I can say I've witnessed one of best, if not the very best, tag team match in history... and it wasn't in the WWE. No hate -- but it's undeniably refreshing to be able to say something like this. Long live AEW.

  • Cody is great

  • Your camera sucks

  • Mortal Kombat lives inside us all!!! Flawless Victory.

  • Did not no know he liked mortal kombat

  • Seth Rollins has 14 months left on his contract. Time to build up competiton for him.....IN AEW. Hes taylor made for it.

    • @Baby 2Much i saw in late june Meltzer said Rollins was signed till oct of 2020

    • Charles Smith How yk he got 14 months