Collection of Mana - Nintendo Switch Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019

Опубликовано: 11 июн 2019
Unforgettable adventures await in the Collection of Mana - Available Now on Nintendo Switch!
Collection of Mana ushers players into the enchanting world of the Mana series with the first three titles, Final Fantasy Adventure, Secret of Mana, and for the first time in the West, Trials of Mana (known as Seiken Densetsu 3 in Japan). 3 classic games, 1 incredible collection!
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  • While waiting for Ys 9... :P

  • How many years we waited ? For 聖剣伝説3 (trials of mana)

  • $30 for 3 ports of old classic games is ridiculous. Also where is Legend of Mana and Secret of Evermore? I really hate when games are ported without any added features, upgrades, or anything enticing at all such as added multiplayer experience. Now that would be worth $30!

  • is secret of mana two player *online* playable?

  • This was worth it... worth it...

  • Take my money

  • Ive been playing trials of mana. Its pretty good, but they should have brought back ted woolsey and force him to work under 30 days, just to have more of that authentic nostalgia.

  • With the remake of trials of mana this is almost completely obsolete. Adventures of mana on PS Vita and IOS Secret of Mana on PS4 And Trials of Mana on Switch.

  • A remaster of these game would've been more appreciated, but that's just me. I am spoiled by the high-quality CG of modern days and can't go back to the pixelated days.

  • I need Children of Mana, its my children game...

  • Nintendo, I think your doing a great job w the switch! Your best counsel since GameCube and N64! Now just bring snes games for the subscription!

  • Ja das ist ja voll cool

  • Final Fantasy Adventure was the first video game I ever played. I was 6 😄

  • No Dawn of Mana or Legend of Mana? Eh, I'll pass then. I want *all* of them if they're going to say it's a collection.

    • Also Children of Mana too! That game was criminally underrated.

  • earthbound collection. soul blazer illusion of gaia and terranigma pack too. i was actually hoping all the mana games were apart of it. legend. children, sword, all those games were good.

  • I've had the english translation Mana 3 since 1999 in college since they wouldn't release it here until 20 years later.

  • Anybody what JRPGs you want localized localize to the West? including remasters. Rudra no Hihou, Terranigma,

    • Terranigma was localized, it was just never released in NA. I'd love to have a Gaia trilogy collection (Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, Terranigma). Plus, they already have English localizations.

  • this and metroid collection plz nintendo

  • Legend of Mana left !? 👎 Best game of PS1

  • Does anyone know what the soundtrack playing during the "Trials of Mana" sequence?

    • the song is called "Meridian Child" from the Seiken Densetsu 3 soundtrack

  • @Nintendo Collection of Mana, Have other language ? maybe , English Chinese Spanish language

  • It's a great collection. But IMO the best version of Mystic Quest is NOT the original Gameboy version, but the recent iOS remake (which I'd like to have in addition to the original version). That said, the original GB version is still a lot better than the Sword of Mana remake on GBA. I would LOVE to see a Final Fantasy Legend/SaGa collection.

  • Why the PlayStation version, legends of mana wasn't in this collection is a bad omen

  • Yes

  • ......I'll have to buy a switch now damnit just to play trials again...and koni an confused how did my brother have it in English over 13 years ago if its first time in west? He did have it as a rom on the computer so maybe that's game ever though

  • If only Alundra would be remastered

  • To fully enjoy the original audio sound simply got to your Nintendo Switch sound settings and set it to Mono and enjoy playing on ypur tv. You're welcome. 😃

  • way to expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Please Nintendo! Terranigma Remake!

  • I would like Sword of Mana on Switch!!!!

    • Final Fantasy Adventure IS Sword of Mana, though.

  • Question for the comment section: I freaking HATE Secret of Mana, but I hear Trials is considerably better. As someone who hate Secret of Mana, would Trials of Mana be worth it? If you need to knows my complaints, check out the video by BlackHoodedGamer, his complaints match mine.

  • Can you do online multiplayer?

    • We can only dream for a MMO type. But there was Children of Mana on DS with multiplayer just like SNES.

  • seiken densetsu 3 was an amazing game I never got to play translated. I bought an emulator for Japanese cartridges on the SNES and found it on ebay in the late 90's to play with friends. Paper route money makes dreams come true. We printed out a shabby text of a translation, mostly to help us figure out what to do. The characters and art were top-notch.

  • I would have liked sword of mana to be in there more than the final fantasy adventure.

  • got news for you Nintendo thanks to the hackverse we have enjoyed these game for the last 20+ years. will buy them for real now but your not doing us any dam favours. took you long enough.

  • Now do something with Terranigma!

  • With so many collections coming out (collectiom of man, contra, castlevania, etc) do we even need a virtual console anymore??

  • nice now do the same thing with the Dragon quest games

  • What happened to sword of mana? Shouldn't that be one of the games too?

    • @Meryl thank you for the feed back

    • It's there... kind of. Sword of Mana it's a remake of the first Seiken Densetsu aka "Final Fantasy Adventure"

  • i was thinking last time that sumo guy is our 1st warrior of light since adventure of mana are called ff adventure last time. i mean look at his design... its look like him... the old costume for the warrior of light before they change when they meet a dragon in ff1.

  • Where's my "Legend of Mana" !?!? aka the best Mana series of all !!

    • A man of culture! That game was amazing and i miss it

  • They should put all the other mana games in there too, Sword of Mana, Legend of mana, dawn of mana etc. Children of mana.

  • Legend of mana tho.....

    • Anindya Sundar Dey yeah i know id rather them port that to switch rather than all 3 of these.

    • That's actually a remake of Final Fantasy Adventure


    • That's actually a remake of Final Fantasy Adventure

  • Will the game be adapted to the size of the screen or will this not be the same as FFVII? Because even the worst emulator can do it. Add the price to the above and you are so hypocritical that you are surprised that people do not "pay" to play them ... XD. Metéoslo por el ojal, así de simple, que le meáis en la cara a la gente, les pedís 40 € y, encima, os aplauden.

  • So many unreleased oldies in the West in the last few years thanks to Nintendo's whole Star Fox 2 domino effect!

  • Of all the Square/Enix games of the era I wanted here, this was one of two. Please please finally give us Terranigma!

  • Wo ist Secret of Evermore?

  • This is neat, but can someone explain how the localization happened? 😂🙏🏻🤔

  • Nintendo did the right thing by swapping the original SNES Mystic Quest and putting instead Gameboy Seiken Densetsu.

  • I love FFA/Sword of Mana and always wanted to play/beat Mana 1 and OMG MANA 3....YES!

  • i wish they would bring sword of mana back i loved that game

    • Why not play the original? These games are the exact same as the original too. It's not like adding Sword of Mana to the collection would provide you a better experience.

  • 2 things that baffle me about this: 1. Why are they including the original classic Gameboy Final Fantasy Adventure rather than the updated GBA remake Sword of Mana (or why not both)? 2. Why, after letting its legendary reputation as one of the all-time greatest JRPGs never released in English grow for more than 2 decades, are they _finally_ releasing Secret of Mana II in English... under the different and unfamiliar name "Trials of Mana"? I mean I know it's not ACTUALLY a direct sequel to Secret of Mana, but we've been calling it that for more than 20 goddamn years!

    • Mana games have always had unique names in the West like Legend of Mana, Dawn of Mana, Children of Mana, etc. Calling it "Secret of Mana 2" would have been a mistake since it's not a direct sequel.

  • I'm hoping they'll release the Secret of Mana remake next

  • Can we please get a full screen option? :(

  • Imagine a Chrono Trigger Collection... I would die.

    • I just want chrono cross please god

    • What do you mean collection? There's only 1 chrono trigger. Unless you want a Chrono Collection with cross bundled in it.

  • Can anyone tell me what the first song is?? Edit: the song is Rising sun by Kenji ito

    • Sunnys Days I actually found it like exactly yesterday, lol it’s called Rising sun by Kenji ito

  • Why no legend of mana though? It seems like nobody like legend of mana except me, i really really like legend of mana

  • Anyone knows the name of the theme played in this trailer?

  • I wish I could see Soul Blazer, Illusion of Time and Terranigma....

    • @Kyle Barker indeed. Snes rpg era was the best, imao. We had Lufia and Secret of mana/evermore too. Man, those were good time. Memories....

    • Hopefully this does well and they get the hint. We will buy SNES games because they're still fantastic story and combat. Everything isn't about flashy state-of-the-art cgi.