Conan Learns Australian Slang

Professional voice and dialect coach Gabrielle Rogers introduces Conan to key Australian slang terms like "budgie smugglers" and "root rat."
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  • Am i the only straight male who didnt find her hot

  • We'll never know what they call a toilet.

  • I have a work to finish for tomorrow and I have not even started binge watching Conan’s videos 🤦‍♀️

  • She's fiiine

  • Hardly any of those words are actually used commonly here.

  • Burger King = Hungry Jack's

  • Came for the MILF, came because of the MILF 😉

  • Thicc

  • Isn't burger king supposed to be hungry jacks?

  • Speedos = bugie smuggler lol

  • Why would she bother to wear that skirt. Almost naked

  • Who the Milf she has legs U just want to suck on for days 😛😛😁😁

  • In germany we say also Macces ... or Mäkkes.

  • "wanker hammock" = budgie smugglers = speedos

  • Please retire laugh tracks HERE. Conan doesn't need a 3rd party to lead when to laugh he is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh look Conan's in this vid-the boobies made me blind!!!

  • He should of said "if im not rootin, I'm tootin'" lol

  • Gridlock

  • Give it up. No one can do any Australian accent unless you were born there. There are many Aussie accents, I can identify Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, outback NSW, but in Sydney there are at least a dozen or more accents which are either ethnic or regional. Conan’s attempts are dreadful, the linguist is just being polite to him. Even Meryl Streep, fine actress that she is, really sounded weird in the movie “ A cry in the dark”, we all had a good giggle trying to sound like her trying to sound like an Aussie. Sheila is actually Irish (Shelagh) for a young lady.

  • Burger King's is actually Hungry Jack's wtf I thought she knew that.

  • no 'ta' or 'keen'?

  • Bouncy woman

  • I'm bout to head down under. for some dialect lessons.

  • Aussie Milf dammmm

  • And NBC went with Jimmy Fallon...

  • I had to watch this twice mainly because it's hilarious and the Milf

  • Conan is fcking genius!

  • 7:30 onwards for the full shot... thank me later

  • 7:32. 7:51

  • “Could I be British?!”

  • Gabrielle is an absolute unit

  • Ha :) Cool she played along.

  • we don’t have burger king we have HUNGRY JACKS 😂

  • We call Burger King Hungry Jacks in Australia

  • Oh my goodness... is she wearing any undergarments? Good Lordy

  • Americans may be good at copying words, but they can’t mimic them, they can’t shift the American accent which makes them sound so weird 😂

  • She has nice legs.

  • i bet he can say "nice t1ts" :)

  • Why did he sound like Walder Frey to me lol

  • All the pervs commenting how hot she is. A dime a dozen boys. Get out of the house a little more eh? Lol

  • Her thighs brought me here 😀

  • I have a hardy

  • Aw come on how was "steady on mate" not in there? I hear that from aussies more than anything on those cards.

  • Conan got it right - in order to try to do the Australian accent when you have no idea how, just sound as drunk as possible.

  • Damn that Sheila. AHOOOOOGAAAAH humina humina humina humina *slaps face repeatedly*

  • 1:53 did she just try to do an ozzy man impersonation ?

  • 7:28

  • actually half of AC/DC were born in scotland

  • Thickness

  • I'm laughing so hard I had a tacky wacky

  • Australia sucks

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  • She sounded like Diana Burnwood

  • Wait... You actually call AC/DC Accadacca?

  • I'm distracted and turned on :D

  • From 7:30

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  • Fun fact these two banged and made carrot top

    • Eegads no. They made Jessica Chastain

  • Us Australians don’t drink fosters

  • Be real people this video has 3.8 million views because of her legs

  • You can find the rest of this episode on pornhub

  • Hot Legs

  • I see Conan has that belly made larger...probably too much of that Australian beer, no wonder he feels scammed.

  • Stifler's Mom

  • This looks like a porn segment. A skinny guy getting dominated by a jacked old woman.



  • Got Burger King wrong.

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  • Burger King is Hungry Jack


  • Why does this broad turn me on so much...

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  • Conan is just so naturally funny. I’m a Brit and I don’t think his talk show is big over here like graham norton is in the states, but I think he’s brill

  • I love Hubert Jackman

  • Many thirsty and desperate here. The woman is old enough to be your grandma with a refrigerator body..

  • Conan’s perfected the Australian slang

  • Hungry jacks!

  • I wouldn't say nuddy for naked, you say starkers

  • As an Australian, this is extremely amusing to watch.

  • Actually Burger King is called "Hungry Jacks" in Australia

  • Damn, she is hooot.

  • She looks like Audrey from rules of engagement... Hotties

  • "Ahahahah Bleh"

  • AC/DC were born in Scotland.

  • LEGS 7:28

  • Hardly paid attention to Conan. Was staring at her hot thighs, and the rest of the package. Wowzers!

  • Conan with you're big square head

  • Well now I know why the average Australian has about an average of 21 sex partners in their

  • Is it just me or was she super attractive. 🤔

  • Never heard half these phrases and I'm Aussie and god this was so unfunny it hurts :/

  • 7:28 is what got me here

  • Shittah? Conan knows that one way too well being from Boston. 😂

  • she made a mistake. a/c d/c were born in u.k. not australia

  • I have watched this clip so many times. And I watch it for those legs

  • You should have met with Ozzy man..

  • shes a top sheila