Conan Learns Australian Slang

Опубликовано: 18 апр 2019
Professional voice and dialect coach Gabrielle Rogers introduces Conan to key Australian slang terms like "budgie smugglers" and "root rat."
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  • Why does Hugh Jackson look like someone's creepy uncle?

  • Burger King? Ohh, you mean *Hungry* *Jacks*

  • Conan go to Jamaica!! Or Barbados!!

  • Burger King in Australia is Hungry Jacks?

  • My day off of work = laughing while watching Conan clips. Yep

  • i'm thinking! does she wear shorts? 07:30 nahh!!! Conan saw damn undies bigtime.

  • We call Burger king hungry jacks!

  • yeah nah is kiwi slang not aussie

  • 8:14 lol

  • Aussies, just Brits that went on holiday and never came home ...

  • Actually AC/DC were formed by 2 British born brothers, Scotts to be precise ...

  • Man do those leg ever end??? WOW 😛😛😛

  • Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha😂😂

  • shits great conan hilarious

  • let's honor our fallen comrades who goes incognito mode after watching this vid.

    • I've not fallen. I've risen.

  • also would have said starkers for naked, as in stark naked

  • "no one says shrimp" "no one drink fosters" - classic America, everything you think is totally wrong

  • Milf - would bang.

  • I think Gabrielle wanted the root.

  • Dude I would pound that Sheila for a yr straight. Wonder if he got to bang that hotass milf?

  • Theres nothing Australian about Australia in the big cities anymore so this is a huge cringe to watch. We are a NWO experiment lab.

  • The worst Australian that has ever lived is Jim Jefferies. He is a lying rat pos.

  • He forgot to say "good on ya" when they were done talking, but no worries.

  • They do not call Burger King "Burger King." She's lying. They call it Hungry Jacks. And the Hungry Jacks commercials are lying, too. The burgers are NOT better at Hungry Jacks.

  • DAMN Thats One HOT Milf

  • That chitty chitty bang bang bit had me rollin

  • Legs for days

  • That Australian milf, not gonna lie, I wouldn’t mind getting down 😉

  • I want those legs around my waist.

  • Yuck who drinks crown beer

  • This was the first time ever, that I wasn’t interested on Conan and his humor. I wonder why?

  • I work with an australian chef and this killed me

  • How to pronounce razor blades in Australian : Rise up lights

    • Keaton Bray ray-zah-bl-ayd

  • woow , hot legs & hot MILF my bird is singing australian slang now.

  • Accadacca

  • I wud want dat milf to wrap her legs around my head n squeeze me.. my fetish

  • Her voice is so sweet and soothing

  • Forgot to say good day *mate*

  • she's got hot body!!!

  • I’m Aussie and I’ve never heard half of those sayings.

  • I clicked because of the ladies legs heheheb

  • After seeing that Milf my budgie escaped from the smuggler🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

  • It's amazing how he can buy so fun so naturally.. that's pure talent.. you can't teach or learn that

  • I love his British ascent.

  • That woman is H O T

  • i would shag that sheila to the sound of accadacca's thunderstruck

    • who wouldn't man lmao

    • Obi Wan Kenobi Or accadacca's Dirty Deeds, Big Balls, Whole lot of Rosie , She's got the Jack etc.....

    • Obi Wan Kenobi. Lmao

  • those legs man

  • I usually click when I see Conan! But this time it was something else that caught my eye ❤

  • I want to bang a MILF and I love the Aussie accent Two things I love in one

    • Jimmy Rustles dafug dudexD

  • I love a bigger woman who knows how to show her best parts off

  • The genesis of accadacca was Australia regardless of where they were born you fuckwits. Twas not a pub in Scotland nor England. Halfwit motherfuckers!!

  • Burger King is hungry jacks

  • He's got a tacky-wacky!

  • shes a thicc milfie type

  • AC/DC were not born in Australia they were Scottish Immigrants...............

    • @000pts yeah the band was born in Australia lol

    • @Kaz - But if you watch the video she specifically states "They were born here" when referring to AC/DC.......

    • Maybe the band was founded in Australia though

  • What do we call Burger King in Australia HJ’s


  • 1:10 ham

  • 🏳️‍🌈 WOW Signal Is it save to come stay or lea(d)F? c Hey Greg Xxxxxxxx (you didn't know it was 2 0.00 binary for U's first kinda your name sounds like to us Steven and Stan] "last' "grey was ultraviolet not a sick burn again note from the sky's' can stay here Ohana means family even in steps...

  • Sum tums yet Jordan is asking Isn't he....

  • See some Tom Andrew's comments then....

  • Tik Tok me sneaking into Area 51..

  • ****

  • Fosters is to the UK what Buckfast is to scotland

  • Actually we call Burger King Hungry Jacks :D Google it

  • G'day? Hello Maccas? Mac Donalds Nerd? Dag Hotel? Trivago

  • Yeahhhh nah nah nah nah yeahhhh!! I already learnt all of it on Ozzy man!!😁

  • She was already pretty but her personality made her gorgeous! 😍

  • Burger King is actually called Hungry Jacks down under! :D

  • If you watch closely Conan actually makes a cameo appearance in this fetish video. I don't have the timestamp but apparently he's in it pretty much from the halfway point onwards

  • I had to watch this video fifteen times in slow motion before I even noticed Conan was in it.

  • love her legs !!

  • I was just looking up her leg to see where they lead😂

  • "What do you call a burger king" "We call it burger king" I CALL BULLSHIT YOU IMPOSTER

  • Biologically speaking a prawn is not the same thing as a shrimp though culinarily they taste the same.

  • Crown ugh worst larger

  • He sounds like the arnie wanted out of him a few times Ahhh aaagggh get to the choppaa

  • Don't tell me nothing happened after!

  • MILF's make the world go round 🌏

  • "Conan without borders" Yeah no kidding lmao