Dana White & Khabib Nurmagomedov Meeting Today Before And After, Khabib Headed Back To UFC?

Опубликовано: 15 янв 2021
Dana White & Khabib Nurmagomedov Meeting Today Before And After, Khabib Headed Back To UFC?
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  • Soon as the door closes khabib goes for the ankle

  • наш человек)))😎

  • Dana is about to make his bigger offer yet but it has to be Conor vs Khabib 2 or Khabib vs GSP or he never would have made an offer. it's guaranteed one of those fights.

  • The cartoon guys going to have some fun with this 🤣

  • ffs WHAT DID THEY DECIDE??? where is the nosey media???

  • Man I hope he agrees to a 3 fight contract - Ferguson (pointless, but to satisfy OCD), Oliveira (best LW right now) and GSP

  • I can't see Khabib as someone who would break his mother's words, so I doubt he will come back UNLESS his mother changes her mind...

  • Dana: Khabib how to tap someone..i wanna fight! Khabib: 😂 (in a meeting room)

  • KHabib 💪💪💪💪

  • GSP at 155 or pound sand

  • Khabib the most boring fighter to watch

  • Хабиб очень воспитанный человек он Чемпион

  • Dana looks so weird and pissed lmao

  • yep he looks despired dana ;d

  • I don’t know . Dana’s face says they worked out a deal

  • You know the only reason why Khabib came.To settle things out on why his cousin got cut from his fight.

  • Is it for the mayweather fight

  • "Telling a billionaire no" - by Khabib the Eagle Nurmagomedov b.o.o.h.o.o.

  • HERE WE GO..

  • Me gustaria ber una pelea javi charles olibera loqueno entiend que los peleadores sebe que son buenos peleadores pero cuando enfrentan al javi se ponen nerviosos

  • Чё там договорились или нет лысый Дана

  • That is a look of men, that just made a BIG deal and an announcement is coming soon! STAY TUNED 😉🤪

  • Khabib

  • Хабиб


  • Khabib will eventually fight once more. It will be against GSP. He will not return for any other fight.

  • Khabib is a man of his word. He's cemented his legacy of 29/0 wins and doesn't need to make 30. He'll just give up the belts and won't give Dana or Conor the satisfaction of a rematch even though it would make him a nice pay purse.

  • dana white: 0:17 very private meeting, closes the door khabib: 0:21 hey whatzap guys i'm here wiss dana

  • Сейчас Хабиб шевельнет Инстаграм!!!))

  • Khabib is done! King forever that way.

  • ssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh 100million dollar deal going on

  • Khabibs drinking Proper12!!!!!

    • Proper 11. The Halal version.

  • Playing games with the fans lol just doing buisiness🤑

  • It looks like the begining of a porn film lol

  • Let him retire, or admit its a scam and he needed the time off, either way the belt needs to passed on already or we know dates for a fight. GSP, really as a fight? Nup

  • So much for a" man of his word"

    • Who said he is back

  • Kimnotyze

  • Said how dana just wants to fill his pockets with a conor rematch by using his dad's wish for him to reach 30-0

    • @Éire Abú i rather see a different fight tbh charles or chandler if he wins. Not really interested in khabib vs gsp i understand if that's the only fight he comes back for

    • @Calum Hunter Why wouldn't you want to see the best lightweights go at it again

    • @Ralph Romero i don't

    • I mean ofc it’s good for business everyone wants to see it.

  • Dana doesn't look happy, that's it he's retired.

  • Dana is a nutsack. ahahajajaja!

  • Dont think khabib would be taking the piss videoing him like that if he wasnt gonna say yes to 1 more

  • I think Dana brought him to Abu Dubai for the meeting so Conor cn attack khabib plane

  • Is he on looking for a fight cuz he with matt serra and dana at a table which looks like looking for a fight. Jus saying...

  • I believe khabib make his word with mom.. And he will remain to his word... But i want to see him 30-0

  • Dana "Backroom Casting Couch" White

  • Тигрыыы

  • Dana has the fakest smile ever

  • I'm glad we will see him fight again

  • Хабиб брат тебя никто не победит. Ты брат вечный чемпион алга Хаба бро 🇵🇼

    • I was thinking the exact same thing very interesting opinion

    • Ассалам алейкум из Узбекистана Ин ша Аллах Хабиб вечный чемпион! Мы Ссср

  • И че это

  • Dana did that 'i gotta act like I'm fine' khabib told his ass no lol

    • Khabib have him the "it's not you, it's me" speech

    • That what it seems like 😂

    • I thought that too

  • Hell fuckin yeah !!! Hope GSP !!!

  • Why is he negotiating with Khabib? He should be negotiating with Khabib’s mom🤷🏽‍♂️

    • The mom is ok its Gonna be a tough one convincing babushka.

    • You're right, ha ha

  • A pair of MMA President .. khabib vs dana is gonna be real

  • Just got off the line with Dana. Dana has agreed to Khabib’s request to fight GSP. Dana will now meet with GSP to confirm if he will fight Khabib at 155. As, a part of that deal however , if Khabib wins, he must fight Conor at the end of the year.

  • Khabib the great.

  • They talked about Conor VS Khabib 2

    • yes,that and khabib being a new owner of an MMA promotion probably taking some notes from uncle Dana.

  • Khabibs coming back...Inshallah

  • Dana said to Khabib that he needs to vacate his title to fight GSP, he's smart, he can make Khabib vs GSP and after conor wins lightweight title, he will make Khabib vs conor 2

    • @Gurshan Gill That's like expecting people to say Cody has a good chin

    • @Gurshan Gill He wrote checks his mma couldnt cash, simple.

    • @Gurshan Gill defensive much ?

    • @Gurshan Gill how about people being pissed he never defended a title once in his life and got a free titleshot vs eddie by skipping the whole 155 pound division of killers...

    • GSP is retired and has fought once in 7 years. He’s not coming back, let it go.

  • Danny looks unhappy. Maybe the deal didn't go through.

  • Nurmagomedov vs GSP. It was his dads dream fight and also GSP training everyday for the past 4 months. It gots to happen. If not who else. I say it's a dream fight right there 💯

    • @Éire Abú wells gsp said it might be a catch weight. And if anyone is sleeping on GSP y'all are wrong. I see your point though. I just want Khabib to fulfill his dads dream.

    • GSP is nearly 40 he gets nothing from beating a 40 year old GSP who has never fought at lightweight

    • His dad’s dream was Khabib against GSP while they were both in their prime. GSP is 40 in a few months, altought it would still be very symbolic, it wouldnt mean as much from a competitive standpoint anymore.

    • @Light's Darkness idk after subbing justin, and dropping and subbing conor.

    • i can't see khabib beating gsp...even now....not saying it couldnt happen but i see gsp as being the obvious favorite in the betting line

  • I hope Khabib is ok. I hope he has a good time over there and lets his hair down a bit to enjoy the fights. Talk business later maybe.

    • @Veronica Sandoval I know he would but that's not the point, Susan said he should let his hair down when his hairs forever down

    • Martin he would trade in all thoes millions plus fame to have his dad back to some people money is not end all be all maybe for Conor it is like that

    • He loves that Proper 12

    • The guys over there for efc fights his new company they have a full event over there

    • The guys a multimillionaire his hairs forever down lol

  • Dana White looks like a shy girl on her date

    • @uzair shogen By all means we crave for a peaceful world devoid of troubles. Thanks man!

    • @Ebubechi Nwinyinya no i feel you and i responded to that in your statement that respect isnt limited to religion and so forth. I also believe so and hes a true representation of what it means to be a strong muslim man in a world that constantly undermines and discredits our religion.

    • That's the point am trying to make, khabib allowing Dana to go into the room before him is a practice we also perform as Africans and it's not restricted to just a particular creed or religion. So you don't miss the point I love Khabib and I believe he is the best fighter in the world.

    • @Ebubechi Nwinyinya firstly and i see this alot being a muslim isnt a race of people its a religion you get african and asian muslims just like arabs and the avar people of dagestan. Secondly showing respect to elders is a cultural thing its a cultivated habit so everywhere in the world you can have a culture of doing it its not only limited to being muslim you get christians and jews who do the exact same thing as well as people of all kinds of races doing it too and then you get todays day and age that believe respect is earned but thats another topic of discussion for how cultural norms are being broken down by liberal views. But i was just explaining khabibs humility in letting dana walk in front of him because Dana is older than him that is a practice muslim people do.

    • @uzair shogen Yeah not just Muslims, Africans and Asians irrespective of religion show respect to elders.

  • Giving dana the belt

  • Khabib is coming back done deal

  • Mcgregor rematch ?

    • @Gurshan Gill shut up you imbecile, stop saying that they know khabib when he fought Conor. Stop pretending like you're the only MMA fan out here. We all love MMA and we all know khabib before he fought Conor and to coming back to the results, Conor wouldn't want that ass whopping, you know what happened in round 2 right. It's gonna happen the same way

    • No one wants to see that

    • @Gurshan Gill No its true. G ask McGregor he knows it. Dude just all talk but deep down he's afraid of Khabib. Trust me he wants no rematch bro :)

    • Who the fuck wants to watch the same thing again, or potentially a quicker finish. Khabibs only fights gsp

    • @Gurshan Gill Lets be real Motivated Conor would get finished in 1st round with serious Khabib. Last time Khabib was just playing. 🐔🐔🐔 He wanted to give Conor a long night as he said pre fight.