Dance Battle with Charlize Theron

Опубликовано: 21 июл 2017
Charlize Theron and Jimmy take turns using the dance move generator to make up random dances on the spot, like the "Tennis Pro" and the "Double Kayak."
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Dance Battle with Charlize Theron


  • Hey I loved it but damn, the things famous people have to do for publicity. 🤣

  • The over head smash at the end of the tennis pro dance was next LEVEL

  • @1:12 Major Tom - Peter Schilling !

  • I gotta say she’s my all time favorite I love her so much

  • Our girl.... From South Africa 😍😍😍😍😍

  • That last groove is killing! What a band!

  • Charlize Theron is getting old gracefully

  • Who is that singing, or attempting to sing during the Slap the Giraffe routine...? Horrible!

  • La maldita p... Que le rompió el corazón a Keanu Reeves.

  • would be funnier if you knew they didnt do this 20 times before the show

    • Come on! You ruined it for me!

  • women. stop with with the dumb high heels and I dont know run a bit and get nice legs and wear shoes that dont make you walk like you gotta shit... looks retarded

  • i cant pronounce her name right i always call her "to each there own " i cant help it

    • Hahaha.... That is so great!!! Good one 4 sure

    • Chaz titan 😝😂😂😂😂

  • What's not to love about Charlize Theron and Jimmy Fallon. I love these dance battles Jimmy does with his guests. Charlize is one of the most talented and beautiful women in the world. I love every movie she does. Jimmy is just a lot of fun to watch. He's comical.

  • She even bleaches her asshole! All around great woman.

  • Someone always ends up flopping on the ground

  • It’s amazing she walks with such grace in those shoes. I mean... that heel though. Imagine her doing this with some sneakers?

  • The tennis pro was cute 😂

  • I'm not sure about this one 🤔 shes still my sexy mama! Fuckn Fallon! Bet he was bullied at school! 🤬

  • Jimmy Fallon, you could suck a golf ball through a garden hose, you queer

  • Did Charlize checked Jimmy's butt at 05:19 ?:))))) uhaaa ❤️

  • Slap the what

  • So stupid. Not even funny at all.

  • This is the cheesiest show ever

  • Huge hands and feet

  • Votate il mio canale LericettediGian al concorso BESTSHOWTUBE nella categoria Chef 🙏 Grazie mille 🙏

  • She is beautiful.

  • Stunning and with a great personality too.

  • Absolutely gorgeous

  • Jimmy gets dance lessons from Rowan Atkinson methinks

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  • Charlize lleva el ritmo como sea !! 👏👏

  • She is sooooo Hit

  • Why is she forcing her kids to be trans?

  • Hahaha that is funny

  • she deserves an Oscar for dancing in them SHOES ! wow

  • Charlize com in surami ceti in georgia no vont?yor grand mader naziko dad giorl man.yoe flay naziko no remambar tygedar jennefar lowreans?bc zarbo

  • I love you

  • Jimmy's never ending artistic repression is annoying.

  • She is the best!!!

  • She is absolutely a beauty princess! 🦅🦅🇺🇸

  • Life of jimmy fallon

  • She has got such a great sense of humor and has no problem laughing at herself! Great dances 😉

  • Gorgeous

  • She is very pretty girl 👧

  • 😍

  • Child abuser!

  • If you can make a girl laugh your IN. I bet they smashed

  • Charlize theron impressed me she dance so well

  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Самая красивая баба в мире

  • გამუსულმანდი შე ბაბტისტო მინეტო შარლიზ დერონ?!შენ დედას შეცა გუგამ ტრაქში.მომწოვე ვერესიდან რაია აბაშიძესთან ერთად.შენი დედა გოვუშვი ვერესის სასადილოდან პირში ჩერეზ ენჯინ რუმ.შენ შეგთხარე ვაჩხელაურში აირონ მეიდენის კონცერტის ჰანგებზე,ჩერეზ ჯიჯის და გიუნაიდენას როტერდამ.შენი ბენონელი მინეტი ადიდა აფხოდ აპირში.შენნაირი ფარჩაგი ბევრი ყავს ჰოლივუდს შარლიზ დერონ!?გადაღება კიარა ქუჩაში გამოსვლა რაფერ არ გიტყდება შე უკვე ბეირუტელო მინეტო შარლიზ.მიგიტყან მამის საფლავი მოსფილმში,ჩერეზ პუგო.ბს ზარბო

  • Sit jou lyfie in my groen trui... 🐐

  • Hottest chick with two left feet .lol ..swing

  • wow

  • "I'll call you back,i'll call you back again,im at the club". It's 9:35a.m.!! jajajaja

  • I hate wasted beauty. Stuck up beauty queens. She is the best. Beautiful, graceful, intelligent, real person and great mother. Can you imagine another actress/model climbing around on the floor being silly. God forbid getting their sponsored clothing dirty. Love her!

  • Jimmys so funny

  • stupid bitch

  • É a mulher mais linda do mundo!!!!!

  • This Hiaaaa 😂😂🤣