Does the College Football Playoff format need to change? | College Football on ESPN

Опубликовано: 20 дек 2020
Greg McElroy, Jim Mora Jr., Tom Luginbill and Rod Gilmore discuss the format used to select the top four teams for the College Football Playoff and if it is fair for Group of 5 teams like the Cincinnati Bearcats.
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  • Dave's goal for the big ten realignment and college playoffs My goal is to get to 16 teams in the Big Ten and setting up a rivalry week which would be played on the teams last game. We need two storied franchises for Penn State and Nebraska. Penn State is obvious it would be Pittsburgh. They already are rivals. Think of the players coming out of Pittsburgh Tony Dorsett, Curtis Martin, LeSean McCoy, Larry Fitzgerald, Antonio Brown, Dan Marino, Russ Grimm, Joe Schmi Nebraska is a storied franchise and needs a rival I would try for Notre Dame or Oklahoma Rivalry week is 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4, 5 vs 6, 7 vs 8 I would also expand playoffs from 4 teams to 8 teams. All five conference winners would be guaranteed a playoff spot with last 3 teams being at-large bids. I would also bring back the four major bowls, Rose, Cotton, Orange, and Sugar Bowls. The four bowls would be used in the first round of the playoffs with the Big Ten vs The Pac 12 in being one of the bowls Current Standings 14 Big Ten Teams East West 1 Rutgers 1 Purdue 2 Maryland 2 Northwestern 3 Penn State 3 Illinois 4 Ohio State 4 Wisconsin 5 Michigan 5 Nebraska 6 Michigan State 6 Iowa 7 Indiana 7 Minnesota 8 8 Daves Standings realignment 16 teams Add Pittsburgh and Notre Dame East West Rivalry Week Rivalry Week 1 Rutgers 1 Michigan State 2 Maryland 2 Wisconsin 3 Penn State 3 Northwestern 4 Pittsburgh 4 Illinois 5 Michigan 5 Nebraska 6 Ohio State 6 Notre Dame 7 Indiana 7 Iowa 8 Purdue 8 Minnesota 16 Teams 12 Game Regular Season 7 games in Division 4 games in other Division plus a game at teams leisure Add Pittsburgh to East Add Purdue to East Remove Michigan State from East Add Notre Dame to West Add Michigan State to West Remove Purdue from West

  • Who made Greg the football whisper? Dude you need to chill out...

  • I have a suggestion for the CFP let me know what you think Every power 5 conference champion gets a bid During conference championship week, the 2 highest ranked group of 5 teams will play in a game for a group of 5 championship and a spot in the playoff 2 at large bids for highest ranked non champions Seeding will be based on cfp rankings 1 Alabama 8 Oregon 4Notre Dame 5 Texas A&M 3 Ohio State 6 Oklahoma 2Clemson 7Cincinatti/Coastal Carolina winner ^ I What the bracket would be with the results of this year

  • If it changes..needs to be power 5 conference champions, 2 highest ranked group of 5, and 1 at a large/ND or independent school ranked high enough. That last part with ND or independent/at large is the hard part to get ironed out

  • Get rid of the power five only rule, it’s stupid

  • I can solve this problem. Have just 8 conferences and the 8 conf champs play a tourney/playoffs. Problem solved. You should have to win your conf to play for the national champ. And this lets every conf have a team in the playoffs. Therefore every team has an equal chance. Why is this so hard?

  • 2:37 this is so facts it’s the same 3 teams every year and either Georgia, Oklahoma or Auburn at the 4th

  • So is this the argument for/against a final 64? Its worked incredibly well in basketball and it could give the little guy a chance of beating the big guy (statistically though, they would probably lose, but its still a chance).

  • The answer is so OBVIOUS the playoff should expand! Do you think Notre Dame would have one loss if they played in the SEC! NO!!

  • Exactly what I said before, the Group of 5 teams need to start scheduling Power 5 teams more in the future. The system is rigged for Group of 5 teams.

    • @David Krappenschitz how did Cincinnati get exposed?

    • @Brian because the committee is unfair. It's actually sad how much they dont pay attention to ALL programs. Instead of just Power 5.

    • @David Krappenschitz In 2009 they were ranked #6 before bowls. In 2010 they were ranked #7 before bowls. Also mediocre? 2010 Nevada (13-1) was their highest ranked squad in the last 20 years. They ranked #12 in the nation and had the #3 best offense with over 7,000 yards thanks primarily to a senior Collin Kapernick. Their only loss of the season was at a #20 Hawaii by 6, which cost them an outright conference championship.

    • @David Krappenschitz they never made the Top 5 in a single season, so I highly doubt it.

    • I mean they’ve already done that. Boise State beat 3 Power 5 conference champions in consecutive seasons and in 3 years they went 35-1. They never once made the Top 5

  • The committee needs change there love for Ohio state is sickening ohio state only playing 5 games so many more team Had more wins and played more games the community is a disgrace

  • Just expand it to 8 teams with the current ranking system and leave it at that. The quarter finals will be home games for seeds 1-4 against the visitors 5-8. The winners go to the semifinals which is the current bowl game system

  • Of course it does. It should go back to the best team playing the second-best team. Let the runts of the litter fight it out for the "kissing your sister" title.

  • An Ohio state hasn't beaten anybody really other than Indiana which was pretty good but not that good

  • The fact that the N CAA football league doesn't have a legitimate champion every year almost ruins the sport in its so sad because it's such a great sport

  • Really like the in depth look and thinking of solutions

  • The committee should have the option of a 2 or 4 team playoff. No team saying they were 4th best should get any sympathy for not making it. If you can’t argue you are #1 you don’t deserve a National Title

  • The playoffs would be great. But teams would have to play fewer games in the regular season.

  • TCU fan here. Does it hurt cinn. fans? Trust us we know the pain. It’s not just big 5 schools that get screwed but power 5 schools as well. It hurts.

    • @David Krappenschitz calm down. Remember they said that about UCF vs auburn. And auburn beat Alabama that year that went to the national championship. UCF won huge story. Same story with Cinn. Unless you forgot that one. 2014 TCU killed ole miss their bowl game. And ole miss beat Alabama that year that went to the national championship. So there you go.

    • @David Krappenschitz ya like UCF and Cinn. Etc etc. I think it’s wrong. At least expand it. But going undefeated is an accomplishment and should be rewarded on going into the playoffs or national championship chance.

    • @David Krappenschitz disagree. But let’s throw 2014 in there as well.

    • @Brian yup both years should’ve been to the national championship.

    • 2010 TCU was screwed harder than 2014 TCU Never again will we likely see a 40 point blowout of a Top 6 team result in dropping in the rankings

  • It's Unfair 2 Them


  • No they don’t need to expand it it’s fine the way it is just cause the same teams are in the college football every year doesn’t mean they are winning every year Alabama doesn’t win every year everytime they make it Clemson doesn’t either neither does Ohio state people make too big of a deal about having more teams when it took college football 2 to 3 years to have it the way it is right now get into the top 4 then you won’t have that problem

    • 20 of the 28 playoff spots belong to Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, or Oklahoma. This makes not only for a preconceived notion of who these programs are but it tells the best recruits to stay with these programs to make the playoffs. All the we , the people who want to the playoffs to expand, want is for teams like Boise State, UCF, Cincinnati, and Coastal Carolina to get a shot

  • Sorry but almost lost to Tulsa

  • Cincinnati being able to go undefeated playing Ohio states schedule says more about Ohio state and it’s schedule than it does Cincinnati. Great season Cincinnati but u can’t play w Alabama and Clemson. We will see how Ohio state is. We really don’t know. We all know how ND is and only ND fans say otherwise. (Except the lady in the oh no videos). Florida showed they could play up. Texas a&m may be a different team than when bama played them before. But we had a head to head and it wasn’t pretty. 2 teams r the best teams. And the other 2 are just about “who deserves to be there”. This is about putting 4 best teams. Not who “deserves” to be there. 8 or more teams just waters it down.

  • It’s not even about the group of 5 teams. What about Texas A&M? What about Oklahoma? What about a 2 loss Georgia or a 1 loss Indiana? The 4-team playoffs are killing the recruiting of these good power 5 teams, and it will do that into eternity unless the playoffs are expanded.

  • Yes it does it a rigged system they just show us all it is because how does a 4 & 5 team that is ranked 5th in there conference not even ranked in the A & P TOP 25 Poll get a Jan 2nd Bowl Game

  • I think Greg is right because that has benefited teams like Alabama and Clemson for the last five years

    • He directly benefited from the corruption of this sport during his time at Alabama so not a huge surprise. In fact his senior year 10-3 Alabama made a BCS bowl over 12-1 Boise State. One of these teams actually won their conference, one of these teams had 4 Top 25 wins, one of these teams beat a Power 5 conference champion, one of the these teams ranked in the Top 3 for both offense and defense..... Greg DIDNT play for this team.

  • Critical thinking. Why have they not expanded the playoffs in division 1 college football? When all other sports have some form of a larger playoff system from grade school to the pros. The systems we have allow people to choose the dogs in the fight and thereby the winner. Today teams are ranked on their capability of playing more than how they perform on the field. Capability always favors talent. And while talent may win most of the time, more talent doesn't always win. We need to create a system that allows a team to continue moving forward as long as they're winning no matter what conference they're in or how much talent they have. We need a playoff system with at least a minimum of eight teams. 4 team Conference Playoff at the end of the regular season. 10 conferences 40 team playoff is the 1st round. Conference Championship round 2. (Group of five conferences play a 4 team playoff. Champion gets automatic playoff berth.) 3rd round 8 teams, Power 5 conference champions, 2 at large bids, and the Group of 5 champion. And it keeps moving forward until the champion is crowned by winning on the field and not by committee.

  • If you watch the CFP you are a part of the problem. View something else!

  • The committee has lucked out a lot. Expand the playoff. Let the top team crush the 8 seed just like they crush the 4 seed.

  • ND fan here .. everyone that's not an elite team.. OSU.. Bama or Clemson's is essentially in the same duck race. .. the schools we follow may never be treated the same as the elite teams because we are not. We dnt have a 8 million dllrs man running our team/and staff.. we dnt have boosters with deep pockets or state of the art facilities, all the silly stuff that attracts 5 star athletes year after yr. WORSE YET, if u do ie. some other SEC schools, then maybe you lack what money can't buy... luck.

  • I would rather hear Joel Klatt

  • As a Cincy fan I get it we gotta earn our righty’s and Prestige..... Next year we Play Norte Dame and Indiana ( if no COVID-19) With a lot of returning starters and great recruiting classes we’ll be a Big Dog soon

  • Depends on who you play during the year. Give the G5 their own championship. How many games would Cincy lose playing Bama's schedule. Would Cincy beat UF, Uga, ATm and Bama if they were in the SEC? Not even close. How many SEC teams go undefeated playing an AAC schedule? Multiple.

  • Please put Cincinnati in the cfp

  • I could have seen Cincinnati going undefeated in the Big 12 or Pac 12 in 2020, maybe even the Big Ten. The AAC and other group of 5 conferences are perceived as not as strong as the power 5 because they don't win enough non conference games against the P5. However, I think that may be due to the unfair scheduling practices of the P5. The NCAA needs to stop the payout games where the P5 team pays the G5 school to come to the P5 home but not give the G5 a game at the G5 home. The NCAA should tell the FBS teams they are allowed 1 regular season neutral site game and 1 home game vs an FCS team. All other non conference games need to be home and home series. That way we can see Alabama on the Smurf Turf of Boise State or Ohio State playing UCF in Orlando. Early non conference games tend to favor the home team (not always but usually). Take the P5 out of their familiar environments in those early season games, and their chances of getting upset increase. This would allow the G5 the opportunity to increase their brand and gain respect among those who vote the top 25. The perception would be their conferences are tougher.

    • The SEC doesn’t play road games period. It’s just against G5 teams. Alabama literally hasn’t played ANY road OOC since 2011 against Penn State. Florida hasn’t played one outside their State since 1991 at Syracuse. That’s a part of the reason they have a good OOC record against other conferences. Even the “neutral” games they play it’s like Oklahoma in Atlanta vs Georgia, aka obviously not a real neutral site.

  • they could have kept the BCS if this was going to be the outcome

    • I campaigned for the BCS. I think it was the right method. In 2014 it would have admitted Alabama and Florida St. But also Ohio St. and Oregon in the Rose Bowl. In 2015, 2016 and 2018 it would have admitted Alabama and Clemson. In 2017 it would have admitted Georgia and Clemson. In 2019 it would have admitted L.S.U. and Ohio St. In 2020 it would have admitted Alabama and Ohio St. I think BCS protocol was better, simpler and by and large, fairer.

  • I’m an Ohio State fan that lives in Cincy I like Cincinnati, but there’s no way Cincinnati beats Indiana with Michael Penix Jr at QB ... and did you see UC vs Tulsa? North western would’ve killed UC... I don’t think they stand a chance vs UGA

  • All conference champions should play in a playoff but it's not about what the fans want it's all about politics, business and keeping people distracted. Tied in with the 4 horn (powers) the Bible describes in Zechariah that would bring in satan's 1 world system and enslave the whole world as we see a glimpse of now. Kenite control (cain's descendants [satan's offspring]) is all it's about. People not realizing the prophecy coming to pass cause they believing in the lies of men and worldly ways. Welcome to Babylon (= confusion) folks. You're now living in Revelation and best python the whole armour of GOD (HIS WORD) or else you will be deceived by satan (son of perdition/antichrist).

  • Yes, it needs to change. Top 8 play. Over a 3 week period. Eliminate all other bowl games. Nobody cares about an average .500 team playing another .500 team. Cincinnati gets to play. Same with Ohio State with only 6 games.

  • Playoffs!!??

  • The disparity between the FCS and BCS has shrunk massively and by that measurement G5 and P5 disparity has shrunk even more. The difference is coaching and the P5 is always getting their young talent scalped. There are insane athletes all over the field at the G5 "level" will they get blown out occasionally yea. But so does a lot of P5 schools

  • how can someone like cinny get osu to play them every year osu wont they the biggest cry babies they will only play a even B schedule is if they have a QB o line and Def if not they play easy

  • Listen ima diehard Ohio State fan but there’s no way we should be in the playoff over a few teams...Now lol im happy we are lol as a Fan we’re going to win a natty BUT realistically No

  • Put Cinci in the pac 12 and they will go undefeated

  • Idea for an 8 Team Playoff: Each Power 5 conference would each get a team, a Group of 5 team is in, and two more to the preference of the committee. Seeding is up to the committee but they must fill requirements.

  • Can you imagine if the NFL used this stoopid formula to determine their playoffs? "Sorry, Saints, but the Packers and Cowboys are more popular than you, er, I mean they play in a better division, so we've penciled them into the NFC title game.

  • 4:30 if they're different levels of football then make them an actual different level. Cause right now they're all FBS. Split them up if they truly think they're not the same level and do not compete against them.

  • No you need to spend it the playoffs

  • If the top 4 teams in the SEC played OSU’s schedule they would be undefeated.

  • This is the reason why March Madness in college basketball is more exciting everybody have a chance at title college football is to easy to predict every year but FCS schools those other divisions play in late December they have real playoff

  • I like what Fickle did at Cincy. I dont think they beat Indiana. The only argument you have is Texas A&M and OSU. As a OSU fan they probably should not have been ranked without playing while everybody else was playing. Big Ten has themselves to blame for canceling the season so soon.

  • I hope the smaller schools and conferences walk away and start their own party. Cincinnati, Coastal, BYU, and any team that played more than 5 games got screwed.

  • College football playoff is nonsense, put the teams in that make the most money. Group of five and power five isn't different aside from funding and the playoff system keeps the rich rich and the poor poor.

  • Great teams lose games on paper they should never lose (UF v LSU) every year 2 or 3 huge upsets. Reward someone who goes undefeated!!!

  • As an OSU fan, I feel for Cincinatti. Thats not right.

  • The assumption that a lot of teams would be undefeated if they played Cinys schedule is a faulty one without evidence and actually is disproven nearly every single year when P5s lose to G5s (a great example, top ranked ISU losing to Louisiana). Would there be more undefeated teams? Sure that's likely, but there would probably not be more than a couple.

  • Yeah Greg, I would love for my UC Bearcats to play Oregon, OSU, and Florida every year. But why would those 3 teams want to play UC? They're better off to schedule Notre Dame and lose by 20, because the CFP will still reward them for getting destroyed by a blue-blood.

  • It’s only in major college football were the commentators freak out over a truth playoff

  • The whole bowl season needs to be fixed these conference ties are stupid that's the reason why a 2-8 South Carolina team can make it to a bowl but not a 9-2 Army.

  • How is the AAC the worst power 5 conference but they have 2 of the 4 teams. If A&m, UGA, or UF played in AAC they would be 10-1 too

  • I wouldnt say 8 teams, cuz we would have some lopsided stuff like Cincinnati vs alabama, like dude Alabama would win by like 70, but I think 6 teams would be perfect. The top 2 teams would have a bye, and #3 plays #6, and #4 plays #5. Then the winner of #4 & #5 plays #1, then the winner of #3 & #6 plays 2. It would make games as lopsided as a 8 team playoff, and teams with great performances can get what they deserve, with 2 more spots. But this is just me, I'm probably crazy

  • Where is the outrage? No less than four teams will play in bowls that have 3 wins or less. And Army at 9-2 stays home. Shouldn’t this be the hottest topic in football or sports for that matter.

  • They should make it a16 team playoff because it’s more fair and they would make more money, and they should give g5 schools tougher schedules, and they should abolish the committee

  • Cincinnati would’ve ran through the pac 12 this year and would’ve been highly competitive in the big 12 and big 10

  • Give me back the good ole days when you had UPI and AP polls. Lotta times the rankings at the top were a little different. The 4 big New Year’s Day bowl games usually decided the national champs. If you weren’t # 1 goin in you had to win big and hope # 1 lost. Then let the debates and disagreements start till next season

  • That guy at the end just doesn’t get the argument everybody is making

  • The AAC IS 2-2 in new year six bowls.

  • I would rather see Cincinnati than to see N. D. get blown out again. Things need to change that for sure but it won't.

  • The whole levels of football was destroyed waaay back when Appalachian State knocked of Michigan Wolverines years ago.

  • Give them their on playoffs format

  • Yes, absolutely. It's the same 4 teams every year cuz it's a popularity contest.

  • True, where do you think Brian Kelly was before ND

  • It's all politics and money, sad! Might as well have their meetings in DC.

  • It doesn’t matter how big you expand the playoff. The CFP committee will always rank the G5 team just far enough away so they can’t make it.

  • 6 games ain't enough to get in screw, the B-10 and Pac-12. Coastal Carolina should have gotten in the New Years day bowl or the playoff. Lugs if its different levels of football then they each need their own playoff and championship games.

  • Based on what they’re saying, it sounds like the G5 would have leverage in an antitrust case.

  • More teams. There done. And don't give me the kids are missing school and that other BS.

  • As everyone knows, professional football players never come out of the group of 5. Nope, they have no talent.

  • Group of 5 teams need to form their own National Championship. They need not give one concern if the power 5 doesn't like it. Oh well, they had their chance.

  • Wouldn't be surprised if G5 separates this off-season for its own playoff

  • The Format was SUPPOSE to be a 4 Team Playoff SELECTED & RANKED by The COMPUTER System. The Committee selects which (Comp.)Teams plays in which Bowls. The Committee MANIPULATED US & The Computer SYSTEM so THEY will have TOTAL CONTROL of the ENTIRE process. We're BACK to square one BEFORE there WAS a Computer System(except The POs). THAT'S how TCU got SNUBBED in the very 1st. Playoffs & They blamed it on The BIG-12 not having a 12 Team Conference Championship, but The Computer System CHOSE TCU( Ranked#3 )to play. The Committee chose TCU #6. How TCU went from #3 to #6 without POLITICAL MISDEALINGS by The Committee? How do you go from SELECTION Committee to CFP Committee? There's NO Sense of FAIR play.

  • Let Cincy play Bama. I need a good laugh. They are only running their mouths because they know they would never get in

  • They said Cincy had too many weeks off yet allowed Ohio State in. Ohio State just committed the biggest robbery in sports history. What an absolute sham.

    • @Bangarang 1 They had two wins against currently ranked top-25 teams but they played 6-games. I think that's just unfair.

  • There are 13 members of college football playoff selection committee and 11 come from Power 5 colleges and only 2 from Group of 5 colleges

  • 11-0 coastal carolina got screwed over, same record as Alabama, didn't even get into a NY6 game. Committee is TRASH and they are going to start losing respect from a lot of people across the country for playing favorites with just 4 schools

    • To be fair there only good win they have is BYU and BYU didn’t even have time to prepare because they found out so late and had to hop on a plane

    • They wouldn't be undefeated if they played good teams.

  • Screw the playoff

  • Cincinnati played OSU last year or the year before and got destroyed the talent gap is real.

    • It’s a completely different year though dude. Cincy is a better team than they were last year

  • 8 team 5 conference champs and 3 at large bids 16 teams would be good also but is there really 16 deserving teams every year.

  • Change the format! I grew up a football fan. Enjoyed my Saturdays every week...but having the same teams in the playoffs nearly every year due to having a committee is not good for the college system. Expand the format! Let smaller schools play!!they may just be better than the school in the playoff today! Not all teams with the hype have successful players who succeed in the NFL!!

  • Basically the same 4 teams every year! Getting really boring. Once the ratings continue a slow decline every year,which is happening. It will change. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Please go to 8 or 16!!!

  • Yes

  • Why is it so difficult to expand to 6 or 8 team playoffs? The universities could potentially get even more money from expansion.

  • Ok lemme say this Cincy beat Tulsa by 3 points at home. Ok do u know who else tulsa lost to? That's right, OK State. Do you know what OU did to OK State. THEY MURDERED THEM. Simple chain.

  • Just watch the FCS and lower divisions guys they have real playoffs where all conference champions are in by default plus the best at large teams

    • @Hanzo The Razor And ten game seasons to boot. Raunchy.

    • Yeah and all the lower divisions suck in comparison to the FBS, too. You can't say that isn't true.

    • The lower divisions do not have one thing that the FBS has, their conferences are 10 teams or less. So no conference championship games. The best teams win the conference.

    • @Carlito's Way And how have coastal and Cincy earned anything? They do not even have one quality win between both of them, much less 2 or 3. A schedule determines how good you are, not going undefeated against homecoming opponents for real teams.

    • Yessir, I'm a Sooners fan all the way, but I was frustrated and not surprised when they snubbed Cincy and Coastal. A real tournament to give the teams that earn the spot to at least have the chance to compete for it all.

  • Same 6 teams.....and lack of enthusiasm in bowl games. You tell me......

  • Excluding this season, its the fact that the best recruits go to the bigger schools nd the power 5 non conference schedule usually is very weak compared to their conference schedule.. this system is no different than bcs system. All the ncaa did was add 2 teams to make an extra playoff game... nd that was money incentivized first before any other motivating factor

  • The group of 5 conferences should partner up with the power 5 conferences. For example, the SEC can partner with the Sun Belt. From there, each team should have one cross conference game per year. Let them rotate opponents each year. That way we can have a baseline on how good these group of 5 teams are and they have a legit path to the playoffs

  • Well let's see...every other division of college football uses a minimum of 16 teams for their postseason and have done so for decades with no problems whatsoever. The NFL uses 12 and the NBA 16. Yet for some reason the FBS thinks they can use 4. Of course the format needs to change. It's completely ridiculous to try to make a playoff with only 4 teams in a sport that has 120 teams. We will continue to have massive controversy every year until they go to at least 8.

  • Well imagine with this system we have this year with the possibility of ND playing Clemson for a third time. Who wants to watch that again?