DON'T PLAY This Fast Food Simulator At 3 AM..

Опубликовано: 20 янв 2021
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  • I was eating a twix

  • Is the drink halal

  • PogPogPogPogPogPogPogPog

  • DARK

  • Why do you have your Christmas tree still up

  • Infinite: What’s poppin?!!?🤪 Me: Don’t mind me just watching!😊🤣

  • Krabby patty??

  • Put your lights all the way down on your iPad,and ya

  • caylus makes good vids

  • Who eles thinks the customers look like mr.clean lmao

  • Infinite: what's popping? Me: *sees his hair move* Me again: OMG, HIS VOICE MUST BE SO LOUD.

  • I like ur vids!!!

  • Are you playing GTA six

  • What's poppin

  • ive seen this game before

  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Mister clean want a burger

  • What how! Oh ededing

  • Its horror not fast food game

  • Burn baby Burn what you sayed Burn

  • Their zombie

  • Why bang if you tast it you will bang!!!!!

  • You good at game

  • Me either I don't no what that means or the languid

  • This was lowkey scary 🤣🤣

  • Hi friend you are cool ok 👍😊🥰 ok

  • Ye


  • No man ho is that

  • Infinite: jungle Juice Me: I want some

  • EDO P

  • I,m laughing do hard caylus tried to kiss the figure and kiera coverd his mouth XD

  • Me: clicking on this video to get scared Also me: getting jump scared by the cow and nothing else

  • did you had nightmears?

  • Infinite:Get a drink get a snack Me:I already got a snack because you always said "Get a drink get snack" so i got snack yummy:p

  • Always bang

  • stop right there the class d found! subject ===== testing log ===== of haz mats and bad insugery

  • 0:00 ksksksk

  • Heyyyy

  • bruh everytime i saw the can't sleep ad i am up in the middle of the night how is this happing!

  • Infinite: i quit me: wow

  • world's best restaraunt: no masks Me: small menu but nice

  • the customers have never ate there thats because they're skinny

  • What if u got a snack and got scared and chocked on it and spilt your drink

  • I got scared shitless at 1:48

  • So there is this restaurant near my house named burger barn.

  • Don't mind me just watchin'

  • What's poppi'n

  • He gets a lot of likes and he doesn't have any dislikes that is leggitnes plz like for good luck a wish and for the lockdown to be over. 😘❤❤❤😘

  • Caylus, How about survive 100 days in Hardcore Mode please💯

  • and im cometing

  • i have not even seen the scary parts yet!

  • You're working a night shift: :) It's in a pizzaria: :l You see a chicken robot outside your door: :(


  • it*

  • Me: Wth Caylus: What is that!??! Hi? Me: Why in the hack would u say hi to?

  • I’m your biggest fan can you play the mono game

  • The singing

  • The name is funny

  • 😂😅🤣😅😂

  • Caylus please tell me what's this game is called thanks

  • That dude have the same haircuts

  • Your the best

  • Hi I’m a kid

  • Infinite I can copy ur voice like "what's poping"

  • It is the flipping same person, that is so gready

  • Infinite is the best RU-tvr ever 💖

  • I wish no jumpscare i am hiding in the comments 😬😬😬

  • I need 284 comet's because I am watching this at 3AM one comment = one life

  • noice, I wanna play what is that thing called anyone?

  • uhm caylus can you play night shift by puppet combo its more creepier than that pleaseee can you play it

  • Infinite is the best youtuber in the world

  • I watch you all the time

  • What’s with he fuzz haha love you

  • 11:08 normal people: *does what infinite did* weebs: TITANS!!!

  • Countdown was riding fun of the dried toy with the same cow that was Countdown was waiting fun of the drive toy with the same cow that was standing by the door when you 1st walked in once You got in the last time That I got to The cow Wasn't there

  • Hi! Can u pls tell me which web cam is this?

  • Infinite did you have a fun time in hell

  • Who noticed that he said I forgot the bun but he forgot a patty

  • Infinite: I’m the best worker ever Also infinite: your getting a dirty burger 🍔

  • Hello calus

  • That was ULTRA CREEPY

  • I really love you're videos infinite you're the best💓💕💗💖

  • Y’all should make a video of letting Kiera do whatever style she wants with your hair before you cut it

  • you should play undertale on youre gaming channel

  • I'm your biggest fan

  • omg

  • 13:33 it's called laggy town cause dude, you are lagging so much

  • Thank god i was terrified,glad he sponsored bang,i think i be calm for a while

  • Caylus:I'm a man Me:Well, I'm a woman (°

  • Caylas.Yo what poppin! Me.hey man wut up! I'm gonna like and already subscribed

  • creepy

  • Pin 📌

    • No

  • How many favourite bang flavors do u have exactly

  • that fricken scared me when the lights came out

  • What a fluffy lad

  • ahem 5

  • Tru

  • i lovee this video xD

  • Lol