Don't SMASH The iPhone (Couple vs BFFs) | Challenge Chalice

Опубликовано: 27 мар 2019
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On today's episode, Tori & Eric take on Mikaela & Labib in a high
stakes version of the DON'T SMASH THE WRONG Challenge. Check it out!
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Don't SMASH The iPhone (Couple vs BFFs) | Challenge Chalice


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    • You thought it was a comedy!? Who told you such a lie!?

    • 1. half blood house (1:46) 2. Let’s go Hephaestus (13:14) 3. The lightning thief (14:33)

    • Punishment: Losers have to eat a tomato ketchup or hot sauce ice lolly :)

    • Correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is the first ever video of React which garnered million views in just two days.

    • I won merch from a challenge chalice back in September and never got it or was never contacted on twitter

  • Half blood house let's go hephaestus lightning thief

  • 1. half blood house// 2. Lets go Hephaestus// 3. Lightning thief. (We read Percy Jackson in school)


  • Rip to that guy's phone. I hate iPhones anyway. 🤣

  • When mikaela say we are just a couple best friend, a man soul and hearth was destroyed

    • strove stones was about to comment that lmfao that hurt me so bad hahahahah

  • Tf?? Since when was Tori with Eric?! I thought she mentioned having a bf a while ago on a different FBE vid when asked about her relationship status, but ERIC was never mentioned! Did this just happen?? Someone please dish out the news to me! ☹

    • and their personal channel

    • The Mitch Zone it was on fbe2

  • Do the french fry challenge

  • I am sorry but why do you have to hit the phone some people can't even afford one


  • I Love FBE!!! 🥰😻😜🐣

  • E

  • 1 half blood/2 lets go Hephaestus/ 3 the lightning thief. 💙 I literally am obsessed with Percy Jackson

    • Percy

    • I have all

  • Half-blood house

  • Mercy Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs Alpha Omega by Patricia Briggs anything by Patricia Briggs I want everything on Audible really should try that

  • I love greys anatomy

  • FBE is awesome I love watching the videos

  • F in chat for a Fallen brother 11:58

  • Half-Blood House Lightning Thief Lets go Hepheastus

  • 5:17 its soo obvious to see witch one has shaving cream and witch doesn't. HINT: only one of them are moving :)

  • Go Ramadan!!

  • Halfblood house, Lightning theif, and Hephaestus! Edit: we’re a couple of *best friends*

  • Half blood house Lightning thief Let’s go Hephaestus

  • I heard all three

  • "halfblood house" "lightning thief" "let's go Hephaestus"

  • I see Tom and Eric? i click the video. TERIC FOR LIFE

  • 14:16 that phone is as messed up as I am.....................

  • Percy in the 3rd house because he is the son of Poseidon

  • I taught Eric is into boys?

    • *Thought, taught is past tense for what teachers do. And so did I, he has that sorta voice/mannerisms, that leads you to think so. Maybe he swings both ways? 👍😉

  • " I'm not gonna be able to save your life "

  • Half blood house, Hephaestus, lightning thief

  • i kept looking at Labib's eyebrow

  • you are one of my fav youtubers

  • OMG I looove percy jackson. I read the Magnus Chase series, Trials of Apollo, Heros of Olympus and everything. I easily got all the references.


  • half blood house, hephaestus and lightning thief were the quotes !

  • Half blood house, Hephaestus, lightning theif

  • Teric was always supposed to be Tom and Eric! Lol this is still fine.

  • My firstname is pascal

  • “Stoppp hitting the phoneeee!!”

  • Yesss greys anatomy is the superior tv show

  • Ramadhan isn't even a holiday tho....

    • Suleman H. Ramadan is a holiday

    • It is to us Muslims

    • It is a holiday its just for a month

    • It is I think and its in a like a month or somethin

    • Maybe he meant to say eid Mubarak 🤗

  • Hey i mean 50% is a a pass in the UK so... Well done!

  • 1:44 Half blood house 13:13 Haphaestus 14:31 The lightning thief

  • The lightning chief, the half blood house and Hephaestus

  • Hephaestus, the lightning thief, and the half blood house. Edit: hi

  • Yeahh Tori, that's my gurlll!! #MendesArmy ❤️❤️

  • I fell off my bed when he said Percy Jackson.

  • The half blood house, the lightning thief and Hephaesus

  • hephathus

  • Half blood house, Hephaestus, the lightning thief

  • We are a couple of best friends....ouch..😂

  • One direction 🙌🙌

  • Omg I was not prepared for the whole pjo references I fangirled so hard I think I broke something

  • I got all of the quotes

  • Labib got friendzoned so many times this video

  • It’s obvious which ballon doesn’t have shaving cream. It was moving the whole time

  • Eric and Tori are dating right?

  • The half blood house, the lightning thief and Hephaestus