Опубликовано: 7 янв 2021
Bruh this was so spooky.. DON'T PLAY THIS AT NIGHT!! Thx sssniperwolf for the idea :) This webcam Chatroom game is very scary. Anyways, DROP LIKE!
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  • this is fake i watch that vid before but from a different youtuber and these are fake peaple bc i saw al those peaple in thee other vid

  • No

  • Do that again and I will give 17 million likes

  • Ok that was creepy

  • Its too funny


  • I haven't watched you in a long time

  • I almost pooped of scared

  • Whats the app i really wanna try it

  • Fight bjhgh(nagunynyvhgtvhhum

  • is this a trend

  • Game name?

  • Infinite you are not talking to real people because they’re uploaded other people had done this sing people right there

  • Dang Matt Smith played this his name was butt hole

  • Ioipop


  • This is creepy

  • Ummm I played that game and I saw the SAME people appearing so I think the people are just a recording of scary things happening to people

  • are they ded

  • In this moment caylus saw the guy behind him he realaizd he f#### up

  • What your name caylus or infinite im crazy your name haha

  • So it fake

  • Ok I’m freakin out

  • hahahaha that is just like a computer -_- and in the last the girl turned into a boy i watched it on SSSniperwolf and its like uhh edit 😅 and not crepe

  • Dude they are pre-recorded

  • You and dang Smith use the same thumbnail

  • I scared

  • this is a prank

  • Definitely don't try it trust me definite don't try it

  • Yub plays that

  • Boy you need to read boyyyy

  • Hai!!

  • strange it happende to in kobwelb,messyourself

  • God my brother watches you. Please kill me

  • It's fake because it's the same people from ssniper wolf's vid

  • Bruh I watch this before the girl on the bottom is a boy a only man I ahve not watch the whole vid

  • AaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaa

  • That fake they just acting

  • Very creepy bro why

  • I watch this on sniper wolf and they were the same people

  • It's the same people as dang matt smith's!!! It's fake

  • Oh my God that was the scariest thing of my life she screamed I jumped and I was like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaáaaaaaaaaaaaáaa

  • I try that

  • I infinite I love your videos I'm a huge fan I'm sorry that the fans don't like you but I love your videos and I'm I'm looking forward that you are safe.

  • Its so fake look at dangmattsmiths channel

  • oh crap this is making me scared my haret now

  • Yep it is 3am over here and know im freaking spooked i can't sleep but ima just watch Instagram all night 😴 🙃 😌

  • That game is too nightmarish. It's giving me the creeps.

  • When my name is “Arianna” and I laughed at Ariana’s death-

  • I don't like the jumpscare


  • uuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Infinite it’s not real I’ve seen other RU-tvrs do it and it’s just the same people copying it

  • It’s not real these exact same people were in dangmattsmiths

  • dude I just watched the same thing what the world

  • Is it real?

  • The monster is the girl in down

  • Bot in

  • Theres botin lollipop

  • Lissy noel

  • I see that kn lissy

  • Infinite:Just being a normal guy 20 years later... Infinite:I am with Mr.Beast being an idiot like he said in the video of him spending 24 hours in the Mountain

  • Watches 0.5 seconds of the video: Infinite: There is a *game*- Me: *this is not a game my dude-*

  • You’re great you tuber

  • Makeing mah 😱

  • He said sniper wolf I’m like OMG that’s my girl she is Amazing

  • This is fake

  • All the video ls or the same

  • I watch RU-tv on I don’t

  • Do you know the

  • No not a gen

  • I tried this app and I passed out

  • Danm

  • Wtf

  • This is fake the same people where in sssniperwolf’s video.

  • hello

  • It's fake

  • This is s cary

  • This is s

  • Bro that wqd so scary

  • Hey

  • Drccvrvtbyybyhjikkiko,o.08j77jj7htftf54dc4cexeeawxxeffffggghyjujujjiki,klklo,ji,jdrcgyhhyhuhuj7j8k9kl9l0l00lllkkkijij7jggff5ffrddrddessseseswss3s

  • Those people are fake the first people were fake in someone else vid they were first

  • Your Alex

  • o no no no no no n no

  • Fun fact:This is fake

  • 😫😫😫😫😫😫

  • 😖😖😖😖😖😖😭😭😭😭😭😳😳😱😱😱😱😱😿😿😿

  • I knew the jumpscare

  • There the same people in sssiper wolf go watch that video

  • every video I watch its all the same like the people

  • Thas crazy bro

  • Thas epic bro

  • What’s popin

  • that so cy creepy 😱😱😱😨😨😨😰😰😰

  • Lollipop.... If lollipop is creppy Then i m not eating Lollipop

  • I...I am scared...😨😱😵

  • They saying he same thing like on sssniperwolf

  • 😭

  • SSSniper wolfs video