Donald Trump is Lashing Out at Everyone

Опубликовано: 21 мар 2019
Donald Trump was on quite a roll today, lashing out in so many directions. Trump continued his attacks on the late Senator/American war hero John McCain, yelled like an old man on his lawn about Robert Mueller, feuded with Kellyanne Conway's husband George Conway, and even retweeted Larry the Cable guy.
Senator Kamala Harris on Running for President, Electoral College, Her Family & Star Wars

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Donald Trump is Lashing Out at Everyone


  • NO 1 IN JAIL= WAKE UP?- 6 MONTHS 2 GO? hold my hand? SOLD OUT-

  • ask- a jew burning 4 years?= late war hero? my dads money>? plz= ghost come back?= another story- nice eyes= 1st too eagles nest? plz= box JOE= story wit jw-Q pay your bills= or out?= dead means nothing? no honor valor- go home? who is who?

  • Did Trump went back to preschool?

  • President Trump saying Mueller a b**tch ♂‍🤦🏽😂😂 Mr.Kelly Ann

  • Q anon is real and they speak the truth

  • What an embarrassment.

  • He is nice... Heheeee he is trying his best to fix something...

  • Trump 2020!

  • I hope dr Phil sees this

  • look it

  • youtube i get it...

  • Yeah, Mr Trump, you and your voters do not get 3 x 6/9 = ? either. If they could, trust me, you would not be where you are now!

  • Why are we still arguing about this? He is already president you know that right and has been for years? Every time i hear a conversation like this i basically hear "I voted for hillary" which who in their right mind would do that? If it wasn't Trump it was gonna be Hillary

  • Hahaha. Muller found he was not guilty. He was yelling because he's tired of getting accused of stuff he didnt do. What person lets someone slander them? Oh yea, weak little snowflakes.

  • Hey Jimmy it's all over find some new material you got nothing left bearded faget

  • Jimmy you suck. Quit perverted for such a patriot that you man show when your aski young girls to grab your papertowel roll you had in your suck ass

  • China is exporting fentanyl to the America to poison your son and daughter!!! American people, you should wake up immediately!!! Obama is a soft and weak in the face of China, let the debt reached a staggering $19.9 trillion increased by 116%, allowing China to steal American technology, penetration American academia, use money to control America's politicians, lead to the rise of China, almost replaced the us as hegemonic. Trump is a strong leader, a great President, Obama is a good man, but not a good President.

  • dude is flat out insane

  • The only thing better then trump winning is your reactions to him winning can't stop laughing please keep it up SORE LOSERS

  • Trump is a horrible person he should not be in the wight house👎👎👎👎👎

  • Maybe we need to start calling him President Mister Melania?

  • Kimmel, whose _ick did you -uck to get where ur 2day

  • Everyone hates him W H Y

  • Crach head

  • I'm sorry, you made a joke about ketchup from Trump being able to destroy ISIS in 3 years when Obama was doing nothing about it for 8 years... Stick to something your good at, making strangers jump into pools.

    • “destroy ISIS”

  • Husband from hell? Trump is really playing the wife role... he tweets, he whines, he pisses & a Slovanian Whore that HE IS!!! What he needs is a ramp built up to his ass & then drive a Mack up in it!

  • I can't believe people are just gonna drop the trump collusion scandal because of muellers report. Maybe Mueller's report isn't in it's entirety because of the nature of everything with me being a clone of jesus and mind influencing technology in play.

  • Mr. Melania needs his dipey changed & a nap.

  • When you see yourself in the mirror every you get the urge to follow your leader? It just doesnt make any sense to be against him with that face of yours

  • There goes the military positions.😂😂😂

  • Donald Trump itself is a joke... Yeah he's an Alien.

  • Wassup y'all. I got ripped off by some rappers claiming that they're gonna be featured on Jimmy Kimmel tomorrow. Watch the video on my channel like A$AP Rocky! Thanks lol


  • Guaidó to president of EEUU n Israel

  • stick to comedy and entertaining you're not a politician nor a lobbyist.

  • When has wise Donald Trump lost his reason?

  • After he was cleared Kimmel wont have a show Kimmel is cocksucking bum


  • There is no Isis because he is removing our troops. They were in the way, Siria Russia and Iran couldn’t get into fast.

  • Trump should marry Kelly Anne Conway

  • TBH Kimmel, you are a sad excuse for a human being. Anyone look up “Jimmy Kimmel Trump” on RU-tv and you will find thousands of videos of Jimmy Kimmel making fun of Trump. Do you love him that much Jimmy? Why are you so infatuated with him? It’s starting to get annoying when EVERY SHOW you make some way to include a joke about Trump, it’s getting old. Is that why you are losing views? Ouchie. You and all your other late night hosts friends the same stale liberal comedy about Trump, this is why no one watches you anymore.

  • Hey, focus on important matters!! Even people with three jobs can`t afford a home in this country no more. Who is going to do construction or plumbing in the future, Mr. President?? Did we become a third world shithole country??

  • Trump was NOT proven innocent, he was shown to have not *willingly* collided with Russia, however he was NOT exonerated for obstruction of justice or fraud.

  • President Fuckin Idiot

  • Ilhan omar a suicide bomber. Will explode in congress 😀😀🤣😃😎😄😅



  • Lol Jimmy Trump 2020 you are so funny trying to create an issue after Trump is proven innocent.

    • Well he wasn't proven guilty either so it's worse for the Dems they keep trying to discredit a sitting President meanwhile the Clinton foundation was accepting bribes from foreign governments in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

    • Marcel Luthi trump was NOT proven innocent, he was shown to have not willingly colluded with Russia, however he was not exonerated for obstruction of justice. The full mueller report needs to be examined under a fair and balanced judiciary, not bill Barr, who is a trump loyalist.

  • Wow kimmel hasn’t been funny in years 🤮

  • So obvious Jimmy is a puppet. The fact they ALL continue to bash Trump nightly should be a huge red flag exposing how very few own the media.

  • So I don’t think he understands why that guy wrote a report

  • So I don’t think he understands why that guy wrote a report

  • As he should be

  • Guilty Conscience, Donald?

  • This aged well lol

  • Definitely dementia which tends to exacerbate bad qualities in individuals. Can he get any worse. And I love George Conway

  • I can't stop laughing at trump, how do ppl elected him


  • Good job Jimmy!

  • ITMFA! Or use a pillow.

  • Jimmy Kimmel Trump skits is F Hilarious. Keep them coming Jimmy.

  • Donald you will never be worthy to be called president of the USA

  • Lol the part with the map killed me. The red spot will be gone tomorrow 😂😂

  • I hope one day soon Andy Kaufman will pull off his Trump mask and admit the whole thing has been a hoax.

  • Jimmy Kimmel alone will get Trump elected 2020

  • I know we made fun of this dumbass president that we have in America right now but with all jokes aside I don't know why Donald Trump and the people who support Trump failed to understand that history is going to Forever remember your dumb asses this is not going to go away simply because he's not the president anymore people are going to Forever remember the stupidity the dumbness the ignorance and the racism that came from Donald Trump and the people who still supported him And the embarrassment that he brought to this entire country they're going to remember it forever and them people who stood next to him as well

  • Donald is a trump busted

  • "Out of nowhere"? It's been on going on for over two years.

  • Jimmy Kimmel is about as insufferable as they come. He looks like he's about to cry every time he talks about Trump.

  • I very much dislike Trump, but is there anything more annoying than a TV host virtue-signaling? I bet he's about as morally bankrupt as Trump. We can all appear awesome by comparing ourselves with assholes.

  • Go trump 😃👌👍

  • Your voters dont get much..

  • It's always so funny when Kimmel keeps bringing up people's past lol. Ph Jimmy remember when you used to watch girls jumping on Trampolines? Everyone does.

  • Duh,, your voters don't seem to get a lot of things,,like truth.

  • Everyone is to blame except trump. Crooks are usually not the ones who does the wrong. It is the other person's fault. Who thinks trump and Kellyann are having an affair. Sounds like it.

  • "He had the lowest score and he won just like you did" LMFAO! So true.

  • can someone subscribe me ?

  • Tell the truth!!!!! Someone PLEASE TELL THE TRUTH!!!! Trump and his followers are RACISTS!!!! THEY HAIT JOHN MCCAIN BECAUSE HE LOST THE ELECTION TO OBOMA!!!! Having a black President was the last straw to the Racist Clan Followers. I would like someone on tv to say the truth!!!!

  • Your voters don’t get it, because they are too dumb to understand

  • Jimmy talking about Trump lashing out?? Lol he should apply for job at CNN! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 TRUMP20 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 without a doubt!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Why is this idiot still leading you into depression?? Wow. Falling faster america. falling faster.

  • 4:23 - "Because we don't know where they are anymore, they gone! MUHGAH!" Yeah, donny can be fooled like an infant: just put the hamberder behind your back and it "disappears!" YOU voted for him 40% of America.

  • Whats funny is the muller report came out and democrats are running for cover.....obama Hillary comey should all go to prison...lowest unemployment in 50 yrs...less people on social services in 43 a democrat for 40yrs...i am ashamed what they have become

  • Haha Sunday March 24th. This guy is now an official spreader of fake news. Priceless!!!

  • The Orange Buffon is totally insane..... and so nauseating to hear or look at!

  • Can u imagine if they actually out of nowhere find direct evidence of trump and the election and they found him guilty. Does that mean he will go to prison for life? And Hilary is the rightful president?

  • Jimmy, I gain more respect for you every time I watch things like your "Bill becomes a law" bit.

  • you beleive somthing that can not happen in trump compaign

  • I love the texting

  • Trump is a disgusting excuse for a human being...the Trump name will be forever used to describe acts of treason and racism.

  • I keep wishing jimmy would get funny. He has no style. Boring

  • If they did this to obama there would been black protest against this show and it would of been called racist

  • For gods sake will someone change his man nappy

  • 5:48 I did not know that the wall had this type of visual capability. Very impressive.

  • Stu-stu-stupido! Oh, oh. That's what they call Trump in Mexicooooooooo, stu-stu-stu-stupid!

  • This after Obama? Are you serious americans?

  • Biased liberals

  • To anyone who lives or works in a Trump building, how thoroughly do you think this man made sure there was no lead, asbestos, or god knows what else in the materials he used?

  • I don't know how Americans live with Trump IDIOTS

  • What a dump