DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition Gameplay | Nintendo Treehouse: Live

Опубликовано: 12 июн 2019
DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition Gameplay at E3 2019! Feast your eyes on what fans have been waiting for-to see added features, extended gameplay of 2D mode in action, and the first deep dive into the ability to visit past DRAGON QUEST worlds.
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  • Did you know? Dragon Quest 11 has a 3ds version exclusive to Japan, which is 2d.

  • I’m confused by one thing she said. She said that the DQ8 outfit and soundtrack came with a dlc, but does this version not include all the dlc on the cartridge already?

  • Ubisoft said they could not make their main characters be both female and male. Here you can play the ENTIRE GAME in 2 different modes. Oh Ubisoft...

  • I don't care about docked mode. If I'd just play docked, I'd get it on my PS4 Pro. I hope this isn't 480p or 540p in handheld mode. :/ 720p handheld mode, please 🙏

    • @Trainer Joel The captured footage is at least 720p or or 10800. Definitley HD.

    • I don’t think any game runs at 480p or even 540p docked

  • Wow this looks amazing for a Switch game.

  • Please Nintendo bring the Definitive Edition changes to PC I beg you!!!

  • This is how Pokemon should have looked like

  • This looks like breath of the wild in a way I’LL TAKE IT!!!

  • Whoever sees this... Has eyes 👀

  • thats an interesting thumbnail

  • damn gamefreak should be embarrassed with what they had to show with pokemon compared to this

  • Do you know that casinos are illegal in japan

  • Wait! DQVIII music is selectable for non-battle music!?

  • I wish I grew up with this series I honestly been enjoying them on mobile recently

  • God, I can't wait to play this game again. But why are they using the free camera for battles? Lmao

  • Games like this make me feel like I'm missing out on jrpgs. I've never really played one before and this might be my first. Pokemon has been some doo doo lately and I need something that actually looks exciting to play.

  • Way better than pokemon SwSh

  • Dragon Quest Jesus this looks great!!! I’m definitely gonna try this series thank you Nintendo for getting this game more popular with the west because we definitely have interest!

  • This is what Pokemon Sword and Shield should have looked like.

  • Can I ask ?do got Chinese substitutes??? Tell me plss

  • I may have played this game last year, but the fact that I can play it with sweet pixel art on switch means I may just buy it again

  • anyone know if the japanese version will have furigana?

  • Haha. Nintendo needs PS Exclusives to stay relevant.

    • @Random Konong Fair enough, I suppose. But still.

    • Considering the Switch has already beaten the PS4's lifetime sales in Japan (where JRPGs are VERY popular), I think they were in good reason to port it over. More people in Japan have a Switch, so why not capitalize on that?

    • 😕

  • Can we pleaseeeee get: Dragon quest heroes for America on the switch!!! Please we also really need dragon quest X on switch for America!!! Please I need those excellent games!!

  • I'm kinda disappointed that 2d enemies are not animated attacking like on Dragon Warrior 3 for SNES. But it is extra mode to play it I'm hyped to buy it on switch.

    • I don't mind after starting the franchise recently with DQ1 and finished DQ3 recently sometimes I'm happy to have something to remind me of simpler times

  • Unimportant detail, I’m just curious but can you play as a girl

    • Unfortunately you cannot, but several girls join the team.

  • The fact that you can play the game with 2D sprites is completely insane to me. I feel like that's practically another game entirely :O

    • it's not new though, it's from the 3ds version added to the switch version..

    • And that is sooo much more work that they didn't even have to do

    • Victor Saez oh wow, I actually didn’t even know that existed :O just looked up some gameplay and that one seems like a wildly different experience, too. That’s pretty crazy

    • 3ds anyone? It's a shame that the 3ds version didn't make it to this side of the world

  • Imagine getting paid to say umm and uhh 800 times 😒

  • Can you ride on a dragon in this game?

  • How did audrey get so ugly? The girl in the middle is still a babe

  • Wait this isnt the full game of dragon quest?

    • The switch version includes even more story and quests, plus orchestral music and other cool features

  • 85% of people who were excited for "the hero" in smash were probably japanese 10% of people who were excited for "the hero" in smash were because he looks like trunks from dragon ball and accept that this is as close a goku coming to smash can get 5% were just random people who just likes dq

  • This is how I wanted POKEMON to look like

  • i just beat this game and platinumed it. I only usually platinum games that are really good and this game had everything. Good combat, lore, gameplay, story, world everything. I especially loved the high quality CG cutscenes like in the old FF games... so cool. This game succeeds because it tries to be a game, not some ultra realistic game thats buggy and not that fun. I don’t really like the trend of the realism / hollywood stuff going on with games these days. DQ11 is more of the traditional game style and proves it still great. I just started FFXV and there’s so many things bothering me. If ff7 remake is like ffxv, i may have to pass unfortunately. I wish japanese game companies would stop following in foot steps of western practices, trends and culture... especially now when it is complete crap.

  • I bought this game at full price on PS4 a week before this game was announced for Switch. Stopped playing after recruiting Erik. Love the game but I have never feel so cheated.

  • Hey RU-tv! This ain't Builders 2! Stop this misdirection dung! Ya big busines bully wut.

  • This is sad, very sad that Sw/Sh couldn't even get detailed graphics and Pokemon character models right and Pokemon designs are simple compared to Dragon Quest characters. Yet, this video alone has more detail than the entirety of Pokemon Sw/Sh.

  • I used to play DQ8 at PS2 when I was a child. That game makes me want to buy a PS4.

    • Yeah but you wont be able to change it to old school style and it has less features then the upcoming switch version

  • I couldn't care less about Banjo. I'm so hyped for the DQ heroes in Smash, especially for the one from VIII.

  • Man, this unbelievably cool. Really excited to get this version

  • I'm definitely picking up dq11 for switch.

  • Is this a good game to buy instead of sword and shield?

    • Super Puckmen sword and shield aren’t out yet, but this game has been released on other consoles and it’s quite popular

  • I can't believe they added the Dragon Quest 8 music to this game, that just blew my mind 😲😫

    • DQ8 is a fantastic game, and it's awesome that the OST is getting added too


  • Jesus that game has such a long freakin' title, it's a headache.

  • 3ds version is better i think. You can get to play 2d & 3d mode at the same time XD while roaming the world. The 2d battle in this definitive version similar to dungeon crawling type time nowadays which im not fond to (No character animation etc). Also, the extra quests in this definitive edition are only available in 2d mode i guess (correct me if im wrong XD). i want them on 3d :(. But i still want to get this version either way XD..

    • @TheCodingGamer Yeah thats true. That was careless of me.Thanks for stating that out.

    • I'm pretty sure the past world quests were 2D exclusive in the 3DS version too. On top of that they're also adding extra side quests to the main 3D game.

  • game looks AMAZING!!!

  • So this is the power of symphonic Dragon Quest... I might have to buy it just for that

  • I just finished Dragon Quest 11 yesterday. And now I regret not playing more of this franchise it was an actual masterpiece.

  • I just cant believe how many times they remade this game. 1: for pc/ps4, 1: for 3ds, 1: 16bit SNES like. Then a Switch Version! Its insane how much work Enix put into this game

  • I played this game but not banjo, I’m looking forward to both characters tho 🤞