Driving mistakes I made ft my dad

Опубликовано: 13 июн 2019
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  • Little Ginger Girl brutally murders mailbox (2019) (Colourized)

  • 3:13 DRACO MALFOY?!?!?!?!??

  • She's so pretty 💁‍♀️💕

  • My dad said no Oawwwww

  • wait okay thank you for making this animation because i’m kind of a new driver and this stuff is super helpful to know

  • Hitting a mailbox can sometimes be a feteral offence.

  • Oh the transmission

  • Her: Hits mailbox Me: Yeah f***k that mailbox.

  • What car is it?

  • What kind of mailbox this dude have a gold plated mailbox

  • Listen tokk a RU-tv ppl

  • At 5:17 650+575+286=1511

  • Did that blood come from where I think it did? If it did, I think I'm gonna barf.

  • My grandma would let us name her cars after Thomas the Train characters based on the color of the car. My dad also named his black mustang Toothless. The only reason I want a car is to name it

  • Izzy: listens to Taylor Swift while alone in the car Me: SYSTEM OF A DOWNNNNnNNNNNNnNnNnNN

  • I love her energy, It makes me smile so much

  • I like the Draco thing 😉

  • It’s called toilet paper. Get a fact

  • Good lesson

  • Is it just me... Or does the guy at the end.... Look like Elton.... From TFIL.... IS IT JUST ME OR WHAT?!?!

  • "I didint hurt me or others" You hurt the mailbox

  • I ♥️ your art style :3

  • Hold da fRiCk upー You got your license at 16???

  • This video made me laugh so much I love it!


  • When I was 11, my mom let me pull the car out of the driveway but she didn’t tell me how to properly use the brakes so I ran directly into my house

  • Yaaasss Draco Malfoy also my name is charlie...HMMHNmMHMmmNMmjHMMHjMnhMmjhMMhhmmm

  • What about that mailbox huh!? It had a family >:0

  • *How did the your first car get the blood in it*

  • OMG that DRACO reference was so funny

  • Omg our cars name is Charlie to UwU

  • -poor mailbox-

  • I like your face k bye

  • The devil disliked your video with his 666 channels

  • Where I am, we can drive at 14

  • 1:00 how the fuck did your friend get blood on the passenger seat?

  • I love the lightning McQueen car animation. It makes me happy

  • illy is best husbando

  • *gets a Spanish paw patrol commercial before this video*

  • how can someone actually be that bad at driving, I've never been in an accident and drive hella wild

  • I’m a girl on my dads account Fun fact: As of July 1st, in Virginia it’s illegal to text while driving, or call someone while driving. Someone has to do it for you or you have to pull over. It’s about a 100 dollar fine the first time you do it i think...

  • The Draco references are great

  • Places that checked your car before licensing it or whatever, will try and scam you because your a woman. My mom had it happen and then my grandpa took the same car to the place and they handed him a sticker with no issue

  • Yes Fatha I will let them know

  • I can drive a lawnmowing machine. My dad doesn't think so. Problably because I hit the fence and the rain pipe and some other stuff that is now broken. The best thing was; I didn't know I hit those things until my dad got mad during dinner yesterday.

  • 2:58 loss

  • A transmission is extremely important! And that 1,000 isn’t honestly that much. People where I live charge nearly 3-5 grand for just a tranny

  • “Don’t use phones while driving” They didn’t say anything about iPads Please don’t take my word for it please I don’t want to get sued

    • For legal reasons that’s a joke

    • Messy Bird1 police officers know this very well 😂

    • They didnt say anything about COMPUTERS!!

    • lol 😂

  • I will never have my phone in my hand when I drive, you got my word

  • Can yyour dad be my dad

  • (if my eyes are correct that state was NC and if so) What part of NC are you from if you don’t mind me asking.

  • 5:27😂😂

  • Oh hun.... please don't tell me that they charged you for "Headlight Fluid"

  • hi

  • I farted

  • What app do you use to do animations

  • She attac She has a cat But..............she makes a mailbox face look wack

  • My favourite cars Lightning McQueen

  • I'm a little too young to drive but I'm just going to tell you I would never never never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever use my phone while driving

  • She is so pretty omg can I be her?