Eat Mayo Wherever You Go

Опубликовано: 7 май 2019
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The radical new way to slurp your mayo is totally tubular (as in, it’s a tube).
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Patrick McDonald
Jessica Ross
Brennan Lee Mulligan
Alfred Aquino
Shukri Abdi
Mike Trapp
Director - Carmen Angelica
Writer - Mike Trapp
Producer - Francesca McLafferty
Production Coordinator - Devi Rawal
Director of Photography - Luc Delamare
Production Designer - Rick Mader
Sound Mixer - Danny Carpenter of BoTown Sound
Editor - Ryan Bender


  • 0:51 gurl you nasty 🤣

  • Kill me, this is so gross

  • I felt the mayo in my mouth when they were slurping on it i *_hope you're happy ch, i unsubscribed_*

  • I mean, I like mayo, but for fuck’s sake. Lmao

  • “Oh my gosh, why is it warm?”

  • *I gagged when I saw this. I think I'm gonna die from May Go.*

  • Beef n go did it first (smosh reference)

  • You know a video is good when the fight or flight response initiates!

  • Stop. Stop! Stahp!!!!

  • ew ew ew ew ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • This reminds me of an olde.. Beef & Go

  • is it weird that this genuinely looks good to me?

  • Cough cough smosh

  • If you imagine it being some sort of sweet cream, it's actually bearable to watch

  • do you have a ketchup version? i've legit drank ketchup in a bowl before it was great

  • It's a thing. Mayo in a packet exists.

  • 🤮🤢😡😡

  • Of fucking course it was Trapp

  • It's so hard not to spit your stomach out of during this video

  • No please

  • I hope the actors actually just had still warm pudding

  • Beef and go are quaking

  • Oh god i’m gonna puke

  • That looks like SMOSH'S BEEF n Go Idea

  • 🤢🤮🤮🙈

  • i am so, so glad you can tell it's vanilla pudding. probably would have vomited otherwise

  • I don’t even like mayo but this just ruining it even more

  • My stomach is literally churning

  • r/tihi

  • No need to buy this stupid crap. I always take a bottle of that in my pocket, from the top brands, who all say this product is worthless. And now a word from our sponsors; a group of protestors. "Dropout ain't worth it yet. It costs 30% as much as Netflix, yet barely has 1% of what Netflix has to offer. I can buy mayo for the same price, and get more out of it. Keep in mind that Dropout is made up of adult shows, and no video streaming service has gotten close to Netflix's size. But at least make it to 30%. 1: The shows are too cheaply made. Increase the budget and hire some actual talented directors and editors. Apply expensive, photorealistic CGI effects and not simple greenscreens all the time. 2: Not enough shows. Accept pitches for shows and have them make it for you, like other TV networks do. 3: They all cast the same dozen people, making it all bland. We want to see something different. Not Grant, Trapp Sam and Katy all the time. Hire some A or B list celebrities to star major roles in your shows, especially actors who are popular among young adults aged 18-25. Make that a goal. Maybe then, I'd sign up in a few years' time if you host more shows, created by other people, starring top tier celebrities, and with a bigger budget."

  • Was eating when I started watching this. I actually gagged.

  • I would love to buy this

  • me, watching this and trying to keep myself from an anxiety attack: its just vanilla pudding used as a prop its just vanilla pudding used a s a prop its just vanilla puddi

  • are you guys making fun of vat19?😂

  • I already hated mayo I hate it even more now

  • 1:04 hulk?

  • So hard to watch

  • oMG friKing sMOsH coPy

  • Pure Gore

    • I nevah gonna eat mayo again

  • Its like beef n go from smosh

  • No seriously, I would buy a case of the hollaindaise one

  • I'm eating a cream cheese bagel

  • I don’t get why people think this is so gross. Do you guys just not like mayo?

  • Thanks I Hate it

  • I may throw up

  • Beef n go knock off?

  • Why?

  • This is terrible. I love it.

  • we'res the 13 yr olds

  • Mayo is absolutely disgusting

  • NO

  • Hijikata Toushirou approves of this message and would like to know where he can purchase a lifetime supply of this. PS: Hijikata Toushirou is the mayo king of Gintama

  • This literally made me gag and brought tears to my eyes. Thanks, I hate it.

  • Reminds me of those weird commercials from Nickelodeon's "The Amanda Show"

  • 0:50 - 0:58 that's going into my "homework" folder

  • Unsure which was more upsetting; the fact that you made this, or the fact that I'm *still* subscribed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Trapp you're grounded.

  • I swear to god Brendan is the funniest guy on collegehumor

  • That’s disgusting

  • There are people who will be turned on by this.

  • It takes a special kind of person to edit this

  • Toshi would love this

  • I've been avoiding this video for a week based on the name alone. It was exactly what I expected, 0/5, but have a like I guess you disgusting monsters.

  • I feel sick now

  • This is difficult to watch! XD

  • The cottage cheese pouch is something my 2 year old would love.

  • I love cottage cheese. My bro would prohably like this

  • please tell me thats yogurt

  • I had to make a significant effort to not retch while watching this video. Thank you, CollegeHumor, my abdominal muscles are probably stronger now. Now, excuse me while I down some Hidden Valley Ranch

  • oh god ... why add the sounds... why...

  • ok this is definitely somebody's fetish in the writing department

  • This advertisement was specifically made for Hijikata from Gintama

  • Someone show this to Hijikata Toshiro...

  • Does this remind anyone else of that one ranch video with Zach in a tuxedo. Both absolutely repulsive.

  • Hmmmm... so my biggest question is why??????

  • I was telling myself throughout the whole video that they were eating custard or pudding. Mayo by itself is wrong

  • All the vom LOL!

  • 1:06 I was feeling super dehydrated just from looking at her, and was impressed (And kinda grossedout) seeing her being able to consume anything besides water. Then remembered that it's just acting.

  • As a mayo lover I feel personally offended that my community is being made fun of and ostracised in this way. All two of us are very offended and I'll be making sure to publicly name and shame you on my blog for your heinous deceit.

  • Sponsored by Hijikata Toushiro

  • E

  • May-no thanks

  • Is this suppose to be sexual because it’s fucking weird

  • you have to be real toshi and just carry huge bottle with yourself

  • your shit is getting stupid CollegeHumor. What happened to the 2012 videos. Or the six type of people videos. Or the POV videos. Those goodies are long gone.

  • This video made me literally vomit

  • I hate this. Thank you.

  • I hated that so much I was tempted to dislike, but I didn't.

  • Please for the love of God be vanilla pudding. Otherwise.... Those poor souls.

  • 2 full minutes of gagging

  • “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” Me: watches this video.

  • I know it's probably vanilla pudding but this is. Fucking disgusting my dudes

  • *Kamen Rider Beast approves*

  • CollegeHumor, thank you, you are the best :D

  • *i know I’m choking down the best!*

  • I'm sick. Part of me immediately wanted to see the women with a share-size tube.

  • I didn't know papa franku joined Collegehumor

  • LCHF just fucking hit a wall

  • Toshiro Hijikata entered the chat

  • Challenge: watch this while eating custard