Everything Wrong With Escape Room In 17 Minutes Or Less

Опубликовано: 21 май 2019
It's like Saw, but with rooms. And sins. Escape Room has so many sins.
Thursday: Superhero sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Where can I watch this movie online 720p without cut? I manage to find some around the internet but all of them are cut in half.

  • Me: looks at thumbnail My brain: that guy looks like Artie from Glee

  • when I saw this movie, I felt like, "Why are you so emotional about that guy that died, you just met him!"

  • 10:51 I was of the impression that "testing your limits" was to find both the highest and lowest beat rate of the heart. The 'high' and 'low' clues, remember?

  • Don't Drive Drunk Commercials: *Exists* Escape Room: Please Allow Me To Make People Sing In A Car.

  • so...it's Cube...but not nearly as good...gotcha

  • Lmao I watched this today and now my dad said we’re going to the nearby cities escape room. *yay...*

  • Wasn’t there a fireplace in the cabin could they just put the ice block next to the fireplace

  • uh i think Mike's room is actually the last room with the wall closing in

  • I do like this channel. I’m very wimpy so this would be one I avoid plus most horror films so I can watch them on this channel

  • Everything wrong with Nutcracker and the Four Realms!!

  • Just here to leave a thank you for the correct pronunciation of Euler!

  • Is that Lawrence ??

  • Dude the long haired guy was the one I wanted to perish. Lame they killed off the black guy....:I

  • this silly videogame comes to mind: www.kongregate.com/games/Percon/exit-corners be warned: it has WAY too much dialogue...

  • Hopefully it provides some comfort that all the movies he mentioned, the Shawshank Redemption, Clue and A Simple Plan all came out the before the year 2000 when the average cost of a movie ticket was less than $5. Instead of comparing dollar amounts I would compare ticket sales. Or at least adjust for the ridiculous amount of inflation. Where I live you can pay as much as $15 for a movie ticket at one of the new luxury theaters.

  • I only watched the first saw movie,any after that were just to stupid and gross,good video though:)

  • ru-tv.org/tv/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE--wTVMaq23M0.html

  • should've sinned the "haha ppl with scars are Scary and Freaky" part

  • Maybe the Rudolph room had a possessed doll in it.

  • 8:03 The finest eating establishment ever established for eating.

  • Another video started by complaining about who made the movie... 1 sin counter for you

  • Acid trip wasn’t like an actual trip no way could they have gotten out if they were on acid trust me I would know

  • I’ve been watching this channel for weeks...somebody please tell me what Ex Machina means without being a dick about it

  • Why are they even in a room

  • Exam, Cube, Coherence, Killing Room, The Human Race, these are great movies for this genre, This movie was horrible and attrocious. A hollywood money grab.

  • The nerdy girl is in lost in space and plays you guessed it a nerdy girl

  • I would die if I was there

  • The ID says 5'4.0" not 5'40"

  • I still love this movie tho

  • “Bananas to insane fruit salad” 😂😂😂 that’s the best sentence I’ve ever heard

  • Yep, definitely glad I didn't go see this now. Especially if the ending just insults the viewer's intelligence.

  • Thank You, I knew this movie was going to be a pile of crap. I waited for Cinema Sins, so I wouldn't waste my time with it.

  • This deserved more sins.

  • It was a nice movie, we watched it in class

  • Honestly, while I do actually like a lot of your older vids and some newer vids, I don't really find most of your sins justifiable, like in this film too. And no this isn't satire, so don't comment it is. you used to actually point out real flaws in films now you just say random stuff to pad out the time to make it cool, like everything wrong with The Ritual in 17 minutes or less, or something like that.

  • Everyone throw up on the ice cube, and the heat of vomit will melt the ice... BTW I'm a stoned person

  • Good damn this movie looks so wierd and boring

  • Do Sleepaway Camp!

  • Movie sin Tally: 117 Sentence: No Escape

  • 11:20 The reindeer room is just a part of room 2, which is the room for jason. The reindeer room might be just some way to mess with ben's mind or something by remembering a traumatic event.

  • Was that a reference to bl2 when it said "whats in the box"?

  • Hey, a movie I actually watched before seeing the cinema sin.

    • Excellent movie but quite predictable. Waiting for the sequel!

  • I watched this movie yesterday

  • Escape room: exists Cinemasins: I’m about to end this whole man’s career

  • I actually enjoyed this movie

    • Same here, people think that if it's on Cinema Sins, they movie is terrible. Can't people have an opinion?

  • This is the stupidest movie I've seen in a long time.

  • Mumbo jumbo is a person on RU-tv look it up boy

  • Bird box:cant look A quiet place:cant speak Cujo:cant kill a dog You:cant get a girlfriend

  • so you’re saying it’s a PG-13 version of saw and it’s with shitty cubes and shitty attitudes.

  • 3:15 me thinks the oven dial is on a rachet of some sort

  • Go to space these strange people cant have a rocket go to ISS I think there is food for like some months

  • I was pissed off that nobody peed on the ice

  • This is a spew

  • This is so stupid. None of these were even real sins. Did you even watch the movie, idiot?

  • I convinced my roommate to go watch this with me, and she hit me afterwards...

  • 2:26 That's because he touched her breasts retard. Was that really so hard get?

  • Dead meat and cinema sins go into a discord call, and make a video together on the same movie, counting kills and sins

  • All cinemasins videos for some reason garnish a thunbs up from me eventually. I am sinning myself here. But you actually reap the rewards.

  • Yeah, this all was 17 minutes not 1 hour and 30 minutes

  • The same Neil Strauss who never get laid..?

  • When Saw meets Cube.

  • words cannot describe how stressful this movie made me

  • 3:54 there’s also a window.....

  • I think Mike's room was suppose to be the last one, since it involved being crushed.

  • Sin #73 should be “Sorry epileptics.”. EDIT: You’ve got the wrong person who’s a dick. Jason (Jay Ellis) is the actual dickhead.

  • Oh it wasn’t everything wrong with saw nevermind

  • Do everything wrong with cinema sins

  • My question is how Minos knew the guy was singing the Rudolph song in the car right before his accident. The only way they'd know that is if he told someone, and I doubt he would.

  • This movie sucked lol

  • Hey dick head stop ruining movies, people like these movies and you just shit all over it, that’s fucking low

  • Sin number 118: A lot of people went to this movie on a date lmao

  • the movie a little like saw

  • Lol the cops just find the website on webarchive

  • Yeah this movie fr makes me not wanna do an escape room.

    • Quite the opposite for me actually lol, I really want to try an Escape Room!

  • #70 Mikes room was the cave in room...the last room... dont be adding sins for no reason... lol

  • i thought the movie was good tho

  • "A working oxygen mask? What was she going to do with that in a room full of poison gas?"

    • gas mask and oxygen mask are two separate things - and the one she had didn't like it would prevent you from breathing in outside fumes even if supplying oxygen through a separate source

    • Yeah I did not get the point of that line

  • 0.001 seconds of ads Cinema sins Inescapable

  • 2:43 is my boi Hunkkkk! God i love him so much

  • So Is he going to do 2017 escape room to ?

  • i love how CinemaSins ruins movies i actually thought were good. And now i realize that some of these rants are true. no - all of them are true

  • when i saw the movie im like "this is basically jigsaw but with a bunch of desprite young adults..."

  • He puts a sin on every little thing.

  • Literally everything you said was knit picking

  • Are we just going to ignore the fact that the cube of ice cant physically be in ice form?? Its just not possible, if the water is too warm/turbulent to become frozen then how in the hell is a block of ice supposed to stay frozen at the bottom???

  • Thank you for tearing this movie apart, absolute joke of a movie

  • Still haven’t done creed II 🤔

  • I get it’s a joke now but this guy used to piss me off because I never knew his perfect movie was

  • Did he say laura craft?

  • i actually really liked the movie

  • When you have been a movie for a long time and still haven’t been on a cinemasins episode yet. STEALTH:100

  • Your videos are amusing I'll admit but, I feel like some of your sin counts are non sense 😂 it's just why is it a sin? I would love to watch you pointing alot more facts and give the actual count

  • Everything was wrong in this movie.

  • that key in the ice scene was the dumbest thing i have ever seen a character do in a horror movie. it was the absolute worst way you could get the key. obviously the lighter would have been the best option to make a fire with all the wood, but since that was lost, other options would be smash it, dont tell me they couldnt, go on the front steps of the cabin and smash it with the baseball bat shaped step railing, or better yet kick the flimsy cabin door in and go inside for warmth, it was a ply wood door for fucks sake, kick it in go under the middle brace and get warm. another option use your shoelace to saw the ice to the middle, it would cause a lot of friction and would get to the key in a few minutes, fuck even rip the polar bears jaw off and chisel the ice with its teeth and while you are at it rip the polar bear fur off and use it as a big blanket everyone could huddle under inside the easily accessible cabin as you get through the ice in a matter of minutes without using your fucking extremities that are the worst part of your entire body for transferring heat. dumbest shit i have ever seen. and it wasnt even a fucking puzzle, it was a Jigsaw-esque bullshit trap that tested the ability to self mutilate for self preservation, and the best part is, melting ice that size with your hands is completely impossible. it was -1 degrees Celsius in that room, you could not melt an icecube using your hands in that environment, your hands would literally as cold as ice themselves in minutes.

    • honestly when i saw that i got so mad, and i had to wonder if the game master was seeing this bulshit happen and just scream at his monitor for these idiots to find the clue or tool they were clearly meant to find to get the key out

  • Is aquaphysicist a real thing or did he just come up with that?

  • If they all took turns peeing on the block of ice, they would've had the key in 5 minutes!

  • Walt Disney Saw.....

  • The ice satanic part ritual you had me lmao 😂🤣😅 Very true the jacket could have worked on the ice 🤗

  • 5' 4.0"