FaceTune Battle ft. Nikita Dragun

HI SISTERS! In today's video, I battled one of my best friends, Nikita Dragun, to see who's the real queen of FaceTune! Photo Retouching is one of the most controversial topics in the makeup community, but Nikita & I are KNOWN for a good sister snatch. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!
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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


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  • So many people haven't deleted there hate comments its a pleasure to read


  • What’s this app called that they use

  • I love you James

  • 0.01 I m a 10 year old boy not a girl...

  • Nikita: I CANT DO ANYTHING IN 5 MINUTES!! James: **looses literally 4 million subscribers in a week or even less**


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  • I love the video🥰

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  • Name of the App?

    • Marie Keding face tune. Xx

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  • i feel like James Lowery does this when he dosent feel like doing makeup 😂

  • ❤️

  • @Jamescharles Hey sister I love and support you 100% ! Is there anyway you can make a video giving advice on matching makeup with outfits? Different eyeshadow colors and styles with different outfitit. I would also SUPER appreciate a video showing different makeup starter kits(or something you would make) with everything needed to make a complete face look for the cheapest(brushes and just everything someone would need). There could also be other starter kits with better quality items. Thank you! Please help a sister out haha. Hoping you'll read this because I'm clueless when it comes to makeup but I still love your videos.

  • Love this video. Sooo funny

  • Idk who this girl is but all I know is I DONT like her attitude 🤷🏼‍♀️ she seems shady asf, like the kinda friend who’s gonna talk behind your back...

  • “But we don’t hide our faces on RU-tv” You Wear a pound of makeup😂

  • I miss his happiness

  • Hi Sister

  • The cuts killed me 😂😂

  • She is so beautiful!!

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  • People who are commenting negative things here about James...i wish they knew the actual truth...or had watched his latest video before it was even posted!

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  • hey James Charles I love your videos and your makeup tutorials I love your mega pileup I'm too young to get it by name is not actually Maritza it's ANNALEE I'm going to ask my mom for your makeup palette item shows up always be your sister

  • I unsuscribe to Nikita i just cant anymore n Gabriel soon.. They give me flotsam n jetsam vibes ( the little mermaid twin eels)

  • is anyone not gonna talk about nikittas roast to james

  • I went to the comments to see all the comments about Nikita and James but all i see is comments about james’s career

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  • James your still amazing


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