FaZe Rug and Brawadis Answer The Web's Most Searched Questions

Опубликовано: 14 мар 2020
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  • Them shoes are shite

  • This video was awesome!

  • U r going to jail for saying corona 😂

  • 12:30 😳

  • Omm

  • FIRST IN 2021

  • first

  • ᵂᴴᴼ ᴵᶻ ᴸᴬᵀˢ

  • Brandon wasnt kiding when he said jackie might have a secret boyfriend

  • But I saw one of faze clans vid and that said rug was in like a different clan before faze

  • the goat

  • anyone else watching when jackie broke his heart and did anyone notice when brandon said she might have a secret boyfreind and she actully did for a long time

  • The shoes lmao oh no lol 😂

  • When Anthony said I’m married to food that was just strait cringe xD

  • That shoe is garbage

  • How did he guess she had a secret

  • Road to 1 million

  • Dang sherman really underrated for everything he does for so many people 😔 he always helps mama rug and Brian and Brandon and papa rug like I subbed imma like this

  • Who else saw Brawadis put the sticky note on his dingoline

  • 1 million soon Broohhhh

  • 12:32 not wrong

  • Am I the only one watching this after she actually swing another man

  • u could say shout out to him


  • This guy has a FaZe Rug tattoo on his finger. That had to be painful.

    • On his finger? He had a big faze logo on his forhand. Both have tattoos. Brawadis has 2 on his neck too.

  • Who’s watching this after Jackie broke Brandon heart

  • Am I the only one watching this after Jackie really is dating someone and Brandon doesn’t know

  • @12:30 hits different after Jackie left brawadis for another guy😔

  • Idk about that shoe man 😂

  • Hey cutie

  • Hiii my stuf reset

  • 12:31 well that didn't age well

  • 12:31 😔

  • wait she actually does have a secret boyfriend.... 12:30

  • Dude when Brandon jinx that Jackie had another bf🤦🏽‍♀️😂

    • @Isabela Meza lol

    • Bruh I literally came back to watch the video

    • I Know :(

    • ooo i thought the same thing😭😭💀💀

  • So they’re fake?

  • Appoaro enghou I don't want

  • Man Sherman I literally just lost my job today due to covid and I was sad af but I've been watching yours and brawadis and rugs videos and they cheered me up so much.... thank you guys for doing what y'all do . Much love . Thanks guys

    • Ayy power to you my guy

  • I miss Brandon’s 40 minute vlogs 😂

  • 12:31 brawadis guessed it who is here after she actually has a secret boyfriend

  • another video another shopping spree😀👍🏻

  • Brawadis looks a lot better than Faze Rug.

  • 12:32 she does have a secret bf now!

  • Gavinmagnus has the same heart broken earring haha @gavinmagnus on RU-tv

  • Love you Sherman big fan

  • Facts I know right

  • Ur vdos and ruwadis vdos make my day😍 U r soo good.... Love u sherman.. 💕💕💕

  • Can Brawadis join FaZe from basketball 😂😅

  • Awww mama rug was a help to rug to be faze rug

  • Nobody gives sherman Respect like he should have. He's a great funny humble guy! Haters can back off there just jealous of your Great content. (Edit:) Also Anthony ur looks are underrated too.

  • Dude Anthony u should do one like this but you Awnser them! 😀

  • Every 3 minutes there is a ad how much money is this dude making

  • 17:00 😂

  • Bro just saying but when you do meal preps like that you need to workout too

  • Who agrees if brawadis was in faze his name would be faze wadis

    • Nah probally faze awadis

  • so you're saying that he makes shoes out of junk

  • How much aporro sponsor you

  • Those shoes are absolute TRASH

  • 16:58 wow Anthony, wow 😂😂😂😂

  • you should check out @offtheracc on ig they have good custom designer clothes and shoes. they even do stupid shit like chairs and sports balls 😂😂

  • I love to observe how Brian stay calm and answer questions . He so mature . I can't stop staring him . And I realise why he have 15 above million fans . Love you Brian 😘😘

  • Those shoes be garbage lol

  • I think we are cousins from Troy Michigan???

  • Who’s your daddy?!......faze rug is my daddy and papa rug is my grand daddy!!!😎☀️🤠

  • I have a question i am over-weight can you tips me what i good so i get more not fat😂😂

  • Don’t say o my God or Jesus Christ in vein

  • hey sherman keep it up big inspiration to people your family is so cool especially how yall all have youtube and share yalls life i watch all yalls vids (main goal is for you to like this)

  • If you do do a part 2 to this video ask Brawadis what happened to Denis? Love you vids Sherman❤️

  • Daily uploads?

  • 3:27 ? What detail its a paperclip smacked in the side of shoe with a off white paper a plastic lock

  • wait did he actually like those shoes

  • Anthony is the one of the greatest and the coolest guy I don't know why people hate him

  • I’ve been watching Brian since I was 16 and now I’m 19. Him being a dad is definitely gonna feel like I watched him my whole life 😂

  • Faze rugs netvorf is $10 000 000

  • One of the questions should be, how long is faze rugs nose

  • Great Video keep it up!

  • Aye Arab Check

  • I finally got a shout up by FAZE RUG!

  • I really don’t think ya dating Jackie

  • What's the name of the song at 4:30

  • There is so many ads Sherman

  • Ik it’s late but you should of done one abt Dennis🧐

  • Stay safe broskie much love♥️

  • Anthony kinda edits better than brawadis lmao

  • I'm literally watching this video for the 3rd time love you

  • Wtf is the background music

  • You are so kind

  • 500k views! Anthony going to Gucci

  • FaZe Rug looks like a skinny Papa Rug

  • The shoes look so stupid.

  • Hes not Arabic that's his language I speak it too but I'm Muslim

  • I love the way Anthony and Brian and Brandon are so close🥺❤️

  • Rugs is gonna turn into papa rug jr

  • Once he Lise’s weight he’s gonna go back to being a bad ass who else agrees. 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

  • He was listening to the best song ever made for a sec 4:24

  • Can you do a q and a I'm not sure if u have but if you see this my question is what is your favorite food.

  • Lol Anthony is talking about staying inside and he is literally just driving outside like what

  • He attached 2 paper clips to ur shoes and a lock lmao

  • Anthony: I’m married to food Me: oof if ur married to food then it’s cheating on u with me 😂

  • He said stay inside while driving lol