Опубликовано: 17 фев 2020
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  • Bro Sherman you are the best


  • Nice

  • Corona happens in a month from the time it was uploaded

  • He said "again" hahah

  • Pouring water on his head. 🤣

  • hiii

  • Yo

  • The catch and throw was dope👍 😜

  • Anthony ..give a good content and grow like rug n brandon....

  • Everybody comment weed prank and like if y’all want this

  • Rug: “bro again, again?”😂😂 Damn anthony how many times lmao

  • What it that at the back at 8:59

  • You should do a weed prank on Brandon and pretend to be high

  • 7:31 dude fuck off , even if wecare not youtubers we still pull off pranks dont just assume

  • California the highest taxes in the us

  • hi

  • Anthony and Brawadis both sick with “flu” right before virus. What if they had Corona before anyone knew 🤯🤯😂😂😂😂

  • My moms birthday is also on Valentine’s Day

  • Weed prank to faze rug

  • Valentine's Day is also my birthday, that's crazy mob 💯💯💯

  • k

  • That thumbnail though

  • Bro he said he felt sick

  • Brandon: it’s an easy shot Rug; I hate when people can’t play basketball Brandon: shut up doofenschmertz Lmao 11:45

  • Wow

  • That was literally a 2min prank disappointed 😔but the prank was so funny 😂🤣❤️

  • Anthony: I'm not that type of guy Tries the hot sauce anyway

  • 9:03 stop that's rape 😭😭😭😭

  • His laugh is so funny

  • I like Brawadis and Anthony because they act their self and Anthony is funny af

  • U have koranoa virus

  • I didn't understand that lil kid. Was talking like so low

  • 8:04

  • 8:06

  • Not trying to be rude but you need to make more videos!!!lol👍🏻😀🤝

  • anthony is thicccx holy

  • Ngl that thumbnail lookin’ a little dirt tho

  • literally nobody: FaZe Rug: Ayyyyy

  • Oh my God! Anthony's crazy...

  • Lol

  • No on is saying how he said "bro again"!?

  • Sup scooter

  • Hey scooter

  • Honestly I like Sherman the Birman better than faze rug

  • Now whe now where Anthony gets all the beer and visquies btw don't mind the spelling lol.

  • Lmaooo 8:55 when ur at ur fav cousins house and u try to convince ur parents to let u stay over with an excuse and they say yes

  • Please reply

  • Do you have Coronavirus??

  • You would never survive hot ones

  • The way he fell 😂😂😂

  • i still miss your dog so much rest in pees

  • Taxes, Anthony. You MUST HAVE seen what the Feds aka IRS did to "The Situation" aka Micheal Sorrentino for not paying his taxes aka tax evasion?! He's on Jersey Shore. Owed MILLIONS. I think 5 million, actually. He sentenced to, and, Spent 18 months in federal friggin' PRISON. His brother got something like 3 years in prison. It's no joke, Buddy. He paid it all back with full penalties, something like 5 million bucks. The Judge didn't give him a break, either, he actually threw the book at him and made a HUGE lesson out of him BECAUSE he's a celebrity. Read about it. I'm freakin' serious! You've gotta pay your taxes. PERIOD! It's Life, kiddo. Grown up style. Much Love to ya! xo

  • Wwj

  • No one: Anthony: mom open your mouth😉🤪

  • Nice

  • Rug such a wholesome kid.

  • Nice prank 👍👍👍👍

  • Happy birthday to your mom hope she has a good day

  • Anthony would actually do that 13:40 to 13:50

  • weed prank!!

  • Everyday I feel like Anthony looks like my cousin Dylan

  • Let me use a diamond tester on that chain 😂

  • Do not prank rug

  • I only clicked onto the video bc it looked hella wrong😂😂

  • can you correct papa rug for a hole vid

  • The prank was funny.😄👍🏻

  • Bro your brethe smells like shit

  • when brandon said "let me tell you, l me tell you. i was fkn dead broooo😅😂😂

  • i was ganna do this on my mom for my channel cause im young an dumb hahaha but im shy haha i never prank anyone should i do it ?

  • What happend to tha one Toronto girl?

  • Your code isn't working

  • LMAO you can tell you just started really working, finding out about taxes xD

  • The thumbnail is so gay

  • 9:14 bro are kidding me

  • 💜💜

  • Bro no cap I just got the notification?! 😔

  • What a great vid keep it up You should do a suicidal prank

  • Go get a pet

  • are they real????

  • The worst prank ever

  • I thought that was Dennis in the thumbnail 🥺

  • LMAO 1:17 he was talking good about there jewelry then he throws then

  • Fk I blinked Soo hard when you had to catch the damn camera lol 😣 I swore that was the end 🤣

  • Omg the clout 🖤🖤🖤🖤🤣🤣🤣


  • Lol Brian!?!

  • Hi Athony

  • My birthday was on the 14th

  • Anothoy

  • Your built like a cickmuck

  • Finally, a prank video 🤧🥳

  • Wow rug so beutiful😘

  • Who else skips his boring sponsorship? 🙄

  • Go to LEGO land for a vid please

  • Nobody: No soul: Anthony: JEWELRY

  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaa so who got who sick brandon or anthony got brandon

  • ; I almost choked on my noodles when rug is still lost after they are done w the prank &laughing 😂💀 ahaha qt! 😅

  • Brandon: dude Anthony is drunk! Brian: what, again?

  • Bruh I feel Anthony is sooo underrated like come on Who doesn’t like a big fat dummy