Fight Almost Breaks Out During Service | Kitchen Nightmares

Опубликовано: 22 июн 2019
Chef Mike would never.
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  • WWE:Gordon Ramsey edition

  • Being in the "hole" sucks ass! It's frustrating, it's overwhelming and just flat out nerve racking. Customers waiting + downtime = losing money. Being in the hole + not concentrating = fucking shit up. (Aka bad quality) Than whoever is responsible, it's there ass. Plus if somebody were to eat something that fucks them up, it could be huge liability. I honestly feel Mike's pain though, he's executive chef meaning he has to make sure food keeps coming out and the quality is right.


  • chaos. i dunno how anyone can work in such a place for more than a month. The head chef is a turd and should be fired for incompitence. The chef who should have been superviced messed up all the time. The other owners where useless and only where complaining. This buisniess has no future before they get their shit together. And the food will always suck if that's the case.

  • Why post it if you’re not gonna show the fight?

  • what episode is this for kitchen nightmares, I might watch it.

  • to those who want to see after it got cut off in the fight

  • he just wanted to get the food out

  • What episode was this?

  • There right here where do you want them up your a**

  • he kinda sounds like Tony Montana

  • DAMN!

  • that guy is a psycho

  • What season and episode?

  • *Would someone be kind enough to link the original video since the editor was kind enough to cut out the "fight"*

  • 2:21 why is he wearing a bucket

  • I watch this channel 1 day a month now I’m scared to go to a any restaurant

  • When he went: 🤲 I felt that

  • The customers, and staff are just flexing for the camera. smh

  • My erection has never died as quickly as it did with the end of this video

  • so what happened? did the brothers take 5 and start over,what?

  • If my boss did that to me i would kill him.

  • The best part tho Come on man

  • wheres the rest of the video damnit

  • sometimes i look at these restaurants and think man overcooked 2 is a realistic game if you compare it to these

  • the narrator should call the food shit it would be funny

  • thats ramsey show why you cut thats the main ivent hahaha

  • Sca......ripted!!!?!

  • Got damn y'all are amazing actors you should have a TV show.....

  • Why did it end on the best part? Is it on Netflix so I can watch the full episode??

  • This is dumb.

  • You really cucked me Gordon you really cucked me

  • For those who wanted to watch it:

  • what episode is this???

  • What season and episode is this

  • bruh why did you cut

  • 1:39 of course the fat bitch can't stand that she is actually feeling hungry, instead of only eating when she's bored.

  • Why’d they have to end it when things start to get physical, that’s the whole reason why I watched this video🤣🤣

  • Michael poor micheal

  • Dude why the fuck did you cut the fighting off

  • The only video when Gordon Ramsey doesn't Fly out Curses

  • Clickbait strong

  • Out of Control Owner Attacks His Own Chef! | Kitchen Nightmares copy and paste that and youtube search it, your welcome😀


  • Gi meh zen facking fod I vont zen

  • Which episode of kitchen nightmares is this?

    • Nvm it's "The Spanish Pavillion"

  • "almost" break out because you cut it out

  • Ayyyy im walkin ere

  • Where is the full episodes?????