Fight Almost Breaks Out During Service | Kitchen Nightmares

Опубликовано: 22 июн 2019
Chef Mike would never.
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  • Whoever's cutting these clips and making the titles for the videos should be fired... Last one I watched restaurant runs out of cups plates and cutlery, not a single interesting thing happens up until a waitress looks for a cup and it cuts put and ends.... This one "fight almost breakibreakduring service" Watched the whole thing saw a pull thennnnn cuts out... Like wtf Learn how to produce quality content. ... If 15 year olds can do it, this show should be able to do it...

  • What season and episode??? I wanna see this

  • Is it me or when they yell louder they sound more Italian

  • What episode is this ?

  • Michael is batshit crazy

  • Chef mike would be more useful

  • 2:38 Owner: *Nervously smiling and saying "we're okay"* Gordon: "Jesus Christ almighty.." 😂🤣

  • 1:41 you can tell they where told to say that by the camera crew

  • Fuck! That was like watching a dirty movie and then cutting out at the best part

  • This clip isnt even finished, its fuckin RAAAW!

  • Anyone know what series/episode this is?

  • Cutting it at the important moment is ridiculous

  • They could have taken their time if they put some sord of entertainment device like in Olive Garden

  • *ItS FuCkInG RaW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  • anyone know the episode?

  • This should be longer

  • I WANT MY TURN ON THE XBOX *fuck you mickey*

  • Get arra here! Get arra here man shi!

  • Which episode was it?

  • You know it’s bad when Gordon’s the most calm person in the kitchen...

  • Y u med bro?

  • I can say the end is a jojo referance

  • Jabronis

  • How you gon cut out the most importnat bit you piece of shit

  • That's it?

  • Comedy🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Guy is focused one way...and Mike shoves him directly sideways outta nowhere?! Wtf is wrong with him?

  • Does anyone know which season and episode this is???

  • Michael shoves chef. OREO

  • Wtf is up with here response. Lol 1:40

  • What ep is this

  • What season is this?

  • Controlling brother

  • Chef: „GIVE ME THE FOOD I WANT!“ Michael: *yeet*

  • The funny thing is that clients are fucking gourmet mf they be like "omg *sees a medium rare burger* ITS RAAAW

  • 711

  • Eeehhhhhhhh...SUPER MARIO!

  • WWE:Gordon Ramsey edition


  • chaos. i dunno how anyone can work in such a place for more than a month. The head chef is a turd and should be fired for incompitence. The chef who should have been superviced messed up all the time. The other owners where useless and only where complaining. This buisniess has no future before they get their shit together. And the food will always suck if that's the case.

  • Why post it if you’re not gonna show the fight?

  • what episode is this for kitchen nightmares, I might watch it.

  • to those who want to see after it got cut off in the fight

  • he just wanted to get the food out

  • What episode was this?

  • There right here where do you want them up your a**

  • he kinda sounds like Tony Montana

  • DAMN!

  • that guy is a psycho

  • What season and episode?

  • *Would someone be kind enough to link the original video since the editor was kind enough to cut out the "fight"*

  • 2:21 why is he wearing a bucket

  • I watch this channel 1 day a month now I’m scared to go to a any restaurant

  • When he went: 🤲 I felt that

  • The customers, and staff are just flexing for the camera. smh

  • My erection has never died as quickly as it did with the end of this video

  • so what happened? did the brothers take 5 and start over,what?

  • If my boss did that to me i would kill him.

  • The best part tho Come on man

  • wheres the rest of the video damnit