Film Theory: Movie Sonic is BEST Sonic! (Sonic The Hedgehog 2019)

Опубликовано: 23 май 2019
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The Sonic in the new live-action movie is the BEST interaction of the blue hedgehog we've had yet! At least, when it comes to his speed. For all the complaints being leveled at this movie about it's Sonic design and possible plot problems, this is the best showing of Sonic's true speed that we have EVER seen. Over on Game Theory, I've talked in LENGTH about Sonic and his unbelievable abilities and now we have come full circle. Today, we PROVE that movie Sonic is the BEST Sonic!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, BanditRants, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • 18”

  • Tl:dr design bad, science good.

  • 8:47 Me: *Sees matpats face* Also me: *Dies of laughter*

  • its 45 centimeters

  • Wow a film theory about a film

  • At (4:23): Imma guess about a foot long? Probs gonna be wrong though tbh. :P Edit: at (6:23): I guess I was about 10 times wrong then. rip. lmao

  • I laughed at sonic boom

  • Dissappointed to see you were unable to calculate how far 9 million steps is.

  • Best physics teacher ever!

  • the who made the sonic movie be like: hey jerumie :yeah :ya rememeber thor raganarok? : i do it was the best movie : i know right. Remember ending of the movie thor using lighting powers without he's hammer : i do it was sick : lets copy thats lighting and put it to sonic in the movie :ok il do the cgi thus gonna be sick (fans be like: what tha frick is this)

  • I’m still confused as to why they chose a HEDGEHOG for their character that goes really fast. And made him blue??? What???

  • 1 1/2 to 2 feet

  • Hey Mat, I just want to say something. MEXICO ISN’T A MASSIVE DESERT. I didn’t realize so many Americans thought this until I noticed nobody corrected you. There actually is a place called Valle de Bravo that looks just like Green Hill Zone. Thank bye.

  • Why can’t sonic get a break Edit:OG Sonic was the best sonic

  • I think the answer is 6 foot I mean I think the answer is 10 feet. I got the answer RIGHT! YAY

  • 2 feet

  • Moo

  • And yet mat pat still gets sonic the hedgehog speed theory wrong the zootopia theory is wrong aswell how ever he did get Pokémon and mario theory right

  • 50 cm??

  • How much u guys wanna bet that that whole last part was an absolute coincidence

  • Everyone subscribed to Game Theory and film Theory And subscribe to Markiplier Jacksepticeye and lordminion 777

  • That's Sonic trailer at the beginning of the video that was funny and stupid

  • Ok....

  • I just got my theorist pride shirt and it is really good coulady and keeps me cool😍😎

  • Teleportation rings sonic mania intro

  • Yellow lines are 6 feet

  • If he was going that fast, wouldn’t he time travel?

  • game and film theorist ruins every game and movie for kids and adults seriously stop this dude

  • sonic and the flash sonic in speed force.? We. Don't see sonic. Run. Ask fast the flash

  • A dash would be 2 feet is my guess.

  • Wtf is wrong with you ? Sonic movie looks amazing

  • 2ft edit: dam I was wrong, it was 10ft

  • 11 f

  • Why didnt you convert feet to an actual unit?!?!

  • The dashes are 10 feet long

  • I think it's like 1.5 feet

  • Would sonic have the same issue as superman when superman race with the flash in justice league

  • Bullet time? I think that’s Zelda BOTW

  • O got nothing

  • Sonic looks bad but egg man looks good 🧐 explain to me now

  • Oh my god your trailer remake is the best thing ive ever seen

  • Bitch Edit:fuck

  • 10 ft

  • 10ft

  • I foot

  • The trailer and MatPat have confirmed it. Green Hill Zone takes place in Mexico!!!

  • Quick lets call in cinema sins

  • Dang. Change Sonic's design to please the fans, and this movie might just be perfect!

  • Maybe about 6-7 feet per yellow stripe? Legit guess, btw. I try not to cheat.

  • Ok, point taken...but i think we might disagree as to what "best" actually means. Scientifically accurate and closer to canon speeds, doesn't count for "best"

  • Albert/flamingo is truly an artist, even Matpat is featuring that bootiful art

  • #sonicmovie


  • Im waiting for mattpat to come out the closet

  • No

  • Awh, i guessed 2,000MPH! At least i was right about being in the thousands...

  • That trailer tho.. mmm he thiccy *AND* sticcy ;)

  • I wasn’t even close, I guessed a foot and a half

  • "Sonic running past a radar gun like that probably wouldn't return a speed reading at all" This is a movie. About a blue hedgehog. Who talks. And runs at the speed of sound. And you're looking for mistakes in a speed tracker.

  • 10 feet

  • so cool just cool

  • Guess: *1,145* *totally didn't edit it.....*

    • It says that it is edited. But I still get the joke.

  • I was wrong 😂😂 😂

  • 7 feet of yellow line?

  • 2 feet, maybe? I dunno. Edit: AHHHHHHECK

    • I said 0.75cm. We don't use feet in my country, we walk on hands.

  • 6 ft

  • Surprised he didn’t bring up the problems with his original sonic video. Like, he miscalculated pretty much the entire thing.


  • **Sees Title** [Nobody Liked That]

  • I think the lines on the road are 34 inches long hehe get it

  • By the way guys he meant the actual features not the shitty design

  • Producers: *watches video* yeah we totally did all this research and stuff we're smart

  • Sonic looks more like Jason Vorhes acting like the Easter Bunny

  • Oh. Efff... Now I want to see the movie. See what you did? Do you see what you did? This is your fault Mattpat. Your fault -_- Good show!

  • 1:51 "This is the single most accurate sonic we ever seen!" Loses 1M subscribers.

  • Do you know the TCG chaos galaxy, you should do a video on if the planet s h e o s

  • 13c fregrbn5n

  • 30 feet

  • Best sonic ever

  • "Sonic is a monster" #true

  • How many meters is 10 ft who the fuck measures in feet?!??

  • 10ft No I didn’t edit 👀why do you ask

  • m 3 feet

  • like 1 foot between I think make that 10 (in Britain anyway maybe) NO i dea

  • 6 feet? For how long is the yellow dash

  • sonic is like the flash in this move lol

  • I originally just came to dislike but....

  • 4 inches?

  • But how can he roll?

  • Sonic's design could be worse. The *REAL* monster here is the beast they call _eggman_

  • This channel is why I got an A in maths

  • Film Theory: exists ME: cool Film Theory: makes sonic movie theory ME:😒

  • k do you know how many people just dies sonic you are a monster

  • maybe when sonic stopping time thing is the end battle he got a special power or stuff like that

  • Actually I Love The Original Sonic 2019

  • 1m

  • 7 ft

  • 670

  • I FORGOT BUT WHAT is THE SOINC tv show tords the end plz tell meeszzz

  • before watching the video.....i completely disagree with the title....but....i try to be reasonable, so i will listen to everything before i pass judgment on you, and all of your descendants up to 7 thread carefully.....