Film Theory: Why Scar is the RIGHTFUL King! (Disney Lion King)

Опубликовано: 18 июл 2019
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Disney's live action Lion King is causing a stir among Disney fans. I agree, this movie brought up a lot of questions about remakes and live action reimaginings of classic Disney movies... but maybe not how you think. See, the original Lion King ends with Simba taking over Pride Rock and everything is sunshine and happiness. When Disney decided to do a "real" Lion King, I looked into the behavior of IRL lion prides and WHOA! If Disney did a REAL Lion King, well... prepare to have your childhoods ruined. Again.
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Researcher: Alyssa "AlyssaBeCrazy" Seibert
Editors: BanditRants and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • That bloodline is more concentrated than sweetened, condensed milk.

  • Disney:you took...everything from me. MatPat:I don’t care B$&@*

  • I cringed when he said "dontcha know"

  • Scar was never the rightful king it is simba. Simba has always been the rightful king

  • Matt, I like your videos. But you can be so stupid sometimes. Mufasa is the king, why else would he be “King Mufasa”. Scar is the bad guy retard.

  • Wow this is dark.

  • And scar is a little better too because he lets Simba run away instead of eating him

  • Elbow! Tufts on the elbows, not knees Mat!😅

  • Scar was always my favorite as a kid

  • Me:don't destroy my child hood Matpat:how about no(troll song plays)(rip troll guy)(makes scar is good video) Me:I hate you matpat edit:hey matpat it's a Disney movie you're theory is pointless

  • I Love your videos

  • Never have I been so offended by something I 100% agree with.

  • Movie was boring especially the musicals but the visuals are incredible

  • When your realized that Disney is killing off parents.

  • This is actually true. Scar is the REAL king. You're absolutely right

  • disappointing how bad the live action lion king remake was :c

  • Jokes on you! I've never seen lion king all the way through! RIP

  • You're wrong matpat. You involved the other Lion King movies even though you said they're not relevant to the actual Lion King story

  • I know a lot about lions In real life and oooooffff

  • My expectations: It has to do something about family stuff. Then he starts talking about mating. Me: dislikes and leaves



  • 9:25 ... multi-hoovedly? do lions have hooves now?

  • 2:50 Am I the only person who sees that moment and thinks ", if only Scar and Mufasa got along, between Scar's brains and Mufasa's brawn, they would have DOMINATED the Pridelands!" Ah, what could have been...

  • At 8:11 he’s sounds so sad

  • Ew + no

  • and the real lion king is... the hyenas like bruh thats the biggest hyena pack i have ever seen they would scare away all of the lions with Little effort

  • *Execute order... 66*

  • If Muphasa and Scar are brothers that means they share the same genes. Right? Meaning Nala and Simba would survive. Right?

  • Hmmmmm why does the lion girls don't go with scar if he is the attractive one?


  • #girlPower

  • Hey did you realize that Scar and Mufasa are the only two male lions in the whole entire pack their for Nala has to be Scars child so you Scar wouldn't kill Nala

  • Yay skar


    • Only big brain people understand this video

  • 👏👏👏👏 simba is still the king in the life action👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Hahaha I also fight with my brothers when it comes to food.

  • MatPat can you guys do the movie "Chicken Run"? It would be cool!

  • Mat spoke in a confident voice so this MUST make sense.

  • Do you guys know that in lion king 2 kiara Simbas daughter gets together with scars son kovu and since Simba and scar are related so is kiara and kovu making it incest

  • I've seen it it was actually good

  • I’m doing a play of the lion king and I’m playing Mufasa thanks matpat

  • I need tell you some of these scenes of The Lion King you are different from what I have on my DVD.

  • Scar has never been king and he never will be

  • if simba and nala are half siblings then what is kiara

  • You ruined my favourite movie


  • 6:56 yes... Thank you for saying that mat

  • Flim Theory, Ruining childhoods since 2014

  • no one cares dude

  • Hey, Lion King 1/2 is fucking art! Long Live The sequel!

  • Your only flaw is that because Scar and Mufasa are brothers and share the same blood/genes, he would NOT kill the cubs. Brother lions that share a pride in the wild do NOT kill each other's cubs.

  • Damn lions got it all figured out. Pointy-teethed bois really know about incest

  • It’s him I’m guessing they get milk from Carrabelle OK I don’t know what to do yet

  • I have my own Feary

  • Who is side movies it’s time for Mickey in the roadster racers time to shine

  • You're wrong on both of those definitions. Panthera is obviously a metal rock band fromthe 80s. Psst, everyone knows that Matpat

  • the bird was right they will be king and queen

  • .........*SHOTS FIRED*

  • It comes to show you that live action is not meant to be thier animated counterparts all the way