Film Theory: Why Scar is the RIGHTFUL King! (Disney Lion King)

Опубликовано: 18 июл 2019
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Disney's live action Lion King is causing a stir among Disney fans. I agree, this movie brought up a lot of questions about remakes and live action reimaginings of classic Disney movies... but maybe not how you think. See, the original Lion King ends with Simba taking over Pride Rock and everything is sunshine and happiness. When Disney decided to do a "real" Lion King, I looked into the behavior of IRL lion prides and WHOA! If Disney did a REAL Lion King, well... prepare to have your childhoods ruined. Again.
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Researcher: Alyssa "AlyssaBeCrazy" Seibert
Editors: BanditRants and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • In some lion kingdoms there is only one male lion

  • #Girl Power

  • But my teddy has a scar on his eye...

  • WAIT if they are cousin... Yeah isn't any better

  • Pride rock I will say wont go to ruins due to the lions will move to follow food it will give the lands time to regrow to where other lions will claim that as there new territory

  • pride rock would never have gone barren cause scar woulda been insta gibbed no?

  • me: dear god mattpat: there's more me:N O

  • When are they going to do Pocahontas live action????? I am native Americans do I need to know these things!!!!!!!!

    • @Diana Lopez oh ya I know I'm 100% native American I just want them to show some love to the some love to the native sisters

    • In short: John Smith is a murderer, perv and rapist who romanticized his travels on his death bed and people SOMEHOW believed that! Pocahontas was 10 yrs old (yeah, literally a child) when she met Smith and saves his life and nothing romantic was speculated to happen. Poor darling later gets kidnapped, enslaved and indoctrinated into Christianity and marries another John (Rolfe) and goes to Europe and dies at an early age due to European Illnesses (of course😫). She is believed to have had a child, and never was able to come back to her tribe. The Powathan tribe helped English settlers for quite a while, then when they were having low food income, the settlers got pissed off and went to war (later on this involved Pocahontas being kidnapped as a way to gain leverage since the Powathan had also taken European hostages).

    • Oooh lord noooooo plz, do you know the real story?? Disney took A LOT of creative differences from the story.

  • go girls!!

  • Man i learned more about animals than i do in science class

  • Mufasa( dont have a hair on his kneel): Me: he's abnormal?

  • Mat: He has a scar that makes him evil" Me(with eczema) : say sike right now

  • He isn't he is the younger brother

  • Me: listening to Matpat talking about lions. Also me: reading Warriors, a series where cats are the main characters CATCEPTION Ps. Warriors and WoF (Wings of Fire) are amazing

  • This reminds me of the time were we got to watch the loin king in class and when it got to the part were the dad dies literally every single girl in my class bursts in to tears (and even some of the dudes) except me and then the teacher had to turn of the movie for them all to stop crying while me in the corner DIEing of laughter about how everyone is crying i was therefore know as the Hartles Demon😂😂

  • Matpats whole theory Disney: who decided that

  • The article says *almost* always so lets live in a world where nala was born to another male lion and was spared by the king

  • 2020 Matpat grows a beard

  • welp I'm impressed now!

  • Mufasa ain't even a lion all cats land on their feet

  • I lol’d at the Minnesota jab 😂

  • So the alpha males ones again is bashed. Great. -.-

  • Haha the New one ended the same way

  • *”Pretty sure all villain’s are right.”* *”I also laughed when Mufasa died. Oop”*

  • R.I.P Well everyone 😑

  • It's not a live action remake everything is CGI

  • *COUGH* how do you know that Mufasa is the father of Nala? Scar could also be the father.

  • I love watching this after the movie came out. Ngl I bet this guy was disappointed :/

  • All this video has told me is there's a reason that Lions are endangered, one that isn't humans, cause lion society is incredibly self destructive.

  • Scar wading suppose to be king and this was a sad story

  • Simba is the best king for the liones. not scar

  • Kenya squad, what you doing, where you at tho?

  • Based more on humans your stupid for thinking this is anything for adults slash science nerds actually simba and mufasa mane is also a dark red and scar is small and weak even if a female lion is more attracted to a darker male if the lighter male beats him in battle he gets matingb rights the movie not based on fact i just wanted to see this stupid video because i like lion king def not for this fuckery

  • I like film theory and all but come on it’s a kids movies so what if it’s not perfect

    • Also if a movie has talking animals I don’t think it’s a very realistic

  • Well, the circle of life would still go on, just with Mufasa, Scar, Nala and Simba as grass.

  • 1:53 you ruined my childhood 😭😭😭

  • I enjoyed the lion king remake so much I bought it on DVD Then one night as I’m watching it, my mother comes in and says this.. *oh no! Can you feel the love tonight is sung in the day time!* R.I.P

  • Wait there a different types of lions?

  • I think when a lion challenges the king, the king probably thinks I need to win or else my kids are going to die!!

  • Simba is the rightful king not scare

  • actually, I was born an raised in minnesota and we do NOT say dontya know. maybe try canada next

  • That scar is a cat version of dead pool 🤔

  • #girlpower

  • Me: Man, my childhood was great Film Theory and game theory.: Allow us to introduce ourselves.

  • Just because he had a scar on his eye doesn't makes him evil, actually he got that scar from his father, I watched a bit of the back story

  • you are stupid

  • Are you going to question all the science facts DISNEY got wrong? Their signature is literally a talking mouse, so maybe they are more in the fantasy business than reality. Just a thought.

  • 9:56 ANAKIN NO! Welp, have fun in Cloud City heaven young cubs!

  • Plot Twist: I watched the Discovery channel growing up, and know this when I watch the movie for the first time.

  • grillpower

  • I live in mn

  • The new lion king isn’t even live-action its just better animated-

  • Why don’t Mufasa just use his 9 lifes

  • Your so right!

  • Go back to game therye

  • Its a move it doesn’t mater

  • The unorthodox figure eight of life

  • omg what about lion king the cartoon series Where they said Scare was the leader of the special RWar!

  • The beginning is teletubies intro

  • #girlpower