Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Nintendo Switch Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019

Опубликовано: 11 июн 2019
War is coming to the great land of Fódlan. Here, order is maintained by the Church of Seiros, which hosts the prestigious Officers Academy within its headquarters. You are invited to teach one of its three mighty houses, each comprised of students brimming with personality and represented by a royal from one of three territories of Fódlan. As their professor, you must lead your students in their academic lives and in turn-based, tactical RPG battles wrought with strategic, new twists to overcome.
As the story unfolds, your choice of house at the Officers Academy will greatly affect where you stand when the continent becomes engulfed in war. After 5 years, former friends from the academy must now face each other on the battlefield as bitter enemies. Which house, and which path, will you choose?
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  • Literal goosebumps. Halfway through my second playthrough and it still has that effect haha


  • I HAVE this game and I am still hyped watching this trailer.

  • Guess I should be glad that I didn't watch any of these trailers before playing the game. I've beat it once, and half way through my second playthrough, and I'm *still* at risk of spoilers...

    • I'm still pised they spoiled so much stuff in this trailer >.>"

  • "What should we do, teach?" "KILL EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!"

  • 0:59 Turn on youtube captions “Consumers, even the doctors say so!”

  • This actually makes me cry

  • I love how my boi's friendship speech actually served a greater purpose in-game. Sure he did mean what he said especially considering his subtle character development, but the circumstance in which he says this is quite clever. My Deer boi is quite the schemin Master Tactian.

  • Man I've played the game for almost a hundred hours already and this trailer still gives me goosebumps up to this day.

  • IVE SEEN SO MANY PEOPLE TALK ABT THIS GAME AND MAKE FANARTS AND NOW I REALLY WANNA PLAY IT 😭 but i dont have a nintendo switch and its making me big sad

  • After playing all routes in every difficulty... I must say: 6,8/10

  • "Hey Dimitri, how many water balloons do you think we need?" "FILL EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!"

    • "The great water balloon attack of enbarr"

  • Edelgard: statement about justice that makes her sound suspicious Dimitri: murderous statement that makes you question his sanity Claude: statement about freaking friendship and oh my God I love this guy

  • Nintendo learned how to make AWESOME trailers since Breath of the Wild. Keep with this great work, I'm so glad we can have this game to play! Also it would be great if we could have Amiibo figures of the House Leaders, at least.

  • 0:54 aye when does that cutscene with the Death Knight plays?

    • @Zartbitter correct

    • I believe in Golden Deer route after chapter 18 (taking Fort Merceus)

  • wow they finally enable comments for a trailer?

  • game of the year for me

  • I still miss this version of Blue Skies and a Battle because it's slightly longer


  • Dimitri went insane Edelgard became a communist leader Im pretty sure claude is the only one who came out normal

  • Man, this is game looks sooooooo freaking boring. I know people have different tastes in games but how can people like games like this one..

    • @Juls :3 Beside red alert 2 and starcraft, I don't think so LOL. Maybe I should try it first lol

    • ​@SnowAsh I know, that's what I said. Everyone has different tastes but I'm just expressing how can someone play this. Lol.

    • this game godlike

    • It is totally not boring Haha. But I guess ur not into strategic gameplay.

    • This is the best game I have ever played lmao. Just because something's boring to you doesn't mean it's for everyone.

  • Come to of it this trailer has a lot of spoilers....

  • Currently on my second playthrough. Finished Black Eagle's Silver Snow, definitely something different from the three stories. 9/10 best RPG of the year.

  • i sleep.

  • i loved path of radiance and radiant dawn, but i wasn't a huge fan and couldn't invest into awakening/fates. idk what it was, but compared to path of radiance/radiant dawn, the storyline/characters weren't as exciting for me. that being said, this game looks so fun and i heard it might be the best storyline for a fire emblem game yet. anybody have thoughts or opinions on this game and whether or not i should buy it?

    • Buy it best game ever

    • Definitely a must buy game tbh. I would not say it has the best storyline (actually depends on which house you choose) but it has the best characters within the whole series. All of them have their own strengths and weaknesses, and their own background. It is not only interesting to play the different routes to get to know the story better but also to learn more about the different characters. The story has its flaws, for example the big plottwist was foreshadowed so much that it was predictable, but despite these little things it is a huge step up from awakening and fates. There are fire emblem games with better stories like genealogy of the holy war or Echoes which is a remake of gaiden. I would totally recommend it.

  • "If the teacher doesnt come back in 5 years we are legally allowed to kill each other"

  • i wish i had more free time then i could binge this gameeee >_

  • "Time's cruel hand"... More like a certain someone who should have gotten axed the first time we met them...

  • I never liked Dimitri before playing the game because he seemed the more unstable from the three at trailers. But playing the game for the first time showed me he’s the sweetest of all.

  • Nintendo, you need to release DLC soon, ideally before everyone finishes their second and third playthroughs of the game, otherwise people won't want to re-experience all of the content they went through in order to experience the novelty. Here's a couple you can do quickly that would justify DLC purchase: - More A and A+ support conversations, with some gameplay reason to seek them out, like unique skills being unlocked. - More master classes. Heck you could just move a couple around. Why isn't swordmaster a "master" class? - More diversity for your sundays, especially post time-skip. It gets a bit grindy to eat 9 meals in one sitting and repeat that three times in a row, and you can definitely see that by the amount of people who decided to simply skip and do a seminar instead. Suggestion: chess club for authority, reason and support points; public baths (perhaps only post-time skip) for support points, charisma and fanservice; hunting parties for meats and bow experience, etc. - More characters post time skip. The game gets a bit stale then. - More paralogues. Way more paralogues. Many more paralogues post-timeskip.

  • Claude: What should we do teach? Dimitri:KILL EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!

  • The trailer that single-handily restored interest for tons of people. Potter Emblem would have been garbage if not for the timeskip.

  • Please bring back JERALT on the next DLC PLEASE we want to play JERALT

  • How lovely it would be for this game to last forever

  • 最高!海外の方のPVみるのもいいなぁ^_^

  • Next episode on crunchyroll

  • Why cant I marry claude or dmitri as a male :-(

    • Because not everyone is bi or gay?

    • Cause they're not gay?

  • Looking back at this now I see Edelgard's death scene was in the trailer at 1:10

  • Thank god I didn’t watch this trailer, how many end-game spoilers did they reasonably have to show off?

    • hue hue ok

    • @The Rat I don't believe I was trolling though? Sorry dude but in the first place saying that this trailer spoiled anything from the game is wrong. The fact that you told me that you didn't say which cutscene was from the endgame proves me right. It's true, I don't know which part of the trailer is from the endgame. Even if I do I wouldn't understand what's happening in the scene because they're very short and I have no idea what the story is about in the first place.

    • hue hue My fault for responding to a person who has a rage face for a profile pic.

    • @hue hue never said which cutscene

    • @The Rat So what I'm saying here is you're the one who actually spoiled me here not the trailer lol.

  • This trailer's still hype af even after the game came out...

  • Honestly, i'm glad I didn't watch this before I played lol

  • for anyone asking, the "how lovely it would be for this moment to last forever" is a pre-timeskip line from Rhea when she sings to you

  • Nintendo switch why are you so expensive...

  • It's funny how we now know the "unreasonable ideas of justice" Edelgard was referring to were actually more morally correct then her own.

    • I did like that Edelgard's voiceover in this trailer at 0:35 directly shows Byleth's first clash with TWSITD, the opening/GD enemies from the past, Dimitri, and ends on Rhea. A lot of these lines are kind of in a weird place, though

    • Mr. Sizzle Ah, did not know that! Need to finish my Blue Lions playthrough!

    • @Ambur Price the line is actually re-used when Dimitri tries to negotiate a truce in the BL route and Edelgard calls him unreasonable when he points out she wants to create a world where the weak are abused.

    • Mr. Sizzle I mean, we don’t really know what Lonato’s intentions were. The game didn’t really delve into that (that I know of).

  • Remaster fire emblem fates please I'll buy it again

    • Astral M I really hope they do. I’d love to try Genealogy. I thought I heard it was officially confirmed, but it’s possible I remembered wrong.

    • @Ambur Price Not yet officially confirmed, it was a "maybe we'd like to do it." Not unlikely, considering they've remade 1-3 now, but not 100% confirmed.

    • Brandon Garcia I don’t think that will be happening, sorry. We will be getting more “Echoes” games though, so you can look forward to Genealogy/Binding Blade remakes!

  • End the straw traveling week

  • >when the teacher leaves the classroom

  • Has become my favorite game of 2019.

  • Yet we have the strength to scale the walls between us. To reach out our hands in friendship... so we can open our true hearts to one another! That's how we win!

  • This look so great! I can't wait to get the switch so I can play this😆

  • In a way it really is sad seeing how war breaks out, I really do believe there is no “villain” in this game (besides TWSITD).

    • Exactly why i’m hoping the dlc delves into TWSITD and their motives rather than a route where all three houses are on your side. The game makes them out to be monsters, but they believe they are “saviours”. I know they’ve got the “big bad scary outfits” that automatically stops them from ever being playable but i still wonder about their true motives. *(SPOILERS AHEAD)* Just like how Blue Lions can paint Edelgard to be a psychopath, Black Eagles can paint Rhea to be a monster and Edelgard to be a hero, Golden deer can paint Rhea to be regretful of her decisions, etc everyone is morally grey and so on...Why did TWSITD desire to kill the children of the goddess so much?(Other than the fact that they wanted to be gods themselves) Why did they create the crests and heroes relics? Why did the church accept the power of the crests and heroes relics when they are quite literally the bones, hearts and blood of Seiros’ family? What was their goal behind reviving Nemesis? How did they get Death Knight and Edelgard involved?

  • Claude: What should we do teach? Dimitri: KILL EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM! Byleth: Bro wth i didnt even get to speak rude

  • This is one of the best games I have ever played in my life not joking. And I've barely put in any time.

  • How lovely would it be for this moment to last forever

  • Christ almighty. If you haven't already bought the game, do so. One of the best titles on the Switch. I've already played 140 hours and I still can't put it down. Replay value is absolutely insane. It's easier and a little more unbalanced than most Fire Emblem but still fun.


  • It's fun reliving the hype even after playing :D

  • OK, Rhea's voice at the end legit gives me *shivers* . God I love this game's english dub!

  • Welcome to Bait: The trailer.

  • Fire Emblem: GX