FOUND Mystery Pond Monster Creature Hide & Seek Spot with Waterproof Spy Machines!!

Опубликовано: 16 июн 2019
Right after Stephen Sharer posted “Exploring Hot Wheels id Top Secret Headquarters!! (Super Rare Car Reveal)” he realized the mystery pond monster was still in the backyard pond at the Sharer family house so oSteven and Grace Sharer headed back home. Once at home they looked for ways they could scare the pond monster from his hide and seek challenge spot and get him out of the pond! Not sure if any spy gadgets would still work, they saw at the top of their driveway the ultimate waterproof spy machines. These waterproof gadgets also called jet skis on the pond would be the best thing to get the pond monster create out if hide & seek challenge spot. So Steven and Grace put the jet ski into the pond and started riding them around to scare the monster out of hiding spot. Searching for 24hours they still were not able to find the pond monster hiding spot before their taxi for their vacation trip arrived. So now Stephen and Grace are hopping on an airplane and heading to another excusing hot wheels headquarters event. And now Momma Sharer baby Otter and Cooper will take care of the Sharer Family house while Stephen Sharer is gone!! Comment #PondMonster #GameMaster and who you think is behind this creature!
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  • I think it is under that boat because it is always hiding somewhere

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  • For carter sharer the pond monster was a alligator ☹

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  • what happend to carter and steven

  • The pond monster is a human

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  • I saw the monster behind the boat

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