Gaming On The Samsung Galaxy Fold

Опубликовано: 18 апр 2019
The Samsung Galaxy Fold features one of the largest displays ever on a smartphone. How does that translate for gaming? In this video I play various mobile games on the Samsung Galaxy Fold including PUBG (Player Unknown Battleground). The Galaxy Fold hardware can handle any mobile title but how does the unusual aspect ratio deal with the wide variety of mobile android games?
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  • My response to the broken Galaxy Fold situation -

    • Fuck all touch games, and that motherfucking notch.

    • i was toooooooo lazy to finish the video )

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    • @Thavisouk Vollavanh but it was solved

  • it benefits over the ipad BECAUSE of having way smaller screen than the ipad butstill you game better with ipad

  • I just wanna see azur lane or other anime tiddies on this phone, ok?

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  • I don't think you see more, you just see big.(change in proportion).

  • I hate when famous RU-tvs like Lew Play PUBG like that😑🤧

  • Pubg player??

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  • Great ....really galaxy ....out of space experience ...😍

  • It's trash

  • Mine wouldn’t charge and got very hot 🥵!!!! RETURN!!!!!!

  • This is the worst phone i ever seen

  • This is the worst phone i ever seen

  • Apple iPad users like here 👇

  • What`s the name of the game shooting zombies?

  • U didnt play fortnite

  • Which is its processor....?

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  • Mario run in a sd855 device this man destroys respect of every phone 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Mate x is way better than this

  • Foldable phones like Huawei mate X can be made half a glass half plastic, where the glass transfers at the edge to plastic and can be opened. The plastic part can be protected by cower when not used. Must be outwards opened like mate x.

  • Well 1 thing is obvious ur a noob player 😅😅

  • Can you install Windows emulator on this?

  • Heyy can u unboxe the new flagship killer from huawei the phone name is huawei nova 5t

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  • What happens when you get mad at the game and it folds while your playing lol

    • Would be great to have a Nvidia shield tablet that folds up lol playing games on a tiny screen is like yea 8inch screen is ample of space

  • How Is Super Mecha Champions Or Cyber Hunter?

  • Hey u must have loads of electronics. Any phones to sell me cheap? In Singapore though.

  • you are a noob in pubg

  • Galaxy Fold is back now.

  • Fold 2 with on screen camera

  • emulation like ppsspp and dolphin

  • I can buy rog phone 2, ps4 and pc, this is junk technology for 2000$. It will died after 2 hours later. LMFAO

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  • It would be even better if you could use the small screen as a control

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  • Ohh Minecraft would look good with that display

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  • *Samsung -Big display , Snapdragon 855 , foldable* *Lew - play Mario run* *Samsung - wait that's illegal*

  • I Have the Samsung galaxy S10+

  • Gaming on galaxy fail :D

  • Fold the screen

  • PUBG 4:00

  • I just buy a gaming laptop and vr headset with this budget

  • 2000 $ is enough to build a 4k pc that can run 60Fps

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