Giants vs. Jets Week 10 Highlights | NFL 2019

Опубликовано: 10 ноя 2019
The New York Giants take on the New York Jets during Week 10 of the 2019 NFL season.
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  • 1 yard

  • You know it was a rough season for Bell when a 4 yard run is a highlight

  • Hell yeah we win boys high five 😊😊😊

  • Come On Jets Let's Get Ready To Win This Game Here We Come

  • I think they should change one of the end zones is the giants and other is the jets when they play

  • 12:25

  • New York vs New York

  • Jets got beat on a few botched plays, but they were the better team ALL day

  • I love these matchups I am a Jets fan my dad is a Giants fan. I am glad to say I finally have the last laugh two times in a row. Winning back in 2015 and then 2019. Can't wait for 2023 when we face them in the regular season again hopefully the game is exciting like this one and Jets come on top again

  • Ain't this supposed to be a bowl game tho?.

  • 6:50 What's funny to me is Adams just took the ball out of Jones's hands.

  • 11:45 DeAndre Baker just gives up and starts jogging doesn't even try to tackle Thomas.

  • how is this ( not included in the highlights?

  • Who thinks the Jets should go back to being the Titans?

  • As Giants fans, we won’t except this kind of football. For New York in general, we demand better outta the Giants and NY Football as a whole. If this team doesn’t turn things around, don’t expect us to come to games.

  • Interesting game, just been reading about it ... Are you not allowed to pass the ball more than once in a continuous play or a down movement?

  • *wait who had the home field advantage*

  • I remember watching this game with my dad....and he found it very weird that this is a rare game when you play a team that shares the same stadium with you. After all, how do you consider this a road game (in the years the NFC East plays the AFC East) if the team you're playing shares the same stadium as you?

  • Why didnt they make one endzone NYG and the other JETS

    • That would’ve been cool

  • So who was the home team?

  • Looking back in this, I have 2 words: TAAAAAAAAAAAANK BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Going from 1-7 to 7-9 is actually pretty damn good

  • Who else here because of the Corona Virus

  • Wait if the jets play the giants, then who is at home?

  • The New Jersey Giants and the New Jersey Jets.

  • And the Giants still suck J E T S JETS JETS JETS

  • They were both at home

  • Ain’t nothing better than seeing a state going against the same state

  • Who was at home in this game?

  • Plot twist: this wasn't played in metlife

  • beckett likes cheifs i like texans

  • I have a friend who’s a cowboys fan, another whose a giants fan and another whose a Steelers fan so I win in that sense

  • The battle of new york

  • Out of curiosity, which team has a larger fan base? Is it true most of New York is for the Jets but almost all of New Jersey is for the Giants?

  • Let me tell you though, after this game the Jets really tuned up their season

  • They should divide the field and stadium and paint the end zones different like they do in the Super Bowl bowl

  • I thought New York was ganna win

  • Should of renamed this video "Giants vs. Jamal Adams"

  • THEIR both at home

  • Lets be honest we all had a feeling Nigeria would win.

  • Wow New York beat New York

  • New York vs New York i wonder whos gonna win lol i was today years old when i found out they are both NY

  • I was rooting for New York

  • This Crowed is Bipolar

  • Eli manning don't got the best season

  • Jamal Adams plowed Saquon

  • Slayton is underrated

  • I miss odell

  • Jets are my 2nd fav team EAGLES 1st ALWAYYS

  • Looks like cold weather did Jones arm in.

  • if the giants o line wasnt injured vs jets 2019 they wouldve pooped on jets with saquon. too bad he had 1 rushing yard

  • Omg losing againest the jets how They have Golden Tate, even engram, Darius Slayton who’s just crushing it this season, Alec ogletree, Marcus Golden, Saquon Barkley best running back in the league, and Daniel jones, JENORIS JENKINS, jabril peppers, and still they can’t win They have a suckish defense and offensive line so that’s why

  • New York played good today but fair play to New York

  • The Battle of New York is so pathetic. Wake me up when these teams are relevant and competitive.

    • I thought this was pretty good.

  • False start for what?

  • Who has the home field advantage?

  • For the Giants, this game actually shows up as an Away game on their schedule. The Giants Players must love that.

  • Which of these New York Teams DOESN'T play its home games in New York?

  • How the hell did the Cowboys lose to the jets.?

  • GO GIANTS #1 pick champs!

  • When it gets this bad I just think of the feeling of Super Bowl 42

  • I really thought New York was gonna win big surprise when New York took the win!

  • Haha american football is the only sport that needs highlights because only 5% of the game is actually play time.

  • Lamar Jackson the 🐏

  • Which team is better? New York or New York?

  • The pi call on 27 was bs tbh

  • Saquon blocking Jamal Adams Saquon: Ight Imma Head Out.

  • New York won the game but they offensive line sucks I could block better than that and I am a middle school RT

  • I'm a fan of either but but #11 on the jets at the end was running into the feild like they just won something

  • the giants are trash

  • notre dame

  • How did Nate Hairston #21 make it into the NFL? He has absolutely no talent and REPEATEDLY gets burned by every WR ALL SEASON. Cut this bum already!

  • 6:48 This play. What is this game lol.

  • This game proved that the jets are clearly the better home team

  • The New York battle!

  • Suck

  • NY Giants O-line = NO line.

  • 3:25 how is this not a false start???

  • Can we all please take a minute to compliment the close sideline ref just absolutely hucking his flag? Someone sign that guy. He's got a cannon.

  • Daniel Jones did what al bundy did 4 touchdowns in one game