God of War Review (2018)

Опубликовано: 12 апр 2018
God of War reviewed on PS4 by Jonathon Dornbush.
How God of War Reinvented Kratos
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  • Eivor: Odin is with us Kratos: not for long

  • Is it still worth it right now

  • Call me weird but I just couldn't get into this game. I'll give it another go while I wait for Ghost of Tsushima...

  • Yeah but does it make you FEEL like kratos

  • I wish could play this again for the first time😭 The next one on ps5 will be insane.

  • My favorite game of all time, i liked it even more than the Witcher 3. I’m just obsessed with Norse mythology

  • Jesus this game is beautiful

  • Get up brother!

  • Game is only fun if you play on the easiest difficulty. Otherwise you die every single fight 😂

  • i can't wait to see it on ps5

  • I hope they remaster it for PS5, i played it on 1080p 30fps and i cant wait to play it on 4K60fps! XD

    • ps5 will have 100 ps4 games on day 1.

  • Microsoft is really bad in making business decisions. They forget that making the console super powerful does not mean anything unless you give the users some exclusive content. Even the upcoming Series X is more powerful than PS5 but without exclusive games. What's the point of using a Xbox 1X or Series X in future when PC clearly can handle those same games at a much higher framerate, resolution and graphics? Sony is brilliant in this aspect. They know they cannot fight with pc as its futile. So they keep on giving blockbuster exclusives for which gamers invest on PS4. The exclusive content on PS4 keeps it ahead of PC because we are talking about game of the year contents.

  • 2 years later...What a remarkable video game. About as close to perfect as any I’ve ever played. And plus a beautifully written story. I can’t wait for the next one.

  • Damn already two years

  • This is definitely a masterpiece that I should get so I can't wait till I get this game.

  • Greatest of all time..

  • Am I the only one who uses leviathan axe more than blades of chaos

  • Who wrote the script for this review? Feels like the reviewer was looking for synonyms at the end of every point.

  • This was the moment that Sony kicked sand in Microsoft's face.

  • This game was a masterpiece!

  • I'm gonna play that one again

  • I might get a ps5 for this.

  • Mediocre game

  • Hopefully they'll release a remaster as a launch title for PS5 🤞.

    • Daksh Ramchandani Not with Backwards Compatibly with PS4 Games like this exist for PS5.

  • Just an perfect game perfect 👌🏽

  • Easily game of the year... I’d even argue game of the decade. This game is goddam incredible.

  • This game is a masterpiece. Everything - the story, the combat, the camera, the sound, the content, the music... I don't think many games have every made me cry, but I cried twice in this game.

  • Epic games: hold my golden sca...... Hang on I thought EA said multiplayer games are dead oh nevermind

  • Who pays you to write these reviews/booster reviews?

  • We didn't deserve this game.

  • But when Kratos walks into the light in Alfeim wasn't that technically a camera cut, because the screen goes white?

    • It just goes white for the same time for everybody , no loading is happening at that time

  • They should make one based on ancient Egyptian mythology

  • It’s simply the best game i have ever had the pleasure of playing.

  • It’s not the game of the year. It’s the game of the years

  • I found it difficult to enjoy the game, looks great but I seriously hated playing it.

  • Sorry but this game is just average

    • Average story, repetitive gameplay. Don't get me wrong it's not a bad game but RDR2 is in a completely different league in terms of story, characters and things to do. I never played any GOW game before GOW PS4 so maybe that's why I didn't enjoy the game that much idk.

    • How so?

    • Light Yagami rdr2 but why?

    • Sorry but it's a masterpiece , red dead 2 is average

  • In my opinion this is the best game ever made

  • Finished the story today. I was blown away from start to finish. It is easily one of the best games I've ever played. I'm anxiously waiting for the inevitable PS5 follow-up.

  • Enough hack n slash, this is Sony's Zelda.

  • Incredible game. Perfect story. Makes you beg for more as if you’re a fiend. At first seeing Kratos with a kid turns you off because you think you’re reliable for his health but that’s not the case. Just perfect!

  • Rdr2 is way better

  • Hands down, the best game I have ever played and my favourite game ever made

  • If they could have shown how he wound up in that era that would have been way cooler.

  • Looks better on pc. Oh wait...

  • just beat it !!!! loved it 10/10

  • They just wanted to spread her ashes in peace...

  • this game is amazing. just left hellheim for the second time and i won’t lie it’s starting to drag on a little. Still 10/10

  • Watching in 2020

  • Masterpiece😍👍,10/10

  • Prefer the previous series...same goes to resident evil series since re4....this over the shoulder camera view is making me headache...

  • Great game up to a certain mini Bosses fight towards the end of this game that is nearly impossible to beat even in easy mode. They need to adjust that part.

  • "Sunny Sulidge"... it`s Suljic

  • sorry but his son was annoying i wanted him to not come back when he got sick

  • I'm playing now for the 1st time and I've enjoyed that axe like no other weapon in other games

  • @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="74">1:14</a> he said blood thirsty warrior and what was the last word . Can someone spell and explain ?

  • Games boring af

    • WarnerAnime 020 what

    • How so?

    • saego360 That you’re part of the Gaming Problem.

    • @saego360 not really , doom eternal gameplay is very newish

    • Light Yagami battlefields nearest competitor, doom and Wolfenstein are abit to old fashioned

  • Portal 2 should have got 10/10 too why?

  • The kid ruins it.

  • Finished the game, came straight here. One of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had with a game. It is indeed a 10/10

  • they always undersell the length.. this took me way longer than 25 hours

  • Finally about to play this masterpiece!!!

    • have fun

  • The game was amazing but like if u think rdr2 should have won goty

    • @WarnerAnime 020 u are a very kind human

    • General Grievous Nobody Cares about you.

    • @melagkomas20 I respect ur opinion but I'm sorry I have to disagree

    • @General Grievous wait, are you talking about scenery graphics or faces etc? about the gameplay....come on man...it's not fluid enough

    • @melagkomas20 are u sure rdr2 a has better graphics and far better gameplay

  • The game is so big that you can cut parts of it and make it DLC and it will still look like a full game.

  • Yeah traded in my xbox for ps4 today I grew up playstation just stumbled into xbox for a few years due to I found a cpl for a straight steal.....but these ps exclusive titles just make most xbox exclusives look like trash

  • Now I’m Really curious to know what PS5 graphics will look like! How much better can you get?!

  • I have just finished playing this amazing game n i hv some advice/opinion suggestion for the future games obviously if they make it.. 1. Bring back nudity. 2. Remove hacksilver or whatever called treasure curreny and keep the upgrading of armour n wespons intact widely open till the end.( No need for grinding in order to get best weapons,armour n other enchantments. ) 3. Bring back auto replenish green souls(life), red souls(xp) and yellow orange souls (rage) after killing an enemy. 4.more interesting side quest n rewards. 5. Lesser use of repetitive enemy (more new enemy variety ) untill end. 6.Bring back □□◇ 7. More cool bosses fighting(like in the end). 8.push up more violence and gore. That's all folks....

    • Nickisorochi and no wonder you like your own comments.

    • @WarnerAnime 020 it's not being greedy, it's all about being optimistic improvement..

    • Nickisorochi Get over it and Don’t being such a Greedy Pig.

    • @Nickisorochi not really in fact some of them contradict the way they are handling the games now they are more mature now

    • @Christopher O Donoghue yes they does

  • For real though, this game raised the bar too damn high. Literally everything else is now completely underwhelming in comparison. Seriously, what can I play after this that isn't going to bore me? I need halp

    • @Unknown how can Cyberpunk be the new bar when it hasn't even been released yet? And as much as I love The Witcher 3, GoW's combat system shits all over it.

    • This game put the bar very low cyberpunk 2077 is the new bar after the witcher 3

    • Rdr2

  • My favorite PS4 video game.

  • The best game ever created

    • No way last of us is best game ever.this is nothing before it too boring compared to that

  • They could be more creative

  • The worst game I have ever played

    • sad for you

    • How so??

    • @Resident Contrarian and if you think loving something make my standards lower and your standards higher shows your low IQ and high illiteracy too

    • @Resident Contrarian your standards are far lower than mine mate , your standards are so low your reply didn't even came to my notifications , what game do you like ? I can disrespect and roast it far easily I am yet to play a better game , it is so..... perfect , the only flaw I had was recoloring of trolls as bosses

    • @Light Yagami you have very low standards

  • boi

  • At the risk of getting gangbanged by Tlou cult fans, this game IN MY OPINION, is way more fun than TLOU. I seriously believe tlou, while it is a somewhat decent game, is nowhere near “greatest game of all time” kratos and Atreus bonding throughout was way better than Joel and Ellie’s

    • tiernanstevens117 and what makes you think you know them both better than me?

    • @Fanaticalplel also nah. You can't compare them. At all. Fairly. I love them both. And I probably know both of them better than you.

    • @Fanaticalplel ..... Zombie is not the genre of the last of us. Jfc. Neither is "norse" lmfao. What are you smoking.

    • tiernanstevens117 and i guess the zombie genre is going to be around for a long time, Norse mythology games are basically nonexistent

    • tiernanstevens117 doesn’t mean I can’t compare them

  • Man I miss 1 week wait and watching all the reviews that was the most excited I’ve ever been to maybe anything I miss it so much but I know a sequel is in the making and that feeling didn’t end there this comment probably won’t be seen by anybody because this is almost 2 years old but still I wanted to say it.

    • I saw your comment. Lol.

  • *Cries in Xbox*

  • Why are ign reviews so pretentious ?

    • They have that air about them sometimes.

  • ru-tv.org/tv/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-6X9bN1DkGn8.html sigrun full fight

  • Is There Any Challenge? Is there!

  • Udk how hard it is to change ur gaming platform after 8 years of pc gaming just to try this game, i hope it doesn’t disappoint me

  • Wait horizon zero dawn 9.3 this 10 i need a break from these reviews