Gordon Forces Owners To Eat Their Own Disgusting Food | Kitchen Nightmares

Опубликовано: 25 май 2019
Three-week old potatoes!?
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  • Can you watch the full episode anywhere?

  • Server: He wants everyone of you to taste the shit you serve to people He really looked forward to say that to them

  • He said they didn't recommend a potato but pierogies have potato in them

  • I dont even know if a chef forcing the owners to eat ia ileagal

  • That head chef was adorable.

  • The Waiter sounds like he has a grudge

  • That shepards pie wow looked bad .....

  • Y would u freeze a potota wtf ???

  • I mean, what do you expect when you let a 21 year old who doesn't even wanna be there run your kitchen? Ofcourse the food is gonna suck. Not her fault, she's only 21. Like Gordon said, she hasn't even had a chance to learn yet. And she openly admits that it's not the career of her choice, she just does it to help out the family. While that is a very commendable attitude, it's not gonna do the food any good. Get yourself a real chef instead of forcing your inexperienced niece who wants to do something else with her life to work there.

  • I hate nepotism.

  • That young cook Danielle just needs to have help, bless her honesty. Help her!

  • Freshly frozen, lol...

  • Castanets have entered the chat.

  • Imagine Chef Gordon Ramsay coming to your struggling restaurant and ordering shepherd's pie, one of his signature dishes!!! Their sphincters must have immediately slammed shut, lol.

  • Imagine if narrator used the same language as Ramsay: "After barely swallowing the crap they call food, chef Ramsey goes into the kitchen to bust their bloody arse."

  • Places like this really need to be closed down for good...

  • A grown man can make a group of grown adults eat their own shit. My mother needs lessons, I need to eat more onions

  • Thumbs up for the chef for improving massively after this series.

  • Excuse me but isn't a restaurant's chef supposed to have an official license?

  • Good the blond hair women needs to get paid.. so dopey and miserable...😒😒😒

  • Is that where they filmed jesse

  • @4:19 lmao you basically did.

  • Every Irish person that sees those potatoes... or potato skins, will die

    • This is the friend of the person above me on his account I'm sorry to say but he passed away a few minutes ago after seeing those potatoes

  • I was expecting a “EAT THE F*CKING FOOD, YOU DONKEY!”, when I say the word Forces

  • 6:58 ZUCC 👅💦🍆😫👌👌

  • Some of the food actualy looks good not joking

  • Damn Danielle

  • how do you screw up baked potatoes..

  • Shave it off Brian

  • "I'll be back!" 😎✋💣


  • The waiter/owner shouldn’t tell the chef or cooks that Gordon is there. It allows them to cook normally without pressure, and it allows them to work better. Imagine, the food could actually have been good if they weren’t under pressure.

  • 6:27 zucc

  • That bitch Danielle be sounding like a Daniel😂😌

  • Honestly that potato soup looked pretty good. I think he was being overly dramatic about that one.

  • 4:21 Me: Well guess what your kid is fucking ugly

  • Danielle is a cutie!

  • TBH those potatoe skins looked fuckin awesome until I heard their description

  • They cancelled it because gordon was getting sick

  • Daniel, I am the head chef, literally said She had no idea what She was doing

  • Who the f*ck would freeze a potato

    • Barbiie Doll - Well, almost every restaurant you go to uses frozen French fries. It freezes quite well and has a long life.

  • Claire is a moron

  • The Food may Sucks… but Danielle ist Cute as hell.

  • the waiters hot tho lol

  • Sick a great chef Gordon I love your food had a chance to eat it in London recently absolutely Delicious

  • Gordon: sorry I didn’t catch your name Me: that’s because I didn’t throw it...

  • FROZEN!?

  • 4 grown ass women who can't cook?! I find that very hard to swallow. maybe it's the Italian in me but every woman and man in my family brings something special from the kitchen,most especially my mom and aunties!

  • "That's like something you get at the cafeteria at college" Bitch, college food is actually fucking good-- your food is shit

  • better than amy's bakeshop amiright?

  • THREE WEEKS OLD!!! WHY?!!! The worst a restaurant in my country will do is 2 days!

  • Gordon is hot :) I like blondes and English people :)

  • femme power

  • I feel like they put WAY too much pressure on Danielle.

  • 5:25 that server has been wanting to say that since he started working there😂😂😂

  • If u know the menu is not good if u saw gordon close it as fast as u can

  • Gordon: *says every single curse word under the sun* Gordon: *won’t hesitate to call anything a disgusting name* Also Gordon: Hooooly- mackerel!

  • shepherd's pie has potatoes

  • God I feel so bad for Danielle. She probably didn’t wanna even cook, but her aunts probably just kept begging her.

  • I swear when i coud meet ramsey by cooking shit in a restaurant i would prepare a false one only to shake his hand!

  • I love it that Gordon rarely, if at all ,gets angry on the waiters. I mean yeah if a waiter spills the food on you it's probably their fault but if the food is shit they have nothing to do with it. The atmosphere and food in a restaurant is controlled mostly by the owners, mangers and chefs but still many people gets angry on the waiters although all they do if move the food and take orders.

  • THREE WEEKS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????

  • I’m mad these owners be serving people weeks old potatoes, raw beef, cold chicken, and lamb with no sauce, then be insulted when Ramsey tell them they food ain’t good

  • even if Gordon is harsh when criticizing food and he might seem like an overall asshole he’s all about manners notice how when the waiter goes to ask what he wants he wants his name first

  • Ima go kill myself in the kitchen Lmaoooo

  • The chef was quite lovely...

  • Can't believe this shit is still relevant

  • She shouldn’t joke like that. This upsets me. 4:18

  • He went easy on chef because they admitted they are shit and don’t actually refer to themselves as a chef

  • I understand these places suck but I feel bad for the owners especially these guys

  • As someone who was born and raised in and right outside of Philly, the fact that they can't make pierogies is a shame. Pierogies are a Philly staple! How sad 😔

  • Ramsey vs ratatouille News: dead mouse found cooking for a critic.

  • Que buen show :v

  • What a beautiful hot chef ... 😘😘

  • Not gonna lie the head chef is hot af

  • I feel bad for the "chef".. I'm glad he wasn't too harsh on her

  • They might as well just dig up and serve a backyard potato cuz that looks like diarrhea sh't!

  • pause at 2:31

    • @Sir Galahad his face

    • *What happens at **2:31**!?*

  • At least they seem to accept the fact that they suck

  • Who freezes potatoes?

  • I saw these review's on a restaurant that only said they took to long to cook the food, but my friend went to that place, and food was amazing, turns out the food is sooooo fresh and very organic, theres gluten free and vegetarian section on the menu, and they have a farm that they get all their stuff from.

  • how do u not know what your food tastes like

  • 2:44 My parents when im 25 with no real job nor girlfriend,and then this is me telling them im sorry 4:11 and then its also me after admitting im nolife 4:18

  • The cool is gorgeous ut I'm picking up on some butch vibes...

  • Customer: "Man, tastes really good!" (Ramsay walks in) Customer: _"That is DISGUSTING! So blend and DRY!"_ Someone in the Kitchen: *"nnnIIIINNNOOoooo"*

  • Waiter: *brings food* Gordon: *is this FROZEN?* Waiter: *yes* Gordon: *DISQUSTING!!*

  • Video running 15 fps no pr0bLem

  • bruh there is I think no episode that Gordon actually likes food

    • *Actually there are a couple that Gordon likes its extremely rare but it does happen*

  • I can cringed when he took the first bite

  • Boi be savage

  • I went blind every time they tried to make the slow motion thing.

  • only thing appetizing here is the chef, what a cutie

  • Where can I see the full episode which restaurant is this ?

  • “Ok. I’m gonna go kill myself in the kitchen” 😂

  • Gordon : *sips ice cold water* *”IS THIS FROZEN”*

  • The chef is so fine 😍

  • "not one of you recommending a potato" *literally said Shepherd's pie*

    • That is what I am thinking. Shepherd pie has potatoes

  • Never ever ever freeze veges. Always fresh everyday or 3days only. Meat freeze up to 1week only. Cooked food needs to be eaten right away or throw away everyday out. Broths up to 2days throw out.

  • Blondie is hot

  • "It's like going to your kid fucking ugly" lmao 😂