Greatest Trick Plays in US Sports History (Part 1)

Опубликовано: 1 апр 2018
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  • oh yeah btw the thumbnail is at 9:20. I usually put it at the beginning of the vid, sorry

  • Rip kobe

  • Listen you can’t tell me on that night we all weren’t rooting for the eagles Philly special will be iconic forever it will be this generations immaculate reception

  • *Lateral throw leads to touchdown* Americans: "ARE YOU KIDDING ME, WAS THAT REAL?!" Meanwhile rugby fans wanna know why they don't just do this all the time

  • The "Music City Miracle" was unquestionably a forward lateral.

  • The basketball ones suck.

  • lol @ the Tennessee "lateral" that went forward 2 yards at 8:17

  • who knew gym class was the most important class in school

  • Don't understand what is so interesting about laterals in the NFL. Happens hundreds of times in a single game of rugby league

  • Way back when people used to watch major-league sports

  • I appreciate the great sport highlights. Thanx. Not sure how those hockey shoot outs are trick plays tho. More skill and talent 😉🏒

  • Totally

  • @2:11 think about that for just a second....prety Fu&*ing amazing play.

  • Lol. To the barker. Literally got on all 4s. No homo.

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  • be alright dean lewis

  • Where's the Boise State Statue of Liberty play?

  • I don't even watch hockey but the hockey ones had the best trick plays

  • Who else only here for football

  • Clearly the greatest trick play in US sports history is that one OJ did to that jury in the 90s!

  • I have literally never been interested in nhl I just somehow randomly ended up here. It’s 2am on a Saturday night

  • Does anybody else hate this update where you can’t tap to a certain point in the video

  • The best wasn’t shown: Boise State’s go-ahead TD stunt against OU in the national championship game a few years back. That TD won it for them.

  • Dang i was gonna enjoy this but when the NBA came on it ruined everything and i had to turn it off. Thumbs down and out....

  • 👍🏾

  • Why does Tennessee always embarrass Buffalo

  • Tht last one tho😆😆😆

  • 7:35 was that play meant to go back to Brady? or just quick thinking by Moss?

    • It was, he was the only patriot with that arm

  • Majority of this is hockey lol 🏒

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  • The baseball one where he held the ball and waited was bullcrap. The initial play should be dead when the runner is safe. No movement should be granted to either party. It should allow both teams to reset themselves.

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  • Sick

  • That barking dog play is messed up lol

  • how

  • Ive always wondered why teams don’t run more hook and ladders, it’s a great play

  • 3:23 "Euwwwww" is enough said 🏒

  • 10 seconds of unskippable ads? Wow

  • Rip Kobe

  • The barking dog was also wide open just saying

  • I saw this in my teacher’s recommended page in 5th grade 😂

  • Who is here after Lakers won the nba 2020?

  • 7:07 Was it just me, or was the announcer ahead a little?

  • 5:20 the good ol hook and ladder play

  • Was watching the kuch one live

  • Matthew 17:23 And they shall kill him, and the third day he shall be raised again. And they were exceeding sorry.

  • 0:38 the rams did that first to the seahawks

  • The fucking barking one LMFAOOOOOOO

  • What’s tricky about the baseball play? He acted like he couldn’t find the ball so the runner would try for 2nd?

    • Yes , the runner thought it was gonna hit floor so he took a chance , nice trick dont know why they dont do these kinda of tricks often tho lol.

  • Forward Fucking Pass

  • Cool video. Would have loved to see the Marino Fake Spike, or the Big Ben version

  • confused on mlb one at 1:40 what did they do

  • RIP my dude!

  • US sports rock and roll, no question 25 years ahead of the UK, it's like glimpsing the future from Manchester, England

  • Awesome compilation!

  • ummm, nothing special here.


  • Hi

  • You do realise Roger Federer isn’t from the US

  • Baseball is so lame. Change the damn rule, already. Make it a gentleman's game, not a cheap gimmicky shit show. If the runner beats the throw that's the end of it and he should then have the right to the take his foot off the bag so long as he's within 5 feet of the bag. Every other sport had trick plays. Baseball had idiotic nonsense. And morons wonder why no one with an IQ above room temperature gives a fuck about baseball.

  • Best nhl overtime goals

  • 0:00 I can pull off the kicherov deke in real life. Isn't that hard actually. A lot harder in NHL 20

  • ...and the winner is... The barking dog play..

  • The barking dog is legendary

  • 5:16 wow

  • Hockey has no place in a trick play video.

  • The lateral would work every time

  • Not the biggest hockey fan, but man those trick shots.

  • God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!

  • Who’s watching in 2020 RIP KOBE

  • 5:25 is my favorite because Brady tried to do the exact same thing earlier that game and totally biffed it. Few things can make a grown man grin like that 😆

  • RI

  • Pls explain 8:00

  • Don't show the forward pass by tennessee. It was heartbreaking enough watching it live.

  • 9:25 offensive pass interference pick play

  • 3:43 thats traveling bitch

  • Love the last one. Just the runners face to his coach. “Come on man you’ve got to let me know.”

  • The last video. 😂😂😂

  • Missed Sonny Jurgensen's behind the back pass.

  • Are you looking for something?

  • Somene finally gave hockey some credit

  • Tsn is not the US that’s Canada... dummy

  • US sports history???


  • I remember in 8th grade we pulled the good ol bounce pass and confused everyone but our team. The refs had to call someone to rule it a TD.

  • I don’t think you know what a trick play is, but these are pretty cool regardless

  • How is that Eagles play on this list? Lol

  • You always save the best for last!

  • 5:55 this greatest lineman who ever scored!

    • The refrigerator Perry, 1985 Bears, rushed for a touchdown and caught a pass for a score too, 300 pounds, gave new meaning to wide receiver.

  • 2:40 Crazy!

  • That play at 0:52 is perfectly executed!

  • Dolphins actually had a really cool onside kick once. I wish I remembered which game it was, but the kicker ended up recovering the ball himself.

  • Richard shErMaN

  • 9:23 - thumbnail

  • 2:57 ...Is intentionally hitting someone in the face with a basketball not a foul??

  • 8:20 is a forward lateral

    • If you have seen the play before, they confirmed it wasn’t

    • No, it was the pass

  • 1 min 50 sec is european hockey btw

  • I gave this video a thumbs down because of the illegal formation thumbnail clickbait bullshit.

    • It's only illegal if they snap the ball in that formation. They did not. It was not in any way illegal. By your logic, a huddle is an illegal formation. It was not click bait. That play appears in the video.

  • wow 2 yrs later ?

  • Since when was Djokovic american? lol