Guess That: Kidz Bop vs. Original Song Challenge

Опубликовано: 24 июн 2019
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Content featured:
1) Ed Sheeran
- Original Song:
- Kidz Bop Song:
2) Lady Gaga
- Original Song:
- Kidz Bop Song:
3) Beyoncé
- Original:
- Kidz Bop:
4) Green Day
- Original:
- Kidz Bop:
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Guess That: Kidz Bop vs. Original Song Challenge


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    • REACT you should make Jacksfilms do this

    • I’d like to see them try an eminem og song

    • REACT My favorite Kidz Bop Kidz Song is Lightening Before The Thunder!!!

    • do more of this series!!!!


  • This channel needs to chill out with the flashes every second

  • Kidzbop ruins all songs

  • Why is 6ix9in’s sisters on my screen?

  • One of the best ones (not in the video) "She says that she's never afraid. Just picture everybody smILINg." aaagghh I can't

  • Ok adults its2019kiuds don't have innocent minds bushes only like 2kids are innocent

    • Sofia Cruz I had a seizure trying to read this

  • React to red velvet bad boy

  • You should do a part two with old town so a in it

  • I love Britney’s hair

  • um ALBERTO the kids who watch these videos pay your BILLS

  • When they did single lady the song came on the radio

  • Wow \(◎o◎)/

  • The only lyrics they really have to change is the curse words

  • I like the new kidbop songs

  • I want to punch Sheila and Alberto so bad in their face😤😤😤

    • Soz rude*

    • That’s rusey

    • Because there adults and the kids bop sing bad in mine and there opinion

    • @Sugar with who?

    • Like i cannot say that i enjoy it but i can't hatr on it either. Those kids are making some money from that despite them who probably ate their boogers and played in the mud at their age

  • I just had one of those "Wow you US:ians are kind of religious aren't you?" moments, because it didn't cross my mind for a second that "sin" might be considered an objectionable word.

  • It’s not that hard

  • Cool

  • 0:30 I-

  • I don’t know why they had to change it I’m a kid and was young when I started listening to this song so no need

  • 2:21 😤

    • @Amy _Qc it's not freaking true btw we didn't ask about ur opinion.

    • Thay act like that thay wasn’t kids

    • Not all times

    • XxGacha MiaxX What ? It’s true

  • 2:24 AHEM

  • They were all kidz bop versions no originals😂

  • I agree with the Alberto guy on hating kids bop

  • Would love to see more of this. Not just guess this/that song, I know you guys have more videos on that, but like kids bop vs original, super unique concept that I absolutely loved. Series???

  • What is kids bop?

    • You spelled it wrong it’s kidz Bop Look it up on RU-tv 👈🏼👍🏼😀

    • They literally explained it in the video dud

    • It's where kids cover popular songs

  • Kids bop is so badddddd

  • Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Dionte: Woo bish I'm in this thing!

  • Glee is better than kids bop

  • "Omg is that the thing that jacks films makes fun of" 😂😂😂😂yaas

  • when i was little, my mom thought Kidz Bop was cool for little kids, and she made me listen to the same songs EVERY SINGLE DAY.

  • My name is Kennedy

  • 0:29 oH ThE oNe JaCkSFilMs mAkeS fUn Of I'm dead 😂😂

  • Kidz bop ruins the frickn song and im 10 yrs old

  • i'm sure jack would be immensely pleased to hear that at LEAST one person knows kidzbop as "that thing jacksfilms makes fun of"

  • Kidz bop Is basically that one time where Riverdale covered candy store from Heathers

    • Bhahahaha but I’m also sad😭 rip Cameron Boyce 😭😭

    • Bruh lmao 😂


  • I remember when kids bop 29 or something came out and I was little so I was so stoked about them singing let it go I might be wrong about 29 but whatever

    • Julianna Burns I remember when 20 came out 🤣

  • 7:00 Look For The :3 Face.

    • that face just cringes me so much

    • @billie._.exllish im pretty sure its the score...

    • I cant find it

  • Brittany’s hair is so pretty!!!!

  • They are so mean roasting kids they are idiots

    • They aren’t roasting the kids.The kids just audition to sing,dance and be in videos.The company controls everything that goes on including the dancing the singing and changed lyrics.

    • Kidzbop ruins songs

    • Samantha Remnant let me guess you are a 8 year old that actually likes kidz bop