After Chad Wild Clay made HACKERS RAN ME DOWN IN TESLA After I Rescue PZ4 in 24 Hour Challenge, Vy Qwaint created I TRICKED HACKERS in a NINJA BATTLE ROYALE Challenge, and Daniel uploaded I BECAME A GIRL & TRICKED A HACKER in Real Life (Daniel vs Project Zorgo 24 Hour Challenge) to the Exposing Project Zorgo RU-tv Channel, we acquired the signal booster from a Project Zorgo mystery box and stopped their plans! Suddenly, the gadget started tracking our location! We were in the safe house and had to escape so they couldn't find its location! We played hide and seek in real life against the PZ members! I challenged one Project Zorgo hacker to a battle royale but he chased me and called for backup with a Tesla car! I was lucky enough to jump out of the way like a true spy ninja and help my friends Daniel and PZ4 Regina defeat the hackers! Unfortunately, the mysterious hackers took back the $10,000 signal booster device! They changed the key so our decoder wheel didn't work. Once we solve clues, we can figure out their next doomsday event! Regina's mask kept beeping. Suddenly a huge flash emitted from her mask, breaking her mask into pieces and I saw her face reveal unmasking! Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family-friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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  • I'm on.pz

  • project zorgo is wacthing

  • project zorgo is wacthing

  • Daniel is The original chad

  • If PZ 48 is in love with VY maybe he will join the SPY NINJAS

  • i want to be a spyninja chad and vy

  • If you pause at 8:31 the project Zorgo member doesn’t have a mask

  • It’s atamotone

  • It’s very weird that both of the auto matons are in the trees…

  • It’s in the tree!

  • Chad x Regina vy x Daniel

  • No panther 100 is the golden hacker

  • Sorry pz4

  • I Feel Bad For PZ301

  • I see3

  • The BEST thing was that Daniel and Regina were holding hands to defeat the HACKER

    • Daniel and Regina sitting in a tree k I s s I n g first comes love

  • Can I just ask why did the mask explode??

  • Daniel your a idiot dude just walk through the rocks ididot

  • Praject zorgo is waching

  • That's a crazy muisical intrument

  • You

  • Uh no

  • Why did pz4 wogt for Projekt Zorgo

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  • You did 4 not 5 of the music 🎶 notes

  • I'm a RU-tvr

  • Can you come to me and also love your vids

  • why is there more pols then one pol

  • The red hood is hacing youtubers

  • I Love your family vy

  • I love your videos chad

  • There was a bomb in there or tnt beacause it kept beeping

  • Ya it’s it

  • I Love you dear vy

  • If I were there i would throw 10 rock in that hacker nut and punch him in he’s face

  • I think 🤔 the piping sound was when you where with the battle and Regina bumped with the hacker and it started piping kick bomb and remember project zorgo always fards 🤢🤮 eww

  • It's from a website called vat 19

  • It's June to here

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  • Hey chad I fall you are spy ninja

  • Wait I have that thing omg

  • i love chad and vy ,daniel

  • Vy! Won of ej hekr in his mjuzik. Fidijos hi set wod joe. Ieev. Cad for mi?

  • you can do it kickbump I love you i a'm Jasmeet Kaur

  • im not a hater youst that im helping

  • wait a min how about the 5 little thing that plays music

  • My brother hates your channel

  • Omg I feel so bad for pz4

  • I want to be a ninja but am a kid

  • ur biggest fans can u send me decoder wheel??

  • Pz48 have a crush on vy

  • 3:03

  • I sawed Regina’s closed eyes Like this video if you saw this

  • PZ9 is Justin Project Zorgo maybe kidnaped Justin!

  • At 8:32who saw the bright yellow gloves hiding in the tree

  • yes ok

  • Take.it.off.

  • PZ9 PZ1 PZ4 WOW

  • KEY=s

  • Stahp

  • #Kickbump

  • CHAD!VY!REGINA!DANIEL! I just came back from project Zorgo And Found out That Pz3 Is working on a weapon that May or May not Defeat you So Be Careful of PZ3 Or Project Zorgo I'm a spy ninja B

  • Tell project zorgo to come over to Ave b 1714 red apartment

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  • Hey you need to chop fruit sometime.

    • No this is better than chopping dumb fruit

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  • Kick bump

  • The music is at the tree's park Vy

  • Pz9 might be Justin

  • I like bees and Chad's videos

  • Pz9 is Justin

  • You guys ar de best!

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  • I love you chad and vy

  • I saw Regina s face

  • Chad wild clay

  • 48 pz Love you

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  • 7min Ilove you cwc

  • Get PC for two ripper of her Marce

  • Pz4 is Regina cwc


  • Are mask pz4 are blowing. We want to see her face regina.

  • I only watch project zorgo to get intel for u guys there channels horrible

  • The hacker is right it wasn't fair I felt bad for him 4 on 1

  • Hey Chad Peezy four name is Regina Regina OK I will watch you guises videos

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  • Come on Regina you can Do it👍👍👍your awesome👏🤘🏻 kick Bump 👣

  • That is a toy and it can do way more things thin you thank

  • PZ301

  • Regina's face is really regular

  • Do another video of going into the hackers headquarters

  • Why is pz4s masks beeping so loud and I love you Chad wild clay and I love you vy quaint I love you so much Chad wild clay and vy quaint 🍜🍝🥫🧀

  • Nooooooooooo

  • t hahaha