Haters did this to my NEW MERCEDES

Опубликовано: 9 мар 2020
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  • Noah is such a cutie.

  • So funny how they all ran when he said Lasagna. Lol. Hilarious!

  • Do you think there’s a little chef in there 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂

  • Awwww Sherman’s dad is so cute 😂

  • Smash like botton for more videos

  • Alright guys it's time for the lasagna....then they all run for there life LMFAO!!! 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😅😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • idk why i laughed so hard when noahh started dancing LOOOL

  • Put ur dad more in the vlogs

  • Nobody likes your videos

  • Sud to me popreserve yt

  • The man said a lizard im hungry 😂😂🤣🤣🤣 I cant

  • hope your foot good

  • **my mom trying to have a serious conversation with me** me: 9:50

  • brooo sherhamn is the goat

  • Great video

  • Is it fake bling cause I have real bling

  • 4:45 my teeth hurt and how can he BITE ice cream😂

  • Meals ready to eat they were created for the military

  • This is so funny lmao

  • the hart earing is not dope is horrible and looks gay as fuck

  • Sherman. I've decided to watch ur videos on repeat even when I'm not home just to help u pay for the car.

  • Haha this is too funny keep up with the good work lad

  • 5:43 did he say ratitouillie with the l’s ? 😂😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️💀

  • Broke niggaaaa

  • Hi

  • This bitch ass nigga barley talked about his car

  • No way Brandon made a video on the same place the restaurant and it was about his get wrecked and Anthony you have the right to get revenge

  • When Noah has to much go drink 9:51

  • “Does that come with fosolia??” 🤣🤣 that’s basically like green bean/ carrot stew (I’m Egyptian so I’ve had it before)

  • Why do people do these things to your family when you guys work so hard

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  • Bro why did he change the title of this video.

    • BLADE VENOM GAMING Hey would u be willing to watch my most recent video? I put so much time into it and my videos are lit. No lie but I know I’m a random person I’m just looking for people to entertain 👌 but I hope you have a good day. Maybe sub too?

  • i love ur vids keep up the good work ur the best.

  • Beef or pork vs mystery 'meat' lasagna... Mmm sounds tasty either way. 😂

  • Ngl anthony shows off stuff a lot

  • Can you get widelens for your camera

  • 😍❤️

  • Cheeseburger 🍔

  • Poop Shream

  • I'm also chaldean boii love the vids bruh keep it up 👍😉😉

  • Haters lol there people at the gym

  • Lmfao 😆🤣🤣🤣🙈 that what you get for bieng such a douche

  • I watched this before you changed the title and i was weirded out it was the same as brandons lmao

  • thats not what it is its what the army eats tf

  • 7:18 me and my sister making a mess in the kitchen

  • Dope

  • Anthony what camera do you use?

  • it acely cool

  • CEO of changing his title

  • Ur dads so funny and coated!

  • You guys realize all his subscribers came from Faze Rug And Brawadis. He has done nothing but record his face. Why on earth wouldn’t he be happy.

  • Upload more bro❤️

  • Noah is actually for real the best actor

  • I'm watching this of acid I think they took acid 2 like if u agre

  • That is not a MRE that is camping food. MRE is what they use and the military. And it looks nothing like that

  • What a crock of shit

  • It’s funny how someone did it to brawadis now Sherman like 3 days later

  • Anthonys hands look like little kids hands at 3:00 😂😂😍

  • Bro ice cream sandwiches always come already made lol. The lasagna on the other hand....

  • Stupid af nigga just copied the video from Brandon

  • You should do a video where you make Brandon mad for 24 hours

  • Cant be real

  • Anthony has been wearing the same thing everytime he goes out 😭😭

  • There’s always time for basketball fam

  • That part with your dad is so funny.😄Great video!👍🏻

  • Like or you will get the Coronavirus

  • I’m in the military y’all should try the mre’s they give us here it’s way different than these ones 😂

    • In a good way different or bad way different?? Now I'm intrigued ha ha

  • Go suns 🧡💜

  • a combination of brawadis,faze rug, sherman in a day would complete my whole day. keep grindin hard bro

  • So are Brandon and Anthony trying to make this a trend?....

  • I enjoy your vlogs more than Brandon’s 😔😂😂

  • I lived off m.r.e.'s for weeks. ..they're for disasters and military. I'm in south mississippi where hurricane katrina devistated my home!

  • Thank you Rug you are the only person i know that bites into ice cream i do it too

  • Is this the video" We ate astronaut food for 24 hours"....Shermanation......🤗

  • Thought that was Military food

  • O Haha how funny it hapend to Branden now it soposobly happened to you.you decided they to trick us because not all af us watch his channel

  • I don’t know why,Noah does not like a bad perdon but I don’t like him his So annoying 🙄

  • why do you guys hate on noa when filming so much, it looks stupid, treat the guy nicely to man.

  • 🥰😍😘🔥🔥🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • wait hol up athony said hes a virgin and brandon said he wasnt basically in other words i think brandon and jackie are dating no cap

  • Brandon: does a “hater ruined my car” vid. 2 days later ABRHONT DOES THE SAME FUCKING VIDEO

  • noah went high as fuck to the dinner lmao😂😂😂😂😂 he knew he was bouta eat good

  • What a coincides 🤔 first Brian then Anthony

  • Anthony is your drinking making you think of ghost?

  • Bro Anthony it's happening in your pad as well dam that's scary

  • Loser

  • should've known it was clickbait

  • M. R. E meal ready to eat

  • MRE means Meal Ready to Eat

  • Too much water thats y it was bland smh

  • I’m hungry 😂💀 “ what are you going to eat the lizard” 😂💀

  • Like it's not that hard if you know where ate you know where everyone else is and just they are the only one getting fucked with this I'd just super weird and doesn't make sense to me sorrry for calling you guys out loo

  • Does anyone think its weird that Brandon and Anthony got fucked with at the same time and had nothing to say about

  • U should do a week when you upload every day

  • dont spend your money all cus u uploed one dam video

  • This vid had no ads

  • Dood what is this😂😂😂

  • First was trying astronaut food to haters did this to my car... bit funny when people change their title and photo to try get more views ahahaha

  • Thumbs down for the clickbait!!! #sorrynotsorry not a fan of that lol.

  • Anthony... why you so fat?

  • U copy brawadis video