he had 99 cents in his bank account...

Опубликовано: 16 апр 2019
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coachella was magical
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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


  • Did u see blackpink just asking

  • I literally came back to this video just to hear his Story one more time we live in a crazy world and people like them make it better 4 people like me 😭

  • I miss the old Logan....

  • Lowkey was fire and reminded me of the The Hamilton on Broadway

  • Jake was fucking rolling...

  • AUSTIN!!!

  • Wow that rap

  • Sub to this man

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 💯💯💯💯10/10 Logan is far and beyond just keep getting better and better.. you just never know what his vlog is going to be and always turns absolutely incredible and phenomenal 👏👏👏👏

  • Bro this video made me tear up

  • I would have done a doube backflip into the water sned me up there fam

  • Não

  • That kid is on crack period.

  • 5:20 WTF

  • The next mf eminem

  • Way to make it was at least he's trying in his life to be somebody and be there to experience something people can't and do his best to be the best person he can

  • you drunk

  • Rip jerica

  • You look hella fat in the pichtur you showed us 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 8:03 when you see your first pair f tits

  • Did you met James Charles? And I want to say to James Congrats on 15m

  • Lurking hard rn

  • Logan is a amazing dude

  • Is that DJ Pauly D ?

  • This guy should team up with Steve GRant hh

  • OMFG JASON NASH, DAVID D, LELE OMFG SO MANY AMAZING RU-tvRS. oh yeah and your brother

  • 2:46 is that Hannah stockings and lele?

  • *logan: breaths *logans skyrim skill menu: virginity 100 merch plug 100 autism 100

  • Jeff has s so hot!!❤️❤️

  • I have had 8 € in my account for a year now, tell ME where to jump man! :)

  • The other dude next to the guy rapping was so cringy

  • All those fans out there stop being numb ass and change some ones life

  • When will Logan get a girlfriend

  • Incest

  • Have you ever been to Connecticut?? We have 2 really nice casinos would love to meet you!!

  • 8:11 really touched my heart 🥰

  • All love

  • Thank you Logan for everything you do keep up the good work go loganing

  • was that jaden smith in 2:27

    • Yep

  • Yeah this is gay as aids..... holy crap my 6 year old would make u cry

  • Coachella? more like Herpchella!! I heard a lot of people got herpes there 😷

    • +Hannah Brown dick disease

    • What is that

  • Yo whats his sound cloud

  • how long until children in Africa are rocking the mav gear?

  • Logan met jaden smith

  • Is Catherine with Austin

  • "Make sure to head over to LoganPau*cough* *cough* ×_×"

  • Hey I love u like I’ve been in the Logang since day one and im just a kid I’m 11 but sometimes younger people are right but anyways I’m just being stupid but I liked it better when u did like stupid stuff idk I’m just an idiot tho

  • I have a question for u r u going to coachella?😂😂

  • People say how do you sleep at night this this is how

  • Omg lele pons and Hannah stocking

  • This got me into tears 😭

  • @Nappimusic u sicko mode rn ma dude

  • When he rapped I was like oh my gosh this is dope

  • I love how Austin shows up with the body guards lol 😂😂😂😂

  • Logan loses his other brain cells after listening to that rap!!!!

  • We want you like you were In your old volgs ;(

  • Does Logan have herpies?

  • I feel bad because when I USED to like Jake I bought his merch and I still wear it. Lmao 😂

  • I have less than 99 cents

  • when the molly kicks in

  • Use code Juccixx on the item shop

  • I need lyrics for the rap part, anyone else?


  • Did you talk to Daniel and Jonah at all?

  • You awesome and I’m a big fan and I’ve been watching you since I was 3 you light up my day and your so awsome I miss Kong

  • I really like the dude who s rapping you need to make a song with him with the song he sings

  • 8:15 Logan Paul steeling kids be like

  • Ye he had 99¢ in cuz back account cuz he took all the rest out when he went to the atm

  • remember Logan’s 40 minute vlogs?..good times.

    • You high? He never had 40 minutes vlogs (15 to 20 minutes)

  • Burning man here we come

  • 2:13 are you putting us in love

  • He has a flow like drax

  • The 16 was my 13 bd

  • i love how they played NappiMusic’s music at the end of the video. Much respect for that 👆🏾

  • I love how The Ace Family showed up to Coachella and that rap was sickkkkkk

  • Omg Austin Mcbroom!😭❤

  • Anyone know the beat at 2:27

  • Even and logan are cute holding hands (;

  • gay ass Americanos fukin retards

  • Saw your vlog after ages. 🤨

  • Did you also get herpes

  • When Logan was holding Evens hand since it was night I bet some people thought Even was Logan’s kid

  • Jesus

  • I'm homeless and anything will help cash app name is $Joester2x logan paul you are my idol an one day I wanna be like you 5 dollars will get me something to eat even a dollar will help I'm grateful for anything thank yu logan for these vlogs with out you being a motivation to me I don't know what I will do thank you logan

  • Don’t Really Understand Great Success S

  • King Of Newest Gangstas

  • Poor dude man, he rly should have spent that money on someone who isn’t him.... I mean he is ignorant asf, Ik I’m finna get attacked but I’m only taking advantage of my first amendment

  • Are u going to Coachella!?

  • kinda fire won't lie

  • 2:47 here you have Hannah stocking spinning on Logan Paul’s finger

  • 8:56 yo James Charles was sucking dick there

  • Love you ❤️❤️😂x

  • You are a very nice person and sorry you lost Kong

  • Follow me on Instagram @willy_hydro

  • 0:15 (only rdr2 players will get this) Logan has TB

  • The ace family are there

  • Szar vagy

  • 1:57 *sweet home Alabama*

  • the filming of this was so good the music and fireworks and effects damn

  • The pond is were the herpes outbrake came from😂😂😂😂😂