Heinz Combo Sauce Taste Test

Опубликовано: 26 июн 2019
Want another taste test?! Find out which Heinz combo sauce is the best! GMMORE #1560
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  • Stubbs Sticky Sweet is amazing. It has that extra sweetness to balance with the pepper.

  • There is also a mayomustard I saw in the store recently

  • Chic fil a sauce is essentially mayo, kc masterpiece, and honey mustard:3

  • Fancy sauce

  • sweet baby rays! you guys know whats up

  • I literally screamed for joy when I saw Cotton Candy Randy slip on on to the screen!

  • in my neck of the woods we mix mayo and ketchup and call it fry sauce i like to had a little hot sauce to it to spice it up.

  • where does josh gets his flamingo tee from!!

  • You think cotton candy randy just sits in the back of the studio until he decides to come on camera?

  • Bro kranch is pretty much me I put ketchup in my cheeseburger and then I use ranch to dip my cheeseburger

  • That South Carolina Sauce is for chicken

  • No in Texas you use Rudy's sause and that is the only acceptable option

  • Mayo and ketchup is called fry sauce!!...

  • I personally like rayochup

  • A little hole. No head

  • Red Robbins campfire sauce is just two parts sweet baby Ray's hickory BBQ sauce to one part Hellman's mayonnaise

  • Mayoketchup on fried plátanos 👌🏼true puertorriqueño stuff right there 🤤

  • yeah the mayo and ketchup is fry sauce

  • Mayo ketchup was created in Puerto rico and was created for foods like mofongo and fried chicken

  • I love Rhetts face when he saw Cotton Candy Randy 😂😂

  • Mayo Ketchup in Puerto Rico is just special sauce 😭

  • in russia we call mayo/ketchup mix ketcunaise and that's the only valid way

  • No one needed to know that mayo curdles 😂

  • I know it’s just a regional thing for Idaho and Utah for the most part but mayochup is just fry sauce. And we use it for well fries all of the time

  • Josh is a national treasure XD

  • Tht Ketchup and Mayo be hittin b, where my hispanics at

  • Heinz really had the chance to use Ranchup but went with Kranch.

  • My day has been blessed by the king daddy. Also ketchup and mayo is always my goes to.

  • Columbia, South Carolina ayeeee my home.

  • So, mayonaise and ketchup mixed together makes what the western USA call fry sauce. It's great on burgers and fries.

  • I wear jeans and flip-flops too lol

  • josh seems so intimidated by rhett and link lmao

  • We are at 666k views at 6 days old. Something is up.

  • but where's the mayomust??? mayo and mustard is amazingggg

  • so officially stubs wins!!!!!!!!

  • on the east coast mayo + ketchup is called "russian dressing"

  • My dad got me hooked on stubbs and we both liked sweet baby Ray's. BBQ was our bonding thing before he passed. Lost but not forgotten.

  • josh is a beautiful beefcake of a man

  • The guy in the middle reminds me of Jesse Eisenberg

  • Why is josh always emotionless

  • mayo and ketchup is called fry sauce everyone eats that in virginia !

  • I absolutely freekin love Cotton Candy Randy!!

  • You guys forgot Mayomust

  • Why am I getting the notification 6 days later :')

  • For homemade Chick-fil-A sauce use BBQ and honey mustard sauce. It is a super close version.

  • I puts the ketchup in my pepper gravy, where you at heinz?

  • Mayocue seems like a really good idea

  • Mayo + sriracha = lifechanging

  • Tf you people dissing on Oklahoma

  • Mayo and sriracha sauce