(Hot Debut) aespa - Black Mamba [Music Bank / 2020.11.20]

Опубликовано: 20 ноя 2020
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  • 아이야야야 할때 안무 개웃기네ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Giselle is my Bias 😍

  • They are just looking like pretty aliens


  • wow

  • I IOVE Y0U 😎

  • 😎🤵🤵🤵🙏


  • 是的,我知道事實,現在在Instagram上的Cyber​​PunkHackers@GMAIL.COM或Cyber​​punk_hackers是幫助訪問社交媒體帳戶並監視配偶的配偶的合適組織,他們不知道,迅速聯繫他們並感到高興和高興

  • Sorry to break it to you but ningning is gonna be the underrated one in this group I can already see it 😬(please don’t come at me) btw I loved this way to much and imma have to stan them for vocals,visuals,raps,and talents basically everything and they are so pretty.who do y’all think your gonna bias?i think I’m gonna bias Giselle I really don’t know

  • This girls are Perfection😍💜

  • Guyss dont forget stram 90s love mv

  • ive been seeing a lot of articles talking about karina being the visual but ummmmMmm do we just ignore winter???? cause i think she's the prettiest

  • why do these multi million companies use iphones to record these stages????

  • Woooww..17k dislike..haters work were not a joke anymore

  • When SM and YG doesnt give us a BLACKVELVET collab but THEN BLACKVELVET had secret daughters 0:19 This is how Rose and Yeri's Daughter would look like 0:21 so this is how Jennie and Joy's Daughter look like 0:26 and this is how Lisa, Seulgi and Wendy looks like 0:29 and this is how Jisoo, Wendy and Irene's Daughter look like

  • They are using playback 😓 but I like their presentation

  • Hot debut, right now am not used to each personality but I will because they are so cool and very charismatic. Their performance is another level and their voices are crystal clear...woooow.

  • 👍😍🥰🤩

  • They’re all so prettyy and I dare to exist lmaooo


  • SM must treat them well, and SM must also continue to do vocal training for them so that their singing ability continues to develop and can be stable while performing.

  • They resemblance each other.

  • 2:46 Oh......take my heart

  • NingNing looks and sounds so much like Bada! Amazing talent and vocals!

  • so prettyyyy

  • Jennie + joy = ningning

  • I just know Karina, because the other member look like similiar. They are so beautiful in her way

  • winter saranghye:*

  • Maybe kai will think about Jennie while actually its NingNing LOL :D

  • Helllo, I'm sorry before, is there any American or British here? Can you help me? I'm from Indonesia, and I have an assignment from my lecturer to interview you. You only need to read out a few words in an American or British accent. Please, if there is, please reply to my comment. Thank you^^

  • Todas son muy bonitas, espero que le vaya bien 😉

  • my please stream 90s love too, thankyou :)

  • I just know Karina, because the other member look like similiar. They are so beautiful in her way

  • Despite them already being talented and popular they now have a cameraman on crack 2:36

  • Cool✨❤️

  • I like voice winter and ningning

  • Winter you look so cute

  • Winter you look so cute

  • Amazing perfomence from aespa We love aespa Winter Ningning Karina Giselle

  • Selamat pagi

  • Iki ndak lagu opo nu,,,blas ra paham

  • I love this girls! 😍😍😍

  • In fairness, good choreo, good song specially the chorus part, it's catchy. And their visual, what do we expect. Very SM! If I may add, Ningning's singing voice has a bit of similarity to Jihyo of twice. (I wish I don't offend any ONCE.)

  • All awesome!

  • Ningning Princess! 💥💥✨

  • The choreographer should be praise for the chorus part. Strong impact. It was just amazing.

  • notice how Ningning's knee is bleeding in the chorus part

  • It has the same vibe as blackpink but blackpink is more strong

  • Giselle is so pretty with her hair colour❤

  • aespa

  • Keep str34ming MV guys 100M 1 months

  • aespa is so pretty!

  • trending #7 in Indonesia

  • Gisèle and Ningning omggg, even if our four queens are AMAZING, I think they will be my bias !

  • Good girl

  • Karina, Giselle, Winter: wearing dress Ningning: I'm ningning I'm ok

  • If I did the leg drop move I'll probably never walk again. 🙂😅😂😂 Anyways, jokes aside these queens are talented and I'm gonna stan them, if you don't like them please don't hate on them, just leave. 😊😊

  • Don't forget to v8te on starplay 6pm kst Tuesday.


  • I love Ningning's voice so much! Her vocals are absolutely amazing! And her visuals ethereal 😮💖

  • Why do they need dancers??

  • Ningning look like Jennie Blackpink ❤️

  • Winter is Aespa ACE

  • Congratulation fo : AEspa break the record of debut song MV Nb : we did MY

  • Hate mamba

  • aespa best girls !

  • i thought this was a fancam, and i was looking for the original stage but it was this one all along 💀

  • THESE GIRLS AREN'T REAL!!!! I'm shocked!!! They are SOOOOOOO talented, they have it ALL!!

  • they are not your typical sm girls


  • Ning Ning looks like Jennie sometimes

  • Jennie 😍 1:06



  • Karina reminds me of Anya Taylor-Joy - her mannerisms, perhaps body type? but I must be trippin balls


  • Just a friendly reminder that THEY ARE DOING THIS WITH HEELS ON !!! DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD THIS MUST’VE BEEN FOR THEM ?!! just saying

  • These girls didn’t come here to play

  • Ningning’s vocals are no joke , she is so powerful

  • Do you ever just want to pinch Giselle’s cheeks cus they look so cute ? Just me ? Ok ...

  • they all give me black pink wannabes, not liking

  • I really don't understand why aespa’s stages have to get so many dislikes :((( Poor girls

  • I like this. the color is interesting to see the same as me please comment like comment

  • I am in love with NingNing. I love vocals, I am an EXO-L 😂. This band is doing nice! 24th Nov 2020-12:49am

  • For the second part of the dance (i mean at chorus part) i thought that Karina who are lead the dance, ohh its Winter. but why in MV, i saw her as Karina?

  • its the bloody knee for me

  • Ok

  • Ning ning 🔥🔥🔥

  • damn... I keep replaying this one, their debut stage and their inkigayo stage... I just can't got enough!! huhuhuh... I feel bad... I wish I come later on so I could get more content. hahahah really it is so satisfying to watch them, each of them does not lack anything like what others have said. They are not boring, and showcase different kind of visual and charisma, and it is just enjoyable~ and really appealing!! It has been so long since I stan a kpop group

  • wow. nice vocals! not a fan but i think i will like them. (ahgase here)

    • Thankyou for watching :)

  • 카메라 정신 하나도 없네 와 어지러워

  • At 2:30 to 2:39, that was the Blackpink's debut boombayah moves, and at the end of it, Aespa said goodbye with their hands which means they are ending Blackpink.

    • @filmi go check boombayah dance 🙄

    • No.

  • Damn, Karina’s chin so sharp it can slice my heart open... _and i won’t get mad_

  • 근데 왜이리 sm 아이돌같지기않지 생긴게 너므 중국애들같은데

  • Instantly my bias is winter no questions asked

  • OmG very very very veeeeery gooood fayting

  • Winter has a great voice, she is the most beautiful, the most charismatic and the most resourceful on stage. It deserves to be center. Ningning is a great main vocal.

  • I love Giselle

  • Se nota que son de una empresa grande, no había visto un debut con bailarines de apoyo.