Houston Rockets vs Shanghai Sharks Full Game Highlights | September 30, 2019 | FreeDawkins

Опубликовано: 1 окт 2019
Houston Rockets vs Shanghai Sharks Full Game Highlights | September 30, 2019 | NBA Preseason | FreeDawkins
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  • 火箭凉凉了

  • 11:03, the ONLY highlight from Shanghai Sharks.

  • Now you know why jimmer is a stud in China...most these guys couldn't play college D2 ball.

  • Rockets trolling the whole country of china

  • The offense ran faster and smother with harden on the bench

  • The Houston Rockets should have been the whole USA Team 😂 frfr

  • Basketball without defence isnt basketball.This is garbage.

  • The New James Harden has come, More assist, more passing, plus a new move, One legged Fade away shot

  • Sure harden will have a championship ring if he stay in China.

  • wow respect for the Sharks, they were trailing by only a point at one point 0:24

  • 4:50 they’re going to cut thabo. That’s not the shot they want from the 3pt line.

  • 09:50 that chick is on fire😁

  • "do they have camels?" "they smoke camos!!" LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 8:42

  • wheres red dragon? he could guard Harden

  • Blastin' deltaparole to this right of this time

  • The rockets look like they've got great chemistry and will be looking to keep the ball moving. I'm interested to see how they perform against NBA defenses.

  • Clemons is very strong and fast player, good shooter also. Great pick up for Rockets.

  • Lakers vs. Ginebra 💪

  • Close game 😂😂😂😂😂😂china,s dreams..........

  • James harden the innovator

  • The GreenHouse Effect. Nice one my dawg

  • I was doing that move in grade 3 not knowing it would catch on since hardens doing it. Anything he does at this point will seem elite 😂

  • That Clemons kid is buckets

  • No way they were gonna come back🤣🤣🤣

  • That one foreign dude on the shark was highkey scoring at will, straight bucket 🔥🔥

    • He used to play on the rockets actually

  • Thought I saw Yao Ming in the Thumbnail

  • It's like walking in the park supereasy

  • Looks like the prelude for 2k19

  • They got doubled 😂

  • I miss dmo in the rockets. Dude he looks frustrated playing defense with these scrubs like damn those rotations were horrible

  • Why Westbrook not playin?

  • Who the heck is DMO??

  • I’m loving how James passing the ball more but if he wanna go for a 50+ point game he can do that

  • Just like bobcats

  • a good old fashioned beat down!

  • If they had Jeremy Linsanity they would've won

  • Why do NBA teams play against weak teams? They should invite some Euroleague teams.

    • @gabepizza So ??? I never said they'd easily win those role players... I mean they already have their schedule for games that matter for them, games that give em titles... No need to add an extra game midseason to play starters barely trying and role players and gleaguers

    • @Carlozz Umm you know that Euroleague teams are like 8-26 against the NBA in these exhibition games for the last 10 years. The G Leaguers and role players don't come in until like the 2nd half. For the 1st half it's mainly the starters (with a few exceptions like George & Leonard, etc...)

    • They are already playing their local leagues and euroleague... no need to messed up their schedule to play gleaguers and role players.

    • @Tsamis Yeah they use to. I don't know why they stopped

    • @Sanguine I didnt mean to say they shouldnt play them I wanted to say they should invite some euroleague teams too

  • Who else didn't know Ryan Anderson was back on the Rockets?

  • Lol funny how the team players did not attend for the shark team. Where's the mvp player who proclaimed as the best player in china

  • Feel sad for the D-Mo, he was the only one who can play in Sharks. Also scored half of his team points, lol. He should play in Rockets again.

    • He should have taken what he was offered.

  • Draymond's a comin to poke your eyes, Harden.

  • James Harden at Point Guard 🤯🤯🤯

  • Hahaha cba

  • Woah,are these two teams that yao Ming played with battling each other

  • Why the rockets have to play Shanghai sharks every preseason?

    • Wong FuiHan it was part of Yao mings contract lol

  • NBA 2K

  • I blame Steph curry

  • Rockets are so scary this year. Too many shooters they've got.

    • And if they dont make jump shots they are fucked. No size. Will be a bloodbath when they play a team like the 76ers.

  • Why didn’t Russ play?

  • The sharks need melo😭

  • ⏰👉☕

  • 0:51 that laugh hahaha

  • The movement was pretty neat this game

  • the only good player for the sharks is from lithuanian

  • why can't they play someone from Euroleague, this chinese team is a joke.

    • Because euroleague starts tomorrow

  • Is this 2k ? That new video game

  • what a chinese suckers. You have should be banned on your country to game basketball.

  • extra fat intro

  • The sharks must quit now on nba they are a joke on every team in nba

  • Is that a practice game?