Опубликовано: 8 ноя 2019
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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


  • atta halilintar better

  • Fuck off. Your mom should have swallowed you

  • I’ve never seen a “boxer” wear that much make up for an ad, he looks like a Persian princess

  • If you don’t know it’s on porn

  • *is it me or does Ksi’s tongue looks dried ass-fuck*

  • Who’s here after logan lost

  • You got rekt

  • You lost

  • Yeah you definitely knocked him out😂

  • Ksi is better than you

  • A moment of silence for the people who paid....

  • U lost bitch

  • Logan took an L

  • Logan: 2:39 Sneeze: “I’m bouta ruin this man’s whole career”

  • Well...

  • Roses are red Violets are blue U lost to ksi What u gonna do

  • Logan Paul has more Subscribers on RU-tv other than Miss Nicki Minaj.😏

  • Ksi won

  • did he actuallly say if you are broke go mow a lawn, and fund him???

  • عرب عرب عرب

  • "I'll see you when I'm a champion"... welp this is gonna take a while...

  • "The last fight was heavily heavily pirated... so we're gonna make you pay 2x more..." BOI THE RAISIN WE PIRATE IS CUZ U BE MAKING THE PRICE TOO MUCH! (Yes I said raison instead of reason and no I'm not gonna change it... and yes the time it took me to type out this bit in brackets a more than enough to change but no I'm still not gonna change it...)

  • You got clapped

  • Dude you need to go back to high School

  • Can u go back to vlogging plz 😢

  • Logan should do a resiling match against Ksi

  • i saw the fight...and u lose...hahahahahahahahhaahhhaha....u always loserrr u do the math correctly..hahahaha

  • Haha loser!

  • Logan fit lowers would like to meet you, contact them

  • whos watching this after he lost???

  • Let's go champ!!!

  • I watched it on fight. Tv

  • Logan before fight: I am the heathiest I've ever been Logan after the fight: Do you here my voice I woke up very sick

  • Ashole you are Bad man

  • Fucking Loser

  • I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate you

  • justins wrong

  • L

  • Logan would be better in mma then he would be boxing but it is opposite for Ksi

  • a was but a have no mony

  • Did you win

  • Justin Bieber WAS wrong..

  • Who's watching this after Logan's loss

  • I like Logan Paul than Jake Paul. I don't know why.

  • 🇵🇱


  • haha why would someone pay for this shit im not supporting ksi or logan they have enough Money already.

  • How to watch logan losing*

  • When logan lost his lil dickyz but if theres one thing her Mom is so sweet when in the bed when ksi rocks her

  • Cant beat ksi who is a HORRIBLE BOXER. Wants to fight in the UFC....dont be sick for that one bro, that wouldnt be good for YOUR HEALTH

  • Logan Paul is that Typ of guy: That on Withe guy in class that always loses and says. He cheatet !she pushed me!The game was already over so it doesn't Count!!! Almost forgott he is rasist too.😊

  • Logan’s a flop He’s a geezer Who’s with me

  • Lol I watched it on a yt live stream

  • Here to tell you logan you didn’t win

  • Who saw the ending that was lit

  • Or just go on twitch

  • Sorry you lost I got so mad

  • why did i just get the notif 😂

  • why did i just get the notif 😂

  • NDL